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LJH Cellabel M.C. Vital CC Cream Review

Lee Jiham Vital CC cream

Have you heard of CC cream? I know BB cream is pretty popular among teenagers and also now spreading the benefit to the older group. BB or Blemish Balm is a lighter formulation of foundation while CC cream is a cream that contains skin care with a formula to even out discoloration. CC cream is known as lightest cosmetic cream in makeup line. CC cream is generally stands for color correcter which lead to redness and imperfection skin tone. 

This Lee Jiham Vital CC cream is a skincare + cosmetic product , work for anti-blemish, super whitening and anti-wrinkle with SPF 30 PA ++. That's mean this cc cream is great for "career women" who running out of time to makeup in every morning. This CC cream could protects you from UV as it contains SPF 30PA ++ including all skin care benefits, vitamin C essence in one single pump. 

4 Major ingredients: Stem Extract , Vitamin Tree, Spirodela Polyrrhize Extract m Sambucus Nigra fruit essence. 

The product  description; 
Leejiham CC cream is a multi cream with VITAMIN C essence function, makeup, and sunblock function -all in one. It prevents & improves skin troubles and provides brightening effects. It contains vitamin tree extracts with contains 800 times more vitamin C than apples. It is a new concept of multi CC cream which naturally covers blemishes so the color matches your own skin.

I am glad that the packaging is very sleek, light and easy to carry around because honestly I most of my foundation bottles are making me sick of keeping them. I had too many bottles until I don't know where should I keep them to a

The cream blends perfectly onto the skin and the color turns into skin tone color. Some of the cc creams in the market would leave white cream effect on the fair and need time almost 20-30 minutes before the color matches with the skin tone. This LJH Vital cc cream is different, once we blend it onto the skin, it changed into the skin tone color. It's miracle!

It's time for me to apply the cream. blend -blend- blending well to ensure there's no patchy cream on my face. haha. or else it's kinda embarrassing for me. (malu!)

I spent a day for testing this out. Oh My Gosh, yes, I am so excited to show you guys how amazing this cc cream and spent my whole day wearing this cc cream. p/s: normally I would do this for new makeup so that I won't look awful when I walk out and people won't see as

Coverage: 2/5. it is light weight cream product, it is cc not  bb or foundation. So, it just gives very low coverage but even out any skin discoloration and acts like a skincare more than makeup.

The best way to use this cc cream is y using your own fingers. blend the cc cream with your own fingers as the heat produced would change the cream's color and even out all the imperfection skin discoloration.

Look at that! The cc cream color matches my neck. That's great.

Anyhow, there's one contrast, one negative side from this amazing cc cream which is, it cannot be worn at night especially for flash photography. It gives white flash back effect and we can see the skin tone difference in this picture. So, I guess this cc cream is created for daily uses not for the night time. It is not a big deal anyhow because all the benefits and cream's texture are developed for light natural daily makeup. 

Waterproof Test

After letting the cc cream on my face for 4 hours in air-conditioning room, I wanted to try experiment something new  that I have never done it in my any review products. It is waterproof test! hel ya. hehehe. evil mind, just want to test this product until make people satisfied before splurge on it. The product is not cheap either. so, why not I do this test for you to decide whether this cc cream is worth to buy or not. hehe. 

I know some of you would say "What the heck she's doing? why does  she needs to do waterproof test? IS she out of her mind? we are not going to pool , we want to use it for daily basis, to go to office and school not to go to swimming pool".

The answer is easy, even on me, I always get wet when raining and most of my makeup faded off because of water. Luckily no panda smudge eyes because I always wear non-smudge & waterproof eye makeup but for the base? I always forgot to apply primer and whatsoever, so it's kinda faded off. So, in this section I will make a test whether the cc cream would come off easily or not. ( mystery suspense music on

I sprayed some water for two times. Let the first spray layer dried then spray again for the second time.

Are you excited to see the result?


Tadaaa! It is waterproof. not saying 100% waterproof but the product was still there, covering some of my blemishes even though it is not fully covered , yet the coverage is still remain the same. 89% satisfied! 

Overall, this cc cream is very great to be used for day time , daily basis makeup cream especially to those who rarely wear makeup. This cc cream is great for daily light makeup because it not sticky,  moisturised (I think it has moisturiser ingredient in it, not too sure but I my skin feel moisturised ) , even out discoloration & redness,  doesn't feel heavy after applying it on ( feel like applying moisturiser/ any skin care product) and one more thing, for some reason I feel this product is light and makes my skin healthier ( I don't know whether this is only cause of my psychology or whatnot. what I know, I feel like wearing skin care more than wearing makeup product) .

LJH Cellabel M.C. Vital CC Cream

For All skin types

RM 120 

Only available online at: 

You can get 10% off discount by using this code: 

Thank you for reading!

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Disclaimer: Opinions are truly mine.


  1. it is very helpful to wear makeups that wont melt like a wax on our face in Malaysian weather kan? went through several episodes of melting makeups and I swear I dont wanna look like those 'accidents' ever again!

  2. yes..yes...yes...def gonna get it for raya..haha


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