Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Horrible Haze in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What a horrible day, I stepped out from house and I saw everything in haze and my eyes-sight only captured in few hundred meters objects, Not even 1 kilometer. Everything were covered by the heavy haze. 
The result , by the end of the day, my head spinned like a ball that get kicked  by the players. Seriously, damn pain! Even the smoke could be smell inside the car and even in shopping mall. What a worst heavy haze! Besides that, I went to all pharmacies in Sunway Pyramid and all face masks were out of stocks and sold out very fast and clean! Pity me, can't breath heavenly in our own planet. :(

BUT! There's a good and also a bad news that I got once I reached home which is;

ATTENTION: Worsening Haze Condition

Due to the worsening haze condition, the government has declared tomorrow, Monday, 24 June 2013, as a holiday for schools in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. 

As a precautionary measure, classes at Taylor's University shall also be postponed tomorrow. Further announcement will be made on this space as and when necessary. Thank you.

Taylor's University

Okay, I have no class tomorrow but still.... I need to go to university to settle down my things, scan papers, printing out my works and so on. There's no difference whether the classes are on or not because I still have jobs to do since the datelines are really really around the corner! I need to move fast, find internship place, go interview, do assignments, revise my papers and do my jobs! Stop talking, and start thinking! 

Goodluck guys and take care of your health. 
If can, do not go out from house and have a very good rest with family at home. 
Even in shopping mall is not a safe place for us anymore, only home is the best place to chillax.

Take care, Remember to put Face mask ON!

Thank you for Reading my short post




  1. I HATE THE HAZE when I visit Malaysia, its times like that which require a massive downpour of rain to clear out the pollution and mugginess. Take care !! love your blog


  2. you too girl. put on your mask and drink more water.

  3. take care dear :) I hope you will able to pull it off k? :) Stay strong!

  4. di tempat saya tak sampai bacaan 100 pun kepala saya sakit apatah lagi yang mencecah 700 di Johor hari tu. tak dapat saya bayangkan. saya harap Wiida jaga diri dan kalau boleh jangan keluar rumah la. banyakkan minum air, ok? mudah-mudahan Allah turunkan hujan. Amin... :)


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