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June beauty favorites 2014

Oh My god, It's already JULY! half way through to 2015. Time flies so fast. I feel like I just celebrated my birthday April, and now it's already July. Walaoweyh!  That's means I am running out of time chasing my dreams before age 30. 
Today I will be doing June Favorites. I  know I've missed out a lot of monthly favorite posts, but what to do, I just keep using the same thing, alternately for the previous months.There's nothing much difference. Ya, right! aah! yup! yippie!  :P  (real reason: been busy with  tonne of works) hehe.

Okay, lets get started! Oh yeayyy baby!

Silkygirl Big Eye mascara (original)

If I'm not mistaken, there's two version of Big Eye ; the original removable formula & waterproof formula). At the beginning of my blogging career (fulamak career!) , this Silkygirl mascara was the first sponsored item for my blog. hehe. really a piece of sentimental item.

Well, actually this mascara does its job in curling my eyes, lengthening,make my lashes visible,  easy to remove,  and less fall off lashes. For some reason,  I  feel my lashes are much healthier. So far, this Silkygirl and Maybelline Rocket are my favorites. I already purchased these two mascaras so many times lah..


Bourjois Paris Foundation Healthy Mix

The best foundation in universe! haha. Do I have any right to say that? haha (slap me please!Sesuka hati je) Hey! Don't knock it if you haven't tried it! You should try it then you know why did I said that.  it is only RM 55.90 (Correct me if I'm wrong) , I am pretty sure you won't regret for this month's foundation pick. All of my high end foundations have been neglected because of this. Damn! rasa membazir pulak

review- coming soon

Bourjois Paris Blusher Rose Frisson

I went insane with this blusher. I just can't get enough with it. I am wearing it since the day I got it and keep using it until today. I love the rush because t is cute, easy to carry around in my makeup bag, no need to bring ther brush in my makeup bag. Just use this brush to apply my blusher and highlighter. (especially for us muslims, there's no excuse for us to redo our makeup after solat. This blusher is so practical! LOL! Blusher is one of my MUST do steps in my light makeup routine).  

My light Makeup routine: Foundation or concealor  , eyebrow , mascara , blusher, highlighter and lipbalm. This is the my simplest everyday makeup . 

The balm Mary Lou Manizer.


This sexy lady just caught my attention and I keep using it non stop, daily. I think I almost reach the pan, most probably with in two weeks. That shows how much I am addicted with this highlighter. huhu. 

Maybelline Hypersharp laser liner

My current daily eyeliner. I save a lot of time drawing my eyeliner. Thanks to this 0.01 mm tip eyeliner. Please read more in my recent review post. 


Makeup geek Cocoa Bear and Cinderella.

this two buddies are my besties for several months. Everytime I am out of ideas, I would straightly grab this two shades. Cocoa bear to be used on the crease (eye socket),  blending it until the color get faded and blended.
Cinderella is a gorgeous light naked pink color , I will apply this color all over my lids & on my brow bones. These two eyeshadows are perfect to create daily natural cut crease look.

Miss Hana eyepencils

Everything has been explained in the review post. 

Egyptian Magic

I just started using it in the month of June. Nowadays, the weather is so hot and dry, my lips are chapped although after scrubbing the dead cell lips away. I don't have lip mask like other American beauty youtuber and blogger do. I only have a vaseline, Egyptian Magic , body shop lip treatment and other lipbalms. However, I found other does nothing on my lips. Even my body shop lip balm is not effective anymore. Therefore, one day I tested this out before sleeping. Just apply generous amount of this product on the lips before going to bed. You will see the magical effect on the next morning.


Thank you for reading!

What's your current favorite beauty products? please list them in the comment section below, I would like to know and try new things lah. Tengah mood main makeup.

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  1. I also use bourjois foundation, silkygirl big eye mascara, egyptian magic cream, and miss hana gel eyeliner. seriously, they're the queen of their species XD no one can hate them please!

  2. I'm itching to try out the Bourjois foundation. So many good reviews! Must remember to pick one up the next time I'm in the area.

  3. Have been eyeing silky mascara but wasn't sure of it was good. Thanks for the review. Looking for mascara for fuller lashes. Any recommendation?

  4. you making me wanna try the Bourjois foundation here..hehehee..


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