Monday, 1 October 2012

Bazaar in my university

Okay, bazaar! When people open booth and sell their online items directly without posting or just look on the product virtually. So when there's a bazaar, you can touch and try on the items before purchase them. Its tangible okay?!

Because of that! Because of this bazaar thingy! Because of you!!! Yes because of you selling nice items in my uni, i was forced to spend on certain interesting items that was pulled my interest on.

For the first time, i just know there is design screen protector existed. Sorry , im a bit "jakun". ( jakun=the feeling of never know of something before; left behind/ non updated) . Thus i decided to change my screen protector from clear to cute design screen protector as showing in picture below. Since my clear screen protector got some bubbles on it, automatically i decided to change it. Really cant see bubble on my phone as it annoyed me.

Next item is, feather hairclip. I was searching for it since beginning of this year and today i found it. It is RM 15 per piece and if 2 pcs it is RM 25. I just need one. :)

Last item of the day is blackberry casing for curve 3g. This one is a gift for my sister. Hope she will like it. This is the only one that acceptable. Others are errrrrrrrr. I cant say ugly but just not my taste. Too normal and the quality doesnt match with my demand. Why should we pay rm 10 casing that cannot protect our phone. Rm 10 is not easy to find. We need to work for money so spend it wisely. Buy one that can last long. Wah wah wah. Talk so much but wasting money on accessories. Haha. Just my piece of thoughts! Thank you for reading!

Mwah mwah; wiida
Quick Update from my iphone.


  1. I did the same thing! My Samsung phone had no where to hook the cellphone charm onto, so I just bought a case and used that. I love charms, and it's a must have on my phone for me! ;)coques iphone 4


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