Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Basic Makeup Class Batch 1 by Shaza & Wiida

Basic Makeup Class- #makeupbyshazaaamalina & #makeupbywiidaribbon was happening on last Saturday At Bangi Bandar Seri Putra MALAYSIA. Even though the particpants were only 3 people, but we are so happy and glad that we did this class and teach girls outside there how to do your own makeup and daily makeup.
Which feature do you want to emphasize?
We taught them what they want, how they want to look in daily basis, how to makeup for their "merisik event" as well as for raya look. Seriously, we had fun. I have no words to say anymore because I love to play makeup and by seeing them doing their own makeup, I feel so happy and proud. They managed to do their own makeup in the fastest way. Well, they are really fast learners maybe because they have the interest and determination. So, if you want to learn basic makeup especially for your daily makeup, contact us for more details. It is an honor for us to do more classes and teach all the girls to do their own makeup. We teach people based on experiences, makeup trend, "youth makeup style" , and based on your interest. Some people interested on flawless face, some people want to have thick and bold brows, some people want to learn how to apply eyeshadow. WE CAN TEACH ALL OF IT from theory to practikal and at the same time, we can have fun together. yeayyyyyyy!

Okay, lets see all the pictures taken and see the results. (Cikgu-cikgu rasa bangga with them)

From the left ; Shaza Amalina ( tutor) , Atikah, Ayu, Farah and me (tutor) 

She did by her own. From zero and now she looks like a hijabista model! :) 

I wish I take a photo of her eyes. She did a very pretty eye look. 

All the stuffs and tools were prepared. If you are interested, just text us and we can set a special date for you. 

The class includes;
Goodie bag 
Makeup notes (for your reference)
Practical & personal teach- we assist you step by step. 

We are happy and glad to assist you in makeup. our aims are to make all the girls outside be pretty and able to do their own makeup. We believe  that we all are pretty physically and internal as well. <3

Contact: 017- 275 5284 (shaza) | 017-8785 210 (wiida)

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  1. bestnya dapat tutorial one to one macam ni!!! i really wanted to go if i duduk KL tau. malangnya I kat Melaka sekarang, tak dapat nak join :'(

  2. wow!! BEstnyaa main mekup2.. Teringin diri ni bermekup.. mekupkan ena kak boleh?? hikhikhik

  3. The good stuffs always happens in KL lol :v


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