Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Shizens Lip Tattoo Review and swatches| Malaysia

Lips play very important role especially in presenting our grooming and character. It is does influenced our mood of the day. Sometimes we would feel like wearing nothing on the lips except for lip balm cause colored lip balm sometimes gives too bright and bold color. 

If you have faced this situation before, then you might wanting to try this lip tattoo. 

Summarize review on Lip Tattoo

  • It gives subtle color / hint of color to the lips.
There's no much difference on the color, it just enhance the original lips color. Great for those who loves sheer lip products/ light lips color/ natural lips. 
  • The color changes according to the heat of blood.  It is very very subtle. one to two shade redder than the actual lips color. 
I found out the color changed depending on 
  • Doesn't feel sticky
No sticky texture, the product absorbs to the skin and at the same time gives a little bit of moisture into it. 
  • It doesn't irritates lips.
I don't feel burning or irritating after using this lip products for several times. 
  • Fragrance-free
No strange  scent, a total fragrance-free. My point of view, it can be used for sensitive lips. However, please try it, partially on your skin first. 
  • It is hydrating and has light-weight texture.
Feel comfortable and it does moisturised the lips. I didn't need lipbalm before applying it. 

  • Long-lasting product
The product can be also defines as lip tint/ tinted gloss/ lip stain. The product absorbs to the skin and lasts pretty long on the lips even after eating and drinking. 

Let's talk about PACKAGING.

I like the packaging so much! It is simple, elegant and looks luxury. The rose gold cap made it looks high end. I wish all makeup products change their packaging to rose gold!
Nothing special about the weight of the product, similar to any regular lip gloss packaging weight. I wish it has more weight thus it would look more luxury , complement with the price.

It has doe-foot applicator to give precise application.

Ingredients of the products, if you are sensitive with any element in the ingredients, better get a doctor advise before trying it on. 

This is the changes and color differences that can be seen after a minute. 
Left: there's still white residue and the color hasn't completely changed. 
Right: The color changed depending on the body temperature/ our own skin blood heat because when my sister applied it on her skin, it looks much darker and redder. 

please excuse my gross bare face, yucks! I've experimented it at home and of course I do not wear makeup during the rest time, free-from makeup  a.k.a medicating time (kononnya!). ok, see you in the next post.

Price: RM 168 (8ml) full size

Thank you for reading! 

Drop your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Disclaimer: This is a Christmas present, all words are honest from my point of view and no reward is given for reviewing this product. 

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  1. Awhh! Nice review Wiida.. this sound interesting. Yesss, I also wish all makeup product will have better packaging so it looks more luxury..kekekekeee...


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