Thursday, 9 January 2014

Ultraflesh ShineBox from

As I posted up in my instagram account,  I have received a gift from Strawberrynet which is a compact box contains multi-highlighters. The box is made from plastic and it is quite bulky for travelling but very convenient to use at home, varies of colors / textures/ products to choose from.
The product named Fusion Beauty UltraFlesh Shinebox (RM 106/ 32$) at .

It has three compartments; 1 X powder,2 X  cream highlighters and 2 X pencils. 

Personal rating for the packaging is 3 over 5. It looks elegant in black , multi-level with 360 degree sliding mechanism however the down side for this product is bulkiness and too thick to bring for travelling. Yet, the pro side I liked from this box is they are separate-able so that they won't get messy and sticky. 

The first level is a powder highlighter and the color can be described as shimmery champagne color. Normally I apply this highlighter on my apple of cheeks/ cheekbones as it would gives some glows to my face and also some part of my face such as on the nose bone , a lil bit on middle upper lips for sexy highlight color and at inner corner of the eyes. What can I say, the texture is very soft and blend-able. The color is not too shimmery and subtle on skin, doesn't make face looks weird or too highlighted. Great for day time use. 

For the second level there are two cream highlighter colors; yellow tone and pink tone. Both are great for all part on the face and also act as eyeprimer. The cream highlighter can be used as highlighter primer, apply this cream product first and on top of it, apply the powder highlighter (refer to the first level of box) and it works great for night time makeup and stays longer on skin.

Swatches: Left is pink tone and on the right is yellow tone cream highlighter.

The third also known as the last compartment, there are two mini retractable pencils with different colors. Both are great for waterline and also below lashes makeup. 

The pencils work great and glide very smoothly and gently on the skin or should I say the texture are soft and creamy with extra reason they doesn't hurt the eyes or if we think logically, you no need to poke your own eyes. haha. it happened to me before, where I have a very hard texture of eyeliner and accidentally poke my own eyes to get the pigmentation I want. Oh man, what a disaster! haha. I know beauty is pain but if we get the right product we can avoid the torture part :P 

Overall what makes I loved about this box is the product itself, the texture is completely fine, very subtle pretty highlighter color, highly pigmented, great for beginners and experts as well as high quality. I have been using this shinebox for about 3 weeks since the day I received it and til today I feel satisfied with the quality. 

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored item but all opinions are mine. Thank you for reading.


  1. ingatkan yang pencils tu mascara. cheese!

  2. Hello There.. For your opinion, all the products from strawberrynet are authentic right? Before i made a purchase, i did reviewed and did some research from the others and so far i havent read any negative review. Then i made a purchase from the website. However today i went to post office to ask for my parcel because i havent received it but the tracking number state it was reached since 15nov. Today i received a news that said my products were rejected by kastam and prohibited to enter this country. They ask me to make an appeal to farmasi office. I just bought some skincare and shower gel only. :(


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