Monday, 6 May 2013

MIGP Expo 2013

MIGP is coming to town.
Oh, You don't know that? 
okay, lets me explain you on this.(act like professional speaker)
Well, it is a short form of Malaysia International Gifts and Premium Expo.

Get it? or still not too sure?
Basically you just bring your "banker" , go to this expo and enjoy it. 
Its like an expo selling premium gifts, doorgifts and any kind of gifts that you need but haven't found out. hahah. That's girls style, you go there and try to find your needs. haha. Maybe you could get some ideas from the expo. You bestfriends' Wedding gift? Business corporate gifts?

or maybe you could bring your lover and ask him to buy a gift for you. ahahha. (multi-skill techniques to get gift from your lover) hahaha.
Go jalan-jalan with him, then you show your interest on that particular item so much,like really really really keen on that item. try to give shinning eyes expression to him (puppy eyes).  then act cute infront of him too. If he try to pull you from that place, you just follow him then you give a try by doing the most cutest gyiyomi face to him. For sure he will return and buy it for you. Applicable to item less than RM 1000. haha Depends on his income too la. hehe. Just joking. :P Eh, but if that guy anak raja, u do that ok? hahah. 

However, what I know this expo is about gifts and ya, I never go to this expo before and might going for it in this year. Lets see the previous expo photos

What is all this? What can I say based on this photo, it is a bunch of pendrives that have company designs on it. BTW, did you see Maybelline mascara over there? ahahaha. I'm gonna buy that If I see one. hahah.

This is freaking cute man! p/s: Pink for me ok? 

If you're decorator, you might consider to pay a visit to this booth. Buy some ribbons for your party or any events/business . 

Don't forget to go to this EXPO, maybe there's awesome sale going on. WE never know. he he he he.


13 , 14 & 15 May 2013 (Monday – Wednesday)

Hall 4, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

any further information, you may visit to their website

Btw, to the bloggers you could blog this Expo and join the giveaway by The Butterfly Project.

First, if you want to join this giveaway you need to

1) Blog about this MIGP Expo and spread the news! They going to be held on 13th-15th May guys! (the best way is by using speaker). heheh

2) The giveaway is open to all bloggers in Malaysia to join from NOW until 10th May 2013. NOW! Join it NOW!

3) This is the link if you want to join. 

4) Please complete the form. The incomplete ones are invalid.  

5) Only 9 bloggers will be randomly draw out by the application to receive the Sephora goodies/ Sephora Shopping Spree. AND ONE blogger will get her wish list comes true (The grand prize).

6) The goal of this giveaway is to spread the news about MIGP Expo, so sama sama kita share ^_^. 



    Clarisonic Mia2™ Skin Cleansing System

    BENEFIT Fine One One Blush


    STILA Color Balm Lipstick

    Urban Decay Smoked Palette

    BENEFIT World Famous Neutrals - Easiest Nudes Ever

    BENEFIT They're Real mascara

    Actually I have more items in my wishlist but since I want to make it short, I only select 6 items from it. Can't reduce into 5, seriously, all these items are really making me crazy. hahah.

    So you want to join this giveaway?
    Try your luck by joining this giveaway here. ( me too, try my luck)

    Thank you for reading

    Mwah mwah


    1. OMG the sweets dispenser or whatever you call it is soooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    2. love the two eye palettes you have in your wish list!
      wish the benefit one was a bit cheaper as it only contains 6 shadows x)
      xo; L&M
      Follow via bloglovin'


    Fired it away!! but mind your words! <3 Please be gentle to each other, girls.

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