Saturday, 20 July 2013

5 Minutes Makeup Challenge!

Assalamualaikum and Hello guys!

Finally new video uploaded and it's a 5 minutes makeup challenge.
I'm pretty sure almost all of you know what it is all about. 
It is a challenge require you to do your makeup with in 5 minutes. Make sure you do the makeup that you are ready to go and it must be a complete makeup (covered face, eyes area, cheeks and lips) .

Okay, Happy watching! this video was made just for fun, no other reason except for doing something fun with my friends.

Thank you Rifga (girl behind the camera) for recording this video.

This video was recorded before Ramadhan, so you can see we were soooo energetic! haha.

Thank you for watching!

Mwah Mwah, 


  1. congrats, wiida! 5 minit makeup caya la! last video tu tak dapat nak tahan ketawa. dah la muka saya keras pakai bedak thanaka. hahahahahaha... nice video.. lepas ni nak request Room Tour dan Makeup Challenge : Makeup without Mirror. ;)

    1. hahaha. kan? mascara x kering lagi, but still la, nasib baik berjaya! hahaha. Lepas ni InsyaAllah nak wat more video but..... tunggu rezeki beli camera baru. haha. saya x de camera record video. hahaha.

    2. nanti kalau dah ada camera buat room tour ok? saya suka tengok video room tour kat YT. semua room tour saya skodeng. best tengok deko. kali ni nak juga tengok versi room tour M'sia pula.:D

  2. You're welcome! hahah the video turned out good!

  3. comel je wiida ni!!
    HUGSS sikit..

  4. i'm having a giveaway!


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