Friday, 4 July 2014

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Review

Many of you would think highlighter is not an important element in makeup routine and always skip this step seems it looks unimportant step for you. However, did you ever noticed that this is actually THE MOST CRUCIAL step besides base. Not only that, some of my friends and readers don't have enough guts to put highlighter on. Why? Why you guys ignoring this amazing goddess?

The answer is always be one. It is about CONFIDENT.  For the first time user, you would feel applying  highlighter is too heavy and it is unnecessary to include into your makeup routine. Being a consumer and makeup addict, I know how that's feel. I used to say to my friend "wow, applying highlighter? that's so glamorous babe! where do you want to go? highlighter is just for dinner occasion babe." . That was my narrow mind set when I was in beginner level. Duh!

The truth is, highlighter is crucial for day and night time makeup. Even for the day makeup , it gives very pretty glow on the cheekbone. It highlights our smile face asset and at the same time it makes our skin face looks healthier and structured especially in the photo.  

I knew that there's not many highlighter products selling in the market, especially the " drugstore/ pharmacy" version; affordable with quality products.Most of highlighters are from high end products. I know that, I would like to try more products in the future.

Last month I managed to grab a very popular highly raved highlighter from Sasa. It is  Mary-Lou Manizer and only can be found in SASA. I was aiming for this highlighter for quite some time. Actually it has been more than a year. haha. Only last month I got a sign from God to buy it. haha. Alhamdullilah for the rezki

It costs RM 64.90 after 10% off . Sasa Malaysia is always having sale especially in the festival month. So, if you want to buy , get it during the sale. it is so worth even it's only 10% off. Save up some money babes! 

Now it is time for me to spill my thoughts on this product. I am gonna go straight to the points. It has a beautiful champagne yellow tone color and looks pretty on every complexion from very fair to medium dark skin tone. The texture of this product is extremely buttery , soft and highly pigmented. You no need to work hard on applying it on cheeks.You just need a very little amount to apply onto the cheekbone. However, this powder highlighter need to be blended very well so that it would creates very natural glows and blended well onto the skin. Most of powder highlighters doesn't need to be blended out but this "girl" is exceptional. It would look patchy if you didn't blend it properly. Mary-Lou highlighter doesn't has glitters or shimmers in it and also can be used on bridge of the nose, cupid bow lips as well as on the brow bone. 

Since it is very pigmented, you need to control the amount of products applied on the cheeks. Too much products could enhance your pores. I don't have pores on cheeks but if you do, better tab the brush, filter the excess before applying it onto the skin because once you swipe the brush on the pan, it would picks up a lot of products due to the overly soft texture.

The packaging is so flattering, you can judge it yourself, I don't want to say much. Oh My god! I just can't stop looking at it! Cantik gile babe! Very sleek, compact, and easy to bring for travel. 

Look at the swatch, it is so pigmented and buttery. I just swipe it lightly on pan and I got this much of pigmentation. It glides almost like a butter, very soft, not chalky and not powdery. It's SUPERB! The texture reminds me of Stila Kitten. If you have Stila Kitten, then you would know the feeling of victory. haha. *out of the blue.

The highlighter looks great on skin once it's blended and set. Don't worry, it is not overly shimmery / glittery on the skin. It is perfect for beginners too because it looks "mild" under natural light. is there any word to replace mild? I just can't think of any other words for now but you know what I meant. hikhik. 

Overall, I think this The Balm Mary Lou highlighter is very worth to own especially for beginners. Highlighter is very important, it is also can be used on brow bones, inner corner of the eyes, on bridge of the nose, cupid bow, and also on your shoulder bones to give definition. It is multi-purpose highlighter, you can use it everywhere. 

Tell me if you have tried this highlighter and shoot me with your opinions. I am so curious to know your thoughts. 

WHERE TO BUY: at all SASA outlets in Malaysia



  1. does look nice..wish you'd show the picture of your face after applying get more ideas on how it would look..huhu

    1. Tu la Kak Ogosh. Wiida ada tangkap tapi lighting tak lawa ;( InsyaAllah next time.

  2. wiidaa nanti letak tutorial macam mana nak pakai ni ^_^ i love the product sebab selalu main swatch kat SaSa tapi x beli lagi sebab takut tak pakai selalu, hehe!


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