Friday, 8 November 2013

Sephora Collection Makeup Academy BlockBuster

Salam and Hello!

Well, today I went to Paradigm mall for a walk (actually I went there to find event's stuffs) but ended up, I bought a Sephora Christmas set for myself. 

Yes You heard it! Sephora christmas sets have arrived Malaysia yesterday, Thursday 7/11/13 and if you are planning to get anything from Sephora, better you go now. But what I know, they might adding up Christmas sets soon since, not many sets are here yet, only few kinds; Sephora brands, Urban Decay, Soap & Glory, Benefit, Fresh & Stila. 

If you're looking for Vice 2 Palette, I suggest you to grab it now before sold out. The first batch Vice 2 Palette arrived Malaysia was selling very FAST! If I'm not mistaken, only after 2 to 3 weeks arrived, they are already out of stock. I like Vice 2 palette but its too expensive for me :( Wish someone gives me as a present. (*hint hint big clue)

Okay, back to the story,  This Sephora set has 72 eyeshadow colors, 18 gel liners, 2 eye primers, 3 concealers, 5 cream blushers, 2 lip primers, and 24 lip products (lipglosses and lip colors).

The middle section is only for powder stuff which is allocate for eyeshadow powder while the left and right wings are allocate for creamy stuff etc: cream blusher, gel liner,eye primer, lip primer, lipcolor, lipgloss and also concealor. I like when they divide and did not mixing up them together or else the set would be messy. 

The price for this set is RM 159 or  USD 49.50. 
So far, the colors are highly pigmented and I did not feel regret for buying this palette :) I keep smiling, non stop whenever my mind into this set. Oh I'm so in Love with it! This is called angau in bahasa Malaysia. (you can't sleep, you have no appetite to eat and you keep thinking of somebody all the time - this is angau) 

What do you think?
would you buy this set? Or you have other items in your mind?

Share with me! I would like to know too
Thank you!

Mwah Mwah!

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