Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Elianto Lumino White Bloggers Event

Before I went to France I did attended an event organised by Elianto collaborated with MIVVA Beauty Box and it was held at Delicious, Dua Residency Jalan Tun Razak.

The products that been introduced to me is LUMINO WHITE and CC CREAM which are the newest products from Elianto. 

Lumino White Products in beautiful deep blue packaging

Elianto custom develops the most innovative formulas to suit tropical skin types (our skin) and it is the first cosmetic brand to apply this revolutionary discovery to its latest and most advance whitening skincare range and this result the new skincare range from Elianto, The LUMINO WHITE.

The two key main ingredients in this product are



Vitamin PP is also known as Vitamin B3 which helps to protect the skin by 
strengthening the skin barrierand increasing its resistance to barrier damage. 
This multipurpose vitamin also clears and controls skin blemishes,
  reduces the signs of aging and keeps skin perfectly hydrated. 

These are the benefits of Lumino White

The product does not contains any harmful chemical, no preservative ingredients and the cleanser itself doesn't have any foam to it. Ya I know Malaysians love foam so much because we feel foam could clean up our face better and feel veryyy clean but the real fact is, foam could makes your skin dry. :(
I have this kind of habit too, but slowly change it from habit and psychology thinking. 

p/s: It is suitable to all Skin Types.


Okay, I know I know, there's a lot of bottles and you need guideline which one comes first, which one use later... Ok, Let me help you.  <3 ( Fairy Godmother voice)

4 Easy Steps to follow on Day Time.
But for night, we no need any Sun protection so we could replace it with Night Cream which could helps to renew our skin during the night time treatment..

Clear enough with my gyiyomi guideline? hehehe. (I tried my best to act cute infront of camera since my morning face is quite horror to be faced) 

After applying the sunscreen/ sun protection/ sun block, whatever you called it, you may apply your makeup either foundation, mineral powder, bb cream or cc cream.

While talking about cc cream, Elianto also comeout a new product of CC cream range.  
I will post it up in a different post since this post is specially made for Lumino White Skin Care only. Special tau! <3

Sorry for the ugly pictures, my mistake for taking pictures opposite the light. :(

Thank you for your precious time.

Have Fun! Stay pretty with your wonderful Smile. :)

Thank you to Michelle from MIVVA for inviting me to this awesome powsome event!

To those who don't know, this event was a collaboration event between Elianto and MIVVA.

Mwah Mwah!


Fired it away!! but mind your words! <3 Please be gentle to each other, girls.

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