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Miss Hana Waterproof Eyeliner Gel Pencil Review


Today I am gonna review an eyeliner from Miss Hana. Miss Hana is a korean brand makeup product and I know not many of you know this brand because it is not selling widely in Malaysia and only can be found through online. Yet, I must share the" amazing-ness" of this product to you. Why? cause I am just loving it.

Couple of my friends were asking me;
Wiida, what is the best pencil eyeliner in the market?  I want affordable eyeliners. I don't want to know the "pricey" and high end eyeliner. I want the cheap ones la. 

Okay girls, My answers would be:

1) You may try Sephora 12h eyeliner . (you can get it at Sephora @ RM 32 only)
2) Miss Hana gel eyeliner (the one that I am reviewing, kindly referring to the subject)
3) Maybelline Masterline eyeliner(if it suits you, some of my friends recommend it to me, but it doesn't work on my oily eyelids. My eyelids are really difficult to work with.)
4) Maybelline gel eyeliner. I heard so many great things about it and it is also one of the best Gel liner in the market, aligned with high end products.
5) Heavy Rotation is one of my favorite eyeliners, but it is in INK MARKER PEN form. Plus, the price is quite expensive for me to retain buying it every month.
6) Others, I haven't found any waterproof / smudge proof eyeliner in pharmacies yet. But, the top 5 eyeliners that I have mentioned were the ones I've tried and so far, they are the best among other eyeliner pencils in Watsons / Guardian.

The original packaging of Miss Hana pencil is same to the bottom pencil. No Leopard sticker at the end of the pencil. I put that sticker by myself as to differentiate between chocolate and black eyeliner pencil. Both are in same packaging , therefore it is quite confusing and I found other alternative by labeling it myself using "washi tape". You also can use this technique if you have more than one Miss Hana Pencil. :) 

I got mine in the colors of Night Black and Choco brown, both are mattes. There's also another two shades which have hint of glitters in it, Galaxy Black and Golden black. I prefer matte rather than shimmer because I use it more frequent than glitters pencils.

Gel Eyeliner Pencil, when I heard of "Gel" of course in my mind I was thinking of an eyeliner jar but it is not in jar form, In fact it is in a pencil form. Easy to apply, control-able and  No need to use brush to apply this eyeliner. However, the texture is very similar to gel liner, therefore, to set this creamy eyeliner , we need to use brush to blend it well and set it with black eye shadow or else it would smudge and makes your eyes look like a cute panda. :) 

I normally use this eyeliner on my; 

WATERLINE - no need to set with eyeshadow or blend it with brush

LOWER LASHES - Need to set with eyeshadow on top of it and blending it. This is my favorite way of using it. It is waterproof and so far, it's never smudge even if  I forgot to blend and apply black eyeshadow on top of it. 

EYELIDS - Whenever I need to do simple normal eyeliner without wings. I need to set it very well to prevent from smudge because I have extremely oily eyelids. Sometimes I would use angle brush to create wings line. There's many ways to play with this eyeliner. 

INNER RIMS - no need to set with eyeshadow or blend it with brush. Just normal application. 

What are the criteria(s) that catch my attention on Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner pencil?
1) Sweet pink packaging. 5/5 for the packaging!
2) When I heard it is waterproof and smudge proof eyeliner, I immediately wanted to try it.
3) I read so many reviews about it and most of them are positives especially on pigmentation and longevity.
4) Affordable price , it is RM 26 at | RM 24.90 at
5)  It is GEL LINER. Who can resist of getting a perfect gel liner for the eyes?

It is very pigmented and bold. The choco brown is great to use on lower lashes for natural brown make up look. Besides that, to create very natural light makeup, choco brown is the best shade to be used on eyelids as a normal eyeliner look.

Night Black is the darkest creamiest black eyeliner I ever had.  Even my Bobbi Brown gel liner is not this creamy (maybe it's already dried out). Nevertheless, Pencil form of gel liner is good to keep because it would not dries out very quickly and last pretty long in our stash. Furthermore, this pencil gel eyeliner is easy to carry around as the cap attach very close to the pencil even after sharpening it. Carrying around jar gel eyeliner is annoying because we need to carry along the brush too. If the brush doesn't has a cap, it would makes the makeup bag a big mess with the leftover ink on the brush.

Pictures of me wearing the eyeliner on lower lashes. 
For this couple of weeks, I love to create very bold and sharp eyes by adding full eyeliner on my lower lashes, waterline as well as on my inner rim eyes. This way of putting eyeliner creates a very sharp and doll y eye look. As you can see in the pictures below, it brings a huge difference from my normal makeup look. 

