Sunday, 24 November 2013

MIVVA November 2013 Beauty Surprise!

Salam and Hi!

It's time for me to review the November box from Mivva and lets jump into the box with its fun theme!  

As a regular subscriber, you know, this is how the Mivva box looks like. 
Black with silver dots details on it and elegant as always. 

This month's theme is 
BFF Sleepover Kit

So based from it's theme, we should have an idea whats going to be inside there..

Whats in my mind were; 

Bullet Graphics Nail polish (manicure and pedicure with bffs is a must activity)
Bullet Graphics Nail buffer
Bullet Graphics Hair mask 
Bullet Graphics shampoo
Bullet Graphics Hair comb
Bullet Graphics Hair tool (roller and etc)
Bullet Graphics Mud mask
Bullet Graphics eye mask
Bullet Graphics Hair Towel
Bullet Graphics Body Butter/body lotion
Bullet Graphics Bubble bomb/ shower gel 

Blue Loofah
I got this blue loofah and I'm not sure whether it is really in the list
or it's an additional item to enjoy.
However, I'm glad that this loofah is included in the box since the theme of sleepover kit is looking forward to something pampering and fun to do with our bffs. 

Facial Essence Collagen Mask
A collagen mask with hyaluronic Acid and various Botanical extracts in  the mask functioning to ensure the skin keep moisturized for a long time and collagen is a key product for this product as it will makes skin elastic and healthy. 

Neula 2 in 1 Tea Tree Oil Control Cleanser
2 in 1 meaning fight pimples and oily skin and at the same time leave the skin feel fresh and clean!
The natural tea tree essence with Vitamin B3 will help to remove pimples effectively as well as moisturizing the skin in achieving oil control balance especially for teenagers. 
A full size for this cleanser. 

Antipodes Joyful hand & body cream
As I mentioned earlier, a sleepover night is not complete without body butter or lotion.
This hand and body cream will keep moisturized our skin and at the same time, the nutrient for avocado oil will provides an immediate boost of abundant skin nutrients to dry, stress and tired skin. This will leave your skin looks dewy, healthy and free from oily residue. 

RM 20 gift voucher is included in the box for the next purchase. 

ONL Dermost moistay cream and fresh gel cream
Cream: It is from spring water cream for a balanced adjustment of oil and water.
Gel: Pure hydration for skin with much sebum. Gel cream contains 100% spring water in its base.

I haven't tried both  but since my moisturizer is running out, I might giving these two pretties a try. :)

Of course the last product is the most exciting product!
Stage nail polish in color of "innocent" is the star product for this month's box. 
This complete the theme of the box perfectly. 
A full size given

Overall, I wish there will be more exciting products in the box such as full size girlish shower gel or any spa kit, a cute complete nail kit and also pink hair roller. However, loofah and nail polish successfully brighten the box with cheers. 
Hope next month's box will be full of exciting gifts :) 

Disclaimer: This box is a sponsored product, however all of my thoughts are owned by myself. 

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