Friday, 21 June 2013

VanityTrove x Avène Pink Carpet Beauty Workshop

Assalamualaikum and Hello Readers!

Did you see my big smile?
(Hello I'm smiling here, you need to know that even it's in virtual) 

 Saturday, 15th June 2013
 I was pretty excited to attend an event organised by Vanity Trove and Avene and frankly speaking I was extremely excited about the products too! 
Like seriously, I got few samples from Avene before but honestly I do not know how to use them in sequences and the function and what I know only the Thermal Spring WaterSpray. That is ALL! Like seriously? "Wiida, you don't know Avene products?"  Yes, I just know the Spring Water Spray and other thing that I know is France skin care is dandy! Very good for sensitive skin and gentle works on almost every skin types. 

She introduced the Avene brand and products to us. See, we all were paying attention on her. 

Sorry for the picture, I acted cute before remove the makeup. :)

1st step: Remove your makeup and any dirts on your face using the makeup remover solution (apply it using cotton pad)

2nd step: Use the cleanser to clean up your face.
Different types of skin, use different types of cleansers:

 3rd step: You may spray the Thermal Spring Water at your face. Spray it evenly at one time (press the nozzle at one time and do one round rotation spray)

4th step:  Apply Toner / Thermal Spring Water

5th step: Apply the treatment solution either ; Soothing Serum / Deep Moist Lotion

6th step: Apply Moisturizer to nourish your skin and make sure you apply it evenly. 

7th step: Sun Protection/Daily Care/ MASK!!

Now time to show you how to do the DIY mask from Avene. You can do it anytime at home just by using the Thermal Spring Water. 

To do own Mask, we just need a piece of mask sheet or even tissue paper. Tissue paper pun boleh la, as long got something to cover up your face. hahaha. cotton pad is also can be used but you need to do it by pieces. 
Then, we need to spray all over the mask sheet or tissue paper, make sure the sheet is really wet or seems like being soaked into the spring water. You may spray all over your face for extra solution or to make the sheet sticks on your face. 

Then.... Relax! Enjoy sleeping or relax for more less 20 minutes.
After that, taaadaaa! remove the sheet and feel the difference!

I feel so fresh with the mask. It's kinda freshen up my face and my cheeks feel a bit lift up. Hehe. Segarnye!!

Other bloggers also do enjoyed relax with the DIY mask and feel pampered too. 

Pictures taken after the workshop with iphone 4s front camera without filtered. (No foundation on, only lipstick on lips and cheeks and eyebrow makeup)

Thank you for the kit! I'm currently using the full set  after found out the benefits of this product. 
Works really gently on my skin and even the cleanser does not have any foam, my face feels very clean and light. Plus, by spraying the Thermal Water Spring makes my skincare routine simple and short. It does moisturized my skin, tighten up my pores and gives super cooling effects.


Outfits of the day. hehehehe.

Youtube channel: Coralista 18

Blog: Sabby Prue

Thank you for reading!

Happy weekend and don't forget your MASK! :)

Time to get pampered.

Mwah Mwah;


  1. Tak tahu plak boleh buat jadi mask. Hehe thanks wiida :)

    1. Kan? Me too until at the workshop I baru tau. Terus pakai wat mask la and also as a toner. Tak perlu pakai toner, just apply this je after cuci muka and use moisturiser. senang sikit. hahaha. main spray je.

  2. all the pictures make me smile! HAHA! You guys really had fun! <3

    1. Hehe, If you were there mesti lagi seronok, leh gossip2. hehehe. :D

  3. Thermal water tu memang best.. my fav sebab versatile :)

    1. Yup! before this I just buy the small bottles sbb senang letak dlm handbag and tak tau pulak leh kai buat mask. Kalau tau dah lama beli botol besar byk2.

  4. Interesting, tak tau pulak boleh buat mask sendiri :)

    1. Kan? Try this out at home ok? spray byk2, segar gile! :)

  5. menarik! boleh buat mask pula. best kan Avene Thermal Spring Water tu. fresh sangat. saya selalu spray kalau muka terasa penat dan sebelum pakai makeup. paling best boleh redakan kemerahan. :)


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