(Sorry for the low quality pictures taken from Iphone 4s front camera) 

My words on this eyeliner;

Are you ready to listen to my thoughts?

First, I would highlight the waterproof and smudge-proof test. I didn't take photos for the waterproof test but I did the test and it is totally proven as waterproof gel liner. Anyhow, for the smudge-proof test, for some reasons, it does smudge on my oily eyelids but not horribly smudge. Just a little bit but still , it doesn't stay on place. Bear in your mind that I have very very very extremely oily eyelids. Even Bobbi Brown, Nars Larger Than Life and other gel , cream eyeliner-type does nothing on my eyelids. So far, only Sephora 12H eyeliner works the best on me. Other than Sephora 12H eyeliner, I need to be extra careful and apply it on waterline,  inner rims and lower lashes only.
Now, I am very happy because I found a great daily eyeliner (besides the Sephora 12H pencil)  for myself and also to be used on client , especially brides as I need to ensure that they get a perfect non-smudge makeup for their big day. 

Next is the texture of the product. As I have mentioned earlier, the texture is very creamy (gel alike) and it glides very smooth and silky. However, we need to blend it with brush and set it with eye shadow on top of it to prevent from smudging. Nevertheless it is not a big problem for me because as long I have no difficulties applying it on eyes and it stays nicely on skin, it is a perfect eyeliner for me. I just need an easy eyeliner to work with.  One additional important information, this eyeliner is easy to remove by using normal eye makeup remover. That's it! It doesn't has any specific makeup remover or whatsoever. It just need an oil-base makeup remover or baby oil. :) 

So far, I really like and enjoyed using this eyeliner. Planning to re-purchase it once it's finished.
Rate :5/5 .
The item is reachable at : /
It is not available at Watsons/ Guardian / any pharmacies in Malaysia

This product was purchased by using my own money. I would like to state that, this product may works best on me but not on everyone. I am sorry for mentioning all the brands above because I just need to be honest. In fact, I bought all the stated brands by using my own money but none of them work on me. However, the stated brands work very well on my friends and the reason why I bought them because my friends recommend them to me. By looking at this scenario, we can say that ,not everyone shares the same opinions with us. Plus, this review is based on my personal opinions and thoughts. No third party words.  Thank you. 

Please share with me your favorite eyeliner at this moment and tell me why. If you have tried this eyeliner, do not forget to leave a comment too and tell me your thoughtful thoughts.Thank you!


  1. I've never heard this brand before. Btw, you look so pretty! Love your eye makeup!


    1. Thanks pretty! I read your blog post on etude House Play 101, it is so tempting! I need to try that too! <3

  2. Wiida, may I say that you look even prettier day by day? hehe! Really love how you did the eye makeup on the above pictures, it looked so different from you usual eye do when we met and I must say that it is so celebrity-like! Glad that this Miss Hana waterproof gel eyeliner worked so well with you, I also have noticed that it stays very well on my oily eyelids though at first attempt it was not. guess this eyeliner gets better the longer we use it, macam magic pulak xD

    1. aah! right?! maybe because of the weather (excuses) . first trial memang smudge, then afterwards never smudge dh cuma need to set with eyeshadow just for precaution lah.
      Btw, thank you to your review too. Because of you lah Wiida beli. hahaha!

    2. p/s: btw, sebenarnye, I nampak "prettier" because my makeup dah upgraded to MAKEUP TEBAL and need to get the right angle (learnt from Michelle Phan) . haha. sekian terima kasih. :P

  3. Gosh, I think this eyeliner does make you look different :o so pretty!

    Bloobs Blurbs II

  4. Have heard tons of reviews on this eyeliner but have not tried it before... i have oily eyelids as well which is why i turned to brush gel liner.. i just recently used clio killer black eyeliner.. i should try miss hana eyeliner if it does work on me. Thanks for the review :)

  5. You look pretty wiida!!
    Great review.. honest habis ni..kekekee..

  6. comelnya wiida..good review..makes me wanna have them too

  7. i really wanna try this! btw u look so comel hehe. salam ramadhan:))

  8. Looks so pretty. btw miss hana is a Taiwanese brand not Korean which explains the chinese writing on the product.

    1. oh really? thank you for telling me this. I have no idea! haha.

  9. In this age of hypocrisy, the writer has written every word with all his soul poured into it.


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