Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Candy Theme Photoshoot

Salam and hello girls~

I have some photoshoot photos to share with you girls and it is actually "a fun photoshoot session" with Fadhlianas photographer and also my bestfriend, Shaza.

We did our own makeup in the car and straightly shoot before getting hot at noon. haha, really spontaneous and crazy, cowboy style ok? Selamba jerk makeup in the car.. Ok, so lets jump to the pictures and watch a simple video running through what we wore on that day. ^_^

Muka asked for a slap. haha. ops! this is how I look when I did something wrong and want to confess to my dad. 
For example: Dad, my car just bang a divider. (smile while showing teeth)

I have no idea why I posed like this. hahah

Personally, I love Shaza's makeup and her poses.<3
So pretty and sharp. 

Bencita :)
Love and Hatred

Don't ever ask me why "Ruang Kabel" (Cabel Room)

I know there are too many photos but what can I do? I love all the photos and I feel it is a loss if I'm posting them all here. :)

Love the photos?

Thank you for watching and see all the photos. <3

Mwah Mwah!

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