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Shizens Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation Review

Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation is the product that helps to enhance your radiant face with a touch of light radiant finish foundation, velvety smooth texture and supple skin all day long. It is great for those who doesn't like heavy looking foundation or cream. This cream is extremely light weight foundation with light coverage, sheer and silky foundation with 100% talc-free to create light makeup against fine lines and pore imperfection. In other way, it is also helps to brighten the face to give glowy- show up radiant.

It has Vitamin E to pamper your skin with a touch of moist and clean sensation. It doesn't make your face feel oily and at the same time it doesn't dries up your skin. It gives satin finish to the face. It is great to be used on all-type of skin. As a result, your makeup would look very natural (korean-makeup look)  perfectly blend, feel like skin (very light-weight) and healthy skin look.

Lets take a moment, enjoying the beauty of the packaging. Oh My God! I really love the compact. The main reason why I bought this compact because of the packaging. hahah. Hello? I am trying to be honest here. Don't judge me! haha. It is incredibly pretty with coppery pink mirror-reflect design packaging and it is sturdy. It doesn't look cheap although the compact is quite light in weight.

Gently apply a few dabs of product with makeup sponge on cheek and blend smoothly on face, neck and hairline. Use finger or concealer brush to conceal / dab on foundation for heavier effect on uneven imperfect skin areas such as acne, dark spots or under eye circles. 

Coverage: As I stated earlier, this foundation gives very light coverage but at the same time it beautify akin imperfection and enhance the skin radiant.

Longevity: Personal experience,  it requires tonne of touch ups (especially to those who normally wear heavy makeup like I do ). Not that many actually, but most probably 3-4 times in 24 hours. 

Special Fact about this foundation: 
After applying it on the skin , it stays nicely and doesn't smudge like certain foundation does. Even if we swipe our face with tissue paper or cotton pad, there's no foundation stains on it. The product only can be removed by using normal cleansing foam/ makeup remover.
I found that this cream is more suitable for fair -light medium skin tone instead of medium to dark complexion because even on my light medium complexion, this cream looks quite bright and fair on me. I just need small tiny product to even out the skin tone, but can't covering up my imperfections because it could make my face look white and my neck look way darker than my face. It took awhile to blend into my natural skin color but who can wait for it? It takes about 30 minutes for the color to blend nicely onto the face.. It is definitely not friendly color face cream for darker complexion friends. 

A sponge is included in the compact. The compact mirror is extremely huge and clear, I personally enjoyed using the mirror in this compact. I don't know whether you have same syndrome with me, but I don't like small narrow mirror when I want to touch up anything on my face. Most probably because I want to see my whole face on the mirror.Haha. Okay, weird, but ya, that's me. Have you faced the same problem as mine? You have plenty of compact powders and mirror in your makeup bag but you would grab the only one, your favorite, wide and bright mirror. I don't know how to explain it in details, but I like this compact mirror. hehe. 

To keep hygienic, it has a piece of attached plastic with it to protect the cream product from dust and all the harmful bacteriassssss. 

I did ask the salesgirl, what is the white and brown color thingy represent and she replied;
The white is moisturizer and skin care form of makeup. The brown color is BB cream to cover all the blemishes and give some colors on face.

Price: RM 228
Where to buy? : at all Shizens counters

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  1. I love this makeup too! Tried it masa workshop haritu and the finish was indeed nice ^_^ i just couldnt bring myself to buy because i have too much face makeup already XD

    1. p/s: me too. haha.indahnye kalau ada org sponsor makeup kta. tiap kali rasa nk try new things, ada org sponsor. best nye!!!!!hahaha.

  2. I picked this up using my Shizens voucher from Butterfly Bloggers and haven't had the chance to use it yet but I'm looking froward to using if now that I've read our review. Thanks!
    I like that it is rather like a BB Cream.

    1. haha. yes, it is great for light touch up. I always keep this in my makeup bag so that whenever I need a touch, I would use this cream instead of powder. haha.

  3. Excited to test this, too, once I finish my other foundation items, yay! :) Agree, really nice packaging and that beige-and-white circular thing is really attractive.

    1. yes! yes! me too . I think the circular thingy is really fascinating too! attracted to that circular thingy too! haha.

  4. omg! I don't focus on your review but only focus on you sebab cute macam anak patung! hahahaa..
    the hair cut make you looking like a doll wiida! Miss you...

    1. miss you toooooooo! kat mana ni? mai la beraya! <3 <3 <3

  5. hi wiida, i bought this one too using my voucher. but i have to say, don't quite fancy it :P i think it's not that suitable for my skin. byk sgt scars and blemishes to cover and this doesn't quite do the trick! hehe

  6. Hai wiida..baru je beli smlm the wholevset of shizens kt genting highlands..really nice it..


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