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BAG OF LOVE April Edition

Hello readers!!

Do you Love surprises?
 I am a girl that loves surprises so much! If you surprise me with anything, I absolutely would love it.

Well, if you still remember my previous  post, I wrote about the collaboration between The Butterfly Project , Bag of Love  and Delectable by Su ; they had threw a happening tea party for 30 bloggers on 27th April and other 20 bags for bloggers to review from home. And Thank God, Alhamdullilah I was I got an opportunity to review the beauty "bag" , BAG OF LOVE month of April.

This month's bag is more into Green-Eco-friendly bag which is means everything is natural origins and some way contribute to environment  The bag itself is made from Bleach-free Canvas and there's a little tag inside is made from recycled non-woven material. The items selected are supposedly natural and organic, so lets see whether they follow the theme of the month or opposed.

Based on the last month's bag, I saw few pictures of the bag from my Instagram friends and the items they got are quite appealing. 
What I saw through out my friends' posts for the last month's bag, they received the bag inside a box, so the bag was kept carefully and nicely in the box. But this time, there is a bit different, they send out the bag without double protection and some of the bags are drenched. 
So, in that case the team is willing to responsible for the damages and in conjunction of that, they have replaced the bag with the new one as fast as they could. Good job, fast action taken. 

Maybe I'm not so lucky this time because I got the drenched bag/ spoiled one but that is not the reason for me to not blogging about this. Anyway, I've washed the bag and it is still can be use but not pretty and clean like the original one. Plus, The Body Shop mist has been empty due to untied close cap.

Anyhow, the items in the bag this month does follow the Green theme and products selected are really good and make the receivers feel happy when they get it.

Definite Brush
In the previous bag, they'd given us a brush too and because of the high demand, they also include a brush in this bag. 
This time it is "contour brush" which is very soft, easy to apply on cheekbones and do contouring and at the same time the brush itself is very elegant and sturdy. I love to use this brush as my blusher brush and bronzer too. hehe
This is a full size brush, RM 88

Decleor Hydra Floral Moiturising Cream. 

One of interesting moisturisers in the market since many people talking about it and because of it, my extremely dry skin needs this cure. Need to try this out. Some of moisturisers that I used/ tested are oily based and some are water based which is only can last for few early hours. But this? I'm not sure and need to test it out and do a short review on it (Because it is in 15ml size which is quite a lot and can last for a month atleast) 
RM 271 (50ml)

The Body Shop Quiet Night Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist
This is the one that empty when I got it in hand cause of the untied cap,the product spilled out. however, the smell is quite nice because of the fresh lemon scent but I couldn't try use it since its already empty.Anyway, if you purchased the bag and got spoiled bag as mine, you could tell them and they would send a new one to you. Have a nice sweet conversation ok? Jangan marah2, jangan gaduh. Tak mau tak mau. I don't want that.

  Anyway,by time I got the parcel, I thought there's a set smell on the bag,I thought they did  it to impress us, so, I just ignored it. But later on, the minute I carry the parcel to my room, it started dripping.. hmmm. (my heart was pumping very fast and I knew there's something wrong with the parcel) 
 Once I opened the parcel, I saw dark chocolate liquid everywhere and the water has scent too. So, ya, the bag was deluged with the liquid and luckily all the products inside still could be use including the small pack of Burt's Bee). 
Anyhow, they took an instantaneous action to resend another bag to the customers without any delay -we need to give a big credit on this service because if in other countries, if the company sent wrong item or wrong size product, they would resend another one and the one that you received wrongly they won't asked for return as they know they had made a mistake, their carelessness and I believe this is what we want in the industry.. Not because of Customer always right  but it is about satisfaction, value for money, expectations and trust. Long relationship needs all these keywords. (p/s: my own thoughts, not referring to any other authors and I know I'm not professional either yet it is just a piece of thought from customer's view) 

This is in 60ml bottle.- RM 59 (100ml)

NUXE Brightening BB Cream SPF 30/PA ++ 

It is in 15 ml which is supposedly costs about RM 60. 15 ml is quite a lot for a tube of BB cream and it is a  half size of big tube.Furthermore, I think 15 ml is more than enough because even my 30 ml foundation can last me for months plus I just need one small pea size per use. 

Oh , I don't know about you but, I never know this Nuxe brand.(Kinda embarrassing to admit it)  Haha. I know I'm dumb, but honestly I don't about it and I browse for the reviews by the reason of face security. haha, of course I need to know what's I'm gonna put on face so that I won't get "face problem" hahah. 
It's quite an establish brand, a natural origin cosmetics which is match with the bag's theme. 

"NUXE is a brand where  combines performance and pleasure, and one of the best-selling* brands in pharmacies and parapharmacies in France."

Skin cares from France are really good and most of them perform very well on almost all skin types. But, the main problem is, it's quite pricey for students/ low income earners. haha. But for me, skin is primary and we should put a side some money for it- Just my perception.

RM 120 (30 ml)

Burt's Bee Richly Replenishing Cocoa & Cupuacu Butter Body Lotion

Have you ever thought to try their body lotion ? because if me, it never comes into my mind. I always wanted to try their lipbalms since it got a big hype from many people but...Body lotion? aaa ah, nope. So, in my mind this is a very good choice, 99% natural, and a new thing to try since people won't invest big money on a product that they never tried of or no hype on it. So, ya! why not we try something different. 
I got this body lotion in sample size of 6.5g. 
RM 62.80 (170ml)

PHYTOVOLUME  Volumizing shampoo

This product is spotted in Female Magazine May edition and I'm quite happy with it because you could try something new that you just found in magazine straight away. What we call it? errr, updated person? hahah. Happy la saya perasan updated pulakk. hahah 

This bottle is in 50ml size while in retail they selling it RM 88(200ml)

Final words
I like the combination of the brands that we used to know/popular brands plus new hot items that we never heard of before.
 I'm not sure about you but me myself never know Phytovolume shampoo. Some of my friends know about it and they said they were aiming for it for quite a while. 

Overall the items does follow the bag's theme. *claps

What I want more in this bag? 
It's going to be fun if there is lip product or any other colourful makeup in it. hahaha. (Theme says Eco-friendly, eco friendly la Wiida. colors are not green friendly la..) 

Honestly, the only thing that made this bag special is the brush. People keep talking about it and they believe that the following bags going to include more brushes..

What do you think?
To believe or not to believe?

We will see the items for the next bag. You can subscribe their May bag here and share your happy pictures in instagram with all ladies in Malaysia. 
Why not?
I'm gonna share mine too ^_^

Happy taking pictures ladies!
Have a colorful week! Done your part in voting and that's it! Leave the emotional feelings behind and move forward.
p/s: Selangor is on holiday until Monday.
p/ss: oh dear! I just realised that I carelessly put the title of this post; love of bag which is like" what the )&&"" is that? Hahah and ya the name of the bag is "Bag of Love" like what i've been mentioned in the review . Luckily i mentioned it clearly from beginning of the post; BAG OF LOVE and ya i know my mistake is not forgiven and shall not do this next time. Face palm! Malu. Huhu. Serious when i read it again i was sooo malu. Till now im blushing.

Mwah Mwah Mwah with extra additional flavour of love;

The bag was sent for a review, anyhow it doesn't affect my opinions of it. Thank you. 


  1. lucky you. Bag of Love hanya untuk peninsular. sedih la. huhu..

  2. Eh you dah tulis the review so long ago, now I'm extra ashamed that I just posted mine up :S


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