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ORANGE TAG | Lips , Eyes and Cheeks Products

Speaking of orange, that is my favorite makeup color. though most of my things and even blog layout is in pink but ORANGE is my makeup soul color because orange makes my skin and face alive, suits with my character, personality , skin tone and I just have a  magical chemistry with orange. Once orange applied on my skin, I would look completely different and it just dressed me up into a new person. (ceeewah!)
Before getting into the topic, I would like to apologize for my low quality photos with a lot of noise since the photos were taken at night time but for the swatches photos, I try to remain the original colors and didn't edit the photos to keep the originality. Done with the confession, lets jump into the tag!
Blusher is my favorite thing in life, even before I started blogging and  have in interest makeup, I had my own signature favorite makeup style ; face cream, mascara and blush. That's it! haha. 

My first splurge, Nars Taj Mahal, the most expensive blush I ever had. bought it in Singapore at 50 Sgd (if I'm not  mistaken) and I rarely use it since the pigmentation is crazily pigmented and need light handed to apply this blush on. If you are orange freak, you may like this blush but the color of orange could makes your face look tanned and bronzed for some reason and under circumstances. 

Nars Orgasm is my most favorite blush since I got it in hands. I swap my Nars Taos with my friend since she said this blush done nothing on her tanned skin. I must agree that the blush is lightly pigmented and looks great on fair skin tone.

Before this, I've tried so many "substitute"  Nars Organsm blushers, so called dupe and let me tell you something.
THIS BLUSH HAS NO COMPETITOR, ALL THE DUPES HAVE NOTHING SIMILAR TO NARS ORGANSM.  If this blusher is in your list, go ahead, it is worth in every cents invested.

NYX Cinnamon used to be my favorite  blush color and actually until now cause everytime I need orange blusher, I would look for this or Taj Mahal. either these two . This orange can be definite as a true orange color and it is a popular color in Korean makeup trend.  

Almost similar to NYX Cinnamon but it is in cream form.  Cream blusher tends to last longer on skin and blend naturally onto the skin however the application for cream blusher is a hassle. It needs to be blended properly and takes time to avoid any uneven or patchy application. Cream blusher must be applied in between ; after liquid foundation and before setting powder. 

Tarte blissful is my second favorite blusher right after orgasm. It gives natural blush color onto the cheeks. Nothing much to say as I prefer Nars Orgasm compare than Blissful hehe. Well, after I got Nars Orgasm in my collection, all of my scandals have been leaving behind. Sorry babe. hahaha. 

Nars Taj Mahal   |  NYX Cinnamon  | NYX Orange  |  NARS Orgasm  |  Tarte Blissful.
Nars Orgasm and Tarte Blissful are more into coral tone instead of orange but I just include them in for wider comparison. 

Lips, lips, lips. I have more than 50 lipsticks in my collection so far. I have been collecting orange lipstick since I started blogging. Lipstick is my obsession besides foundation (of course!. hehe. ). There are two lip product I didn't include in this post which are Revlon lip butter in tutti fruiti (orange) and Benefit Cha Cha lip tint (orange). Both used to be my favorite and the Revlon lipbutter lipstick is almost finish,only left less than 1 cm length bullet . Lets move into the number one lips color product. 

Sounds like noise. Ya, this limited edition lipstick from MAC is my most holygrail lips color and this is the only color that I would been wearing if I have nothing in my mind. It is almost like my signature color. orange is my ultimate lips color. As I mentioned earlier, it makes my face and personality changed into an angel. ahha (yucks!)hahah. 

Maybelline color whisper lipstick in the shade orange is my " cheaper" alternative daily tinted lipbalm. The reason why I said "cheaper alternative" because my most favorite moisturising lipstick is YSL which is the most expensive lipstick in the market. (WEH MAHAL GILE! its RM 150! mahal mahal mahal!) This Maybelline Color Whisper is also a moisturisng and glides smoothly onto the lips. However, texture of YSL lipstick is 100 times better than any other lipsticks in the market. I don't know how to explain it in details, as its only explained when you apply it onto the lips. You need to try it yourself then speak to me cause the luxurious feeling with YSL lipstick is "inexpressible".

NYX Lip pencil in Orange.  My favorite lip liner when I want a bold orangey red matte lips. This is the best color, with great pigmentation, affordable and great quality.

NYX Butter Gloss in cheese cake,. Looking for a good delicious plump lips? This is the answer. great pigmentation, not too sticky, has decent scent and the best thing is, you can get it at affordable price. Yeay! Bravo!

YSL Lipstick (orange impertent), you can read the review here  and the only thing I can say is, it is my favorite lipstcik whenever my lips are dry, chapped and ugly. This lipstick helps to change my ugly lips into a lovely, live, smooth lips. haha. Thanks for helping me fake up my true ugly lips haha.

 It was my favorite lipgloss but not anymore. haha. The scent is tip top (I just realised that I am into delicious tasty scented lips product and quite fussy when it comes into chemical smell) but this lipgloss has tasty scent into it. Sheer pigmentation but not sticky. 


Maybelline Color Whisper orange |  Orange Impertinent | MAC Sounds like Noise  | NYX lip liner |  NYX lipbutter cheese cake |    Benefit Coralista Lipgloss

 Two of them are from Inglot and one is from Maybelline. I don't have many orange eye products. Without writing nonsense and consume so much time. lets jump right into it. 

Inglot Matte eyeshadow (#383), is a true orange matte color with a little bit of red undertone. It is my favorite color for the crease and all over the lids. Not only that, sometimes I love to apply it on lower lashes line and it would gives a perfect eye makeup look.

Inglot Pigment #28 is a red orange color with slight of shimmer in it. It gives luxurious look and great for all over the lid color. I have not try this pigment yet, will do it so one day. 

Maybelline Color Tatto Fierce and Tangy cream shadow was my favorite eyeshadow color. It is waterproof and lasts damnnnnn long on the lids. great for the eyeshadow base or works by its own. The only complain I had with Maybelline color tattoo is the dryness of the product. It dries pretty fast even the cap has been locked tightly. Disappointed. ;( 


Inglot pigment #28  | Inglot Matte eyeshadow #383 | Maybelline Color Tattoo Firece and Tangy

Thank you for reading, I hope you had fun reading my silly write up. Share with me what is your favorite orange products?I would love to know so that InsyaAllah one day I will try the product out. Please leave your recommendation and if you do this tag, please leave your url in the comment box. I would visit your blog. MUAH! 
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  1. nice review ! the photos are all okay . put your face with orange makeup on !

    1. haha. i want to, but, nanti kalau asyik2 gambar selfie, orang menyampah pulak. hahaha. gile kuasa sangat. hehee

  2. baru perasan, for some reason, i langsung tkde any products in orange colour hahaha mcm x suit langsung ngan kulit i...

    1. sometimes orange could makes people look tanned. so bukan semua boleh pakai orange. ;( lipstick pulak buat gigi nampak lagi kuning.

  3. I don't know why buy I'm soo love orange kinda lips!
    Nice collection wiida! xoxo...

    1. xoxo!!!
      ehehe. we are sblings from different parents. we have the same taste. gimme 5! hehehe

  4. nice entry wiida.. rase macam nak join tag ni but with other colours. maybe pink or red? hihi..wiida x nak buat untuk pink punya?

  5. Okay memang jarang tengok gincu warna oren tu. Teruja sejenak. Cantikkkk!!! Tapi tak berani nak try sebab tak reti make up, takut jd lain macam je muka. Mohon tunjuk ajar kak wiida


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