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Color Bucket -Flash Pop Up Geller Liner review

As referring to the title, it is about color bucket collection review. I am excited with this brand and I got  it from LUXOLA. Luxola is a medium for people to access over 150 authentic and popular beauty brands at the click of a button.It is a place for people to find the right shade of lipstick, eyeshadow, and nail lacquer for every mood, occasion, skin colour, and shape. Luxola provides a service by delivering your favorite beauty items to your doorstep, as quickly as the day after you make an online purchase. So far I am one of their loyal customers. 

I know most of the time I always talk about America/ Europe products but in this post I will do a review on COLOR BUCKET, a brand from Korea. There would be 3 parts, 3 posts and 3 items which are; Flash Pop Up geller Liner (pencil eyeliner), Lip Flash Jam ( Lip color) and last but not least Hair Crayon Stylist (Hair chalk color).

Kacha! let get started.

Flash Pop Up Geller (Pencil Eyeliner)

"Add a flash of refreshing colour to your eyes with these eye gellers from Color Bucket. With ten rainbow shades to choose from, they can be used as an eyeshadow or eyeliner to create bright and bold or soft and understated shades and lines for your peepers."

It is a pencil liner however it is not like the regular typical pencil as the product itself is creamier and works like gel liner. The only difference is  the gel is not in jar form , it is in pencil retractable design. 

I got mine in two different shades (Bronze and Purple) . 

It is a retractable pencil, no need to sharpen it , just twist and use. It is so easy,senang gile!  Plus the product is creamy and not easily broken like some retractable pencil do.

There's 10 shades in the collection. (go visit the website!


 In this task, I wanted to test on its "waterproof", smudge proof, and longevity.

After sprayed with thermal spring water, I rubbed the swatches hardly with cotton pad . Well, as proven, the product itself stays pretty well on skin and if I didn't rub it hardly, I am sure it would be still there.

After 10 times rubbing the swatches,  they are partially removed.

©Both colors contain some fine sparkles. I am not sure for the black color either it is a full matte gel liner or has shimmer in it.
© it glides smoothly , creamy and blendable
© sturdy and not broken easily.
© Say no to sharpener! twist and it's ready to use!
© There's many choice of colors.It is not easy to find colorful affordable eyeliners in Malaysia, so if you are searching for colored pencils, go for this. I am definitely recommend