Monday, 5 August 2013

My Acrylic Organiser & Makeup Storage!

Assalamualaikum , Hello readers.

Many people have been asking me, where did I bought this makeup organiser and some of them I will straightly give the link, but some of them I forgot to give the link since I bookmark the link in my laptop and did not remember the name of the website.
This organiser has been with me for roughly one and a half year and the condition is still good. 

Based on the picture above, they are actually two sets of drawers stacked together on top of another. I did not put any rubber or anything between them since I do not want to leave any sticky left over. 

Lets straightly jump into the first top row of the drawer. 

This is the first row drawer's design with two small compartments in a row. 
I put my eyebrow powder kit for the first compartment. They fit perfectly and  I like the small compartment because it is easy to pull out and put it on the table since it is small and light, not much care. Anyway, this small compartment only can put selected items since the space is limited. 

Second compartment in the first row drawer, I put my daily compact powder. Easy to grab whenever I'm in hurry. 

For the rest of my drawers, I put random items. Depends on the drawers..

2nd row drawer.
Here I store most of my cream eyeshadow in this drawer. This is how the cream eyeshadow should be stored where jar need to put upside down to avoid from drying easily. Besides that, you could choose the colour conveniently.  

3rd row drawer
This drawer I store my everyday makeup. Any products that I'm using on that particular period. 

4th row drawer
Blushers powder drawer. 
5th row drawer
Again, blushers drawer. I store all of my blushers collection in this drawers set because it is easy for me to see and choose my blush colour of the day. Plus I don't have many blushers too. 

6th row drawer/ last
My only cream blushers. I love how they look like in the drawer. We can see them all! 

This is how depth the drawer is. Usually we can only store one item and couldn't store any thick products. 
(1.  2 inch)

Compact powder conquered the place! 

These two are my MUA blushers. Since they are thin and sleek, so, two blusher could store at one place or placed them on top of another.

Yes, that's all my photos and simple review on my acrylic drawer.

If you are interested, you may visit to their website :

Thank you for reading guys!

Love ya!

Mwah Mwah

Disclaimer: This post is to share one of the trusted website that I have experienced with. A part of my makeup collection showed just to give a rough idea how many products and sizes could you store in it. 
Photos - iphone4s


  1. very nice post, wiida! suka tengok semua teratur dengan kemas. hehe. I love your makeup collections too!<3

  2. bagus lah benda ni. akak pun ada masalah nak susun atur all the beauty stuff!

    1. Beli la drawer ni, boleh letak samples too. Tapi bottle foundation je tak boleh letak kak. Only menda leper2 like lipstick, lip balm, tube foundation, mascara and compact powder. kalau ada jar skin care yg nipis2 boleh la letak.

  3. lawaa nya wiida organize makeup..SUKAA!! bila kita nak main makeup2 ni?? hehee..

  4. Wahhhh. Nak jugak! Hehehe.

    1. Beli la Piqa, hehe.. Wiida pun rasa nak beli satu lagi tp tunggu budget. hehe. but so far this drawer paling murah yg Wiida jumpa. Kalau ada lagi murah nnt , Wiida update lagi... kalau la jumpa. hehehe

  5. Sehr schöne Produkte, die du da nutzt. Das ein oder andere werde ich jetzt auch einfach mal ausprobieren.

  6. Hai ladies... im selling these organizers. .. please visit my fb page... cosmetic organizer. ..


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