Thursday, 21 June 2012

Iphone try to tackle me. Sorry Blackberry

21 st June 2012
This is some pictures on our "craziness" before law class started. haha..

Btw, this iphone camera makes me feel "jealous". :( huaaaaa~~~ NOW I feel like want to betray my blackberry. Oh, don't tackle me Iphone, I'm a loyal blackberry user-just because of "bbm" and blackberry internet service rate. haha.. Damn cheap for Malaysian Maxis Users: RM 20 per month to enjoy BIS.

Dad, I want one! gimme one please~~! iphone 4s or the upcoming iphone *5 also can larh... hehe . I promise I'm going to be a nice kid. no naughty2 anymore. please dad~ haha..

For sure my dad will says : Go buy yourself after you have your own job, then on that time you are deserve to have it. (he always say like that, all the time when I asked him something)

Okay boss! errr.. I want it now la dad. adui. ok, time to save money $ $ $ saving2..

from the left: Rifga, Kiki, and me with checkered top. We three look cute right?  I love "goldfish mouth" pose on the above right picture. hehehe..

The guy there named Jian. I think he's still available. who wants? tell me ya? haha
p/s: I steal these two pictures from Kiki's tweet. hihi. Thanks dear. Love your iphone so much.


  1. hello, salam kenal ya ;)
    pertama kalinya visit blogmu dan ini blog yang bagus dan menarik ;)
    btw, mampir ke blogku dan follow blogku juga kalo nggak keberatan, hehe thanks.

    salam kenal sekali lagi :)

    my blog :

    1. salam, hi. ^_^
      saya baru je blogging;influence by my friend, Riph. (Riph, if u read this don't be too proud okay?" haha

      salam kenal :)

  2. thanks for follow my blog ya, hehe ;)


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