Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Fashion Haul from New York

As mentioned in the title above, it is about Fashion Haul. Not totally trendy fashion but more into clothes, accessories and anything that related to the subject. 

First , of course I will start with the most exciting item that I got from New York trip.
I went to Woodbury Common premium outlet where they sell "off season" branded items and most of the items are selling at low price. To get there from New York isn't easy. We need to get to bus terminal and catch a coach to Woodbury which is located 2 hours from New York city. Yet, the journey is worth. 
It is kinda similar to our JPO (Johor Premium Outlet) . 

I got myself a coach handbag as well as for my mom. Both handbags are approximately cost 250+ bucks and I must say they are extremely cheap! The retail price in The States is around 400++ USD however in the  premium outlet it has 70% off! What a great bargain! 
So here is my advice based on my previous trips (Paris and New York). If you go to Europe and United States, better search for premium outlets since you going to get more items and satisfied shopping experience. 

I really loved the bag so much and glad that I got it for myself. Anyway, in this entry I won't include items that I bought for my family and friends cause I'd already pack the items individually. 

The color I chose is Magenta Pink. the bag is quite spacious and I can store many things in it . I love the compartments, the two zips allowed me to store my powerbank and any other stuff that need to be separated. 

A lanyard, I know some of you would think this is such a waste but I have been eyeing for this lanyard since year 2009. 

My dream watch! I have been wanting Fossil watch since last year and right before the New York trip, I read "Eh Magazine" (FEB issue) and found a Fossil advertisement showing this kind of design. I posted it up on "Wechat moment" and surprisingly, I found it and brought it home. Curious how much is this sweetie? Around 90 USD. There's tax and etc so I don't really remember the final price cause I also bought another watch  for my mom. 
p/s: there was promotion going on. I got 25% for my purchases. 

HNM . They had Valetine's day sale and my eyes were attracted to this black simple fish tail top. It has long back cover and the length of the top is pretty long , can be matched with skinny jeans. As you can see, the price is reasonable, 7 dollar for a beautiful simple top. 

This crochet hat is super cute. ( I don't know either hat or beanie, please advise me) I like the color and because of that I bought it. I forgot the exact price of this crochet beanie but I can roughly shoot the price, its around 5 dollar.

Attracted with the shiny gold lips design which is symbolized myself, a makeup addict. Lips and lipstick can't be separated. OF COURSE LA! That's the reason why I really like this keychain and bought one to pair  it with my car key. Well, I need something catchy so that I can easily find my car key in my handbag. 

Lacoste handbag is a gift from Maybelline New York for the Fashion Show trip. The Maybelline keychain was attached together with the handbag and I  personally feel it's so cute!!!! so girlish and it is soo me! 

Lastly is a designer handbag, Steve Madden. For some reasons, after the trips I fell in love with this brand and found out the handbag designs aren't bad at all. They have their own unique designs and personally I really liked it. The exclusivity is there, uniqueness and price after discounted is really affordable for a designer handbag. Guess how much is this bag after less? It is around 30+ dollar. 

So, that's all for my fashion haul from New York. Hope you enjoyed reading my simple entry. Please do not misunderstand this entry. I'm not trying to brag about it but just want to share my shopping experience and acknowledge you on smart shopping for branded items. Some items selling online are higher than price stated in my blog due to few reasons. You need to know, the seller need to pay the "transportation fees from their origin to the premium outlet which is quite expensive". My bus ticket was 42 bucks and luckily it is a returned ticket. Or else, I might stay there and won't get back to New York. haha. Next is the shipping cost from The States to Malaysia is EXTREMELY expensive! Seriously!  A small box package could costs you around 30 bucks (approximately )and the box only can fits small items , for example lipsticks. That's it! If bigger box, it would costs more than that. 

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more updates. p/s: I'm still in jetlag . hahaha

Have you seen my New York photos? 
If not, you are welcome to see my photos on instagram and remember to follow me. Thank you! 
Love ya! 

Wiida Ribbon


  1. Wow I really love the steve madden handbag!$30++?! Insane.haha

  2. yup! but the price is a slash price for off season product. p/s: I need to tell you this. The fossil watch is only 50 USD :P Juicy Couture purse is 50 dollar too. I think kalau g The States better shopping handbags and etc.

  3. Very nice haul, Wiida! :)

    Warna Magenta cantik! Suka la keychain dari Maybelline tu, comel! Steve Madden handbag only $30? Nangis... Kasut Steve Madden di Z***** berganda-ganda harganya. Lepas tu terpaksa return sebab kotor maybe bekas orang try. T-T. Menyesal pula tak kirim belikan Juicy Couture purse tu. iskk.. Sobsob... T-T

    1. Yup! I went there tapi x tgk kasut dia sbb takut menangis terbeli.hahaha. Tapikan kasut steve madden kat butik dia pun tgh sale around 50 dollar.. apa2 pun bag ni yg plg murah and wiida suka sbb nmpk cantik. tu pasal terbeli even duit tggl berapa det.. hahaha

  4. suka handbag steve madden tu! <3

    1. yup! me too! hehehe. my friend has the same design as mine but in diff color. tan brown. also cantik.

  5. lawa-lawa..especially the Fossil Watch!! sukaa..

  6. i like the handbags and the top you bought,and the prices are good too! i've heard about that premium outlet you went to when I watched Nona a few weeks ago. Definitely a shopping place I'll go to when I finally get there ^_^

  7. bag-bag!!! gosh! Wiida untungnya lahai! :)
    semua murah2 pulak tu!

  8. I love your bag!
    I was wondering how did you get through the visa thingy? I've been wanting to visit NY for awhile mind helping or make a post on it? xo

  9. I love your bag!
    I was wondering how did you get through the visa thingy? I've been wanting to visit NY for awhile mind helping or make a post on it? xo

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