Tuesday, 18 November 2014

November Collective Haul 2014 | NARS HOLIDAY COLLECTION, Bourjois, H&M, Sephora

In November, I have hauled few different brands and stuffs. I got all the stuffs in different days and time not all at once. Most of the items I got are lip products. How could a woman live without having more than 1 lipstick? haha. I think I have more than 70 lip product in my collection ; read my previous post on my lipstick collection 2014. Will do the updated collection in next year. 

Bourjois recently just launched their hot top product Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick. It comes in 8 different shades and this stuff is crazily amazing! the pigmenatation is opaque, long lasting and stays on the lips even after eating! No need to touch up for thousand of times!! apply once and it stays all day (but after eating, it leaves lip line stain on the lips, need to touch up a little bit unless you don't mind). 
Got mine in nude and hot orange red color into my collection. 

Moisturising, smooth and opaque lipsicks. If you are looking for opaque and moistring lipsick, then this is the answer. The color is highly pigmented for creamy butter lipstick  range and it lasts more than 5 hours (without eating) on the lips -experimented hunk.

Swatches from the top : Bourjois Rouge Velvet in Hot Pepper , Bourjois Rouge Velvet in Nude-ist and NYX lip butter lipstick in Hunk. 
Nude-ist is not a true skin nude color. It has rose-pink warm undertone to it . 

NARS Holiday Collection 2014 

All brands come out with Holiday collection set as well as for NARS. Every year everyone been hunting for NARS Holiday collection because of it's quality products, exclusive limited edition packaging,  and because of the value set that worth to own. 

Lipstick: Hardwired Lipstick (NEW Formula) in shade Adriatic , RM 90.
Eyeshadow: Hardwired Eyeshadow (NEW Formula),   in shade Canberra, Shimmering lavender RM 90
Lipgloss: in shade Burning Love Bright ruby with subtle shimmer RM 85
Nail Polish: in shade Sherwood Shimmering violet rose RM 65 

You can get NARS product at NARS COUNTER PAVILLION, KL. 

The texture of NARS eyeshadow is such a heaven. I don't own any purple eyeshadow yet and here you go, a pretty glittery festive purple eyeshadow. The color is so gorgeous and can be wear it by itself. Just blend at the edges and it's ready to go. 

Adriatic is a cool nude sheer color lipstick and looks great to be top with any warm lipgloss or tone down any bright color lipstick. 

That lipgloss is a love, same with the name, burning love. It is true, after wearing it, my lips look like burning for some love. Amboi kau!  

This is my first high end nail polish. There are so many differences between this nail polish with the normal nail polish I had used. The formula is crazily beautiful, way better than Butter London, Ciate , OPI and many more.OH MY GOD! It dries in less than a minute , and only require 1-2 coats. that's it! Easy to apply, no patchiness and highly pigmented. If you are nail polish fan,  invest something good like this because it's totally worth it.

Tarte Amazian Clay finishing powder.

Recently Sephora threw 20% private sale for Black Card members for 2-day 14 and 15 November. Actually I doesn't need to get anything from Sephora but on that day I feel like doing "window shopping" with my friend Shaza but ended up buying something. 
I got this powder for client a.k.a my makeup job.  It is Tarte Amazian Clay Finishing Powder in deluxe sample size. It has 3.68g  (RM 48) weight same to Laura Mercier eye brightening loose powder 4g (RM 85) but it's way cheaper. This powder is originally for face to keep the makeup in place and add matte finish. I put this powder on the center of the face & set under eye makeup and it works great too. 
p/s: this product has genius formula that makes skin looks smoother and flawless. 
Color: Translucent powder

Last but not least , my favorite style of top, a simple basic long sleeve shirt. I just could wear this shirt for non stop. This kind of shirt is my favorite tshirt. It has medium-thickness with required no inner and it's comfortable to be worn in Malaysia hot humid weather. It is also my go-to tshirt because of it's material; iron-less, easy to wash, easy to match, simple, and most importantly, COMFORTABLE. That is the keyword of my fashion style. COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT. 

I would like to thank my followers and friends for supporting me by giving away one lipstick

I know it only a lipstick, not much but I feel like giving something to you guys. Thank you for reading and stopping by my blog because without you guys, my blog won't get this much of number views. Alhamdullilah. Feel so blessed! 

How to enter the giveaway?
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4) That's it! I will announce it in a special blogpost and in my social medias. Thank you :) MUAH! 

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  1. Wiida!!! Yay! You got that Bourjois Velvet lipsticks! ^____^ I don't know if I can pull off Hot Pepper! So daring! :P
    Yay!! you're doing giveaway! :D

    well, here are my deets!
    email: lemieletlavanille@gmail.com
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    Instagram and YouTube and under lemieletlavanille username while Google+ and FB are under this name. :)
    Thanks babe for the giveaway!
    Love, Mira

    1. XOXO, thank you for joining babe. the winner will be selected randomly :) big hug!

  2. Cantik-cantik warna lipstick yang sis pilih. Memang kena dengan selera saya. Heheh.

    Email : angellovesoldier@gmail.com
    Blog : angellovesoldier.blogspot.com
    Google+ : Jazz Lover
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    FB : Isabel Diaz
    Insta : Takdalah sis, sorry

    1. Hug! Takde instagram? takpe2, I will visit your blog. Thank you for joining this mini giveaway. MUAH!

  3. Those Velvet editions sangat menggoda keimanan saya, hahaha! tak tau la kat Watsons dalam Melaka punya rak Bourjois dah ada mende alah ni ke belum. selalu luar KL kan lambat sikit sampainya.. Mieza tak pernah try NYX punya lip products, nak join lah giveaway Wiida ^_^

    Mieza | Mieza Everdeen's

  4. Not commenting for the lipstick. I have my fair share of them *wink*. I just wanted to know if you noticed my comment on your false eyelash review. Saturday, 29 December 2012, Fly Lashes Fly Review + Haul.

  5. hii wiida! i'm a kinda-new beauty blogger here. been liking your posts especially your makeup tutorials a lot!

    feell free to visit my blog:
    email: nur.najlaa.aqilah@gmail.com

  6. OMG! Such a collection *green-eyed*
    Super love your blog dear especially your makeup tutorial..Keep stalking your blog! Haha
    Do visit mine too :)


  7. Wow love the haul! Great stuffs you bought thereeee. Where did you got that Mon Cheri sweater though? I like to wear those kinds of shirts too! Suitable to wear everywhere, at any time ;D

    I don't have a blog though! .....yet? Haha :p

    email: haliemahzahari@yahoo.com


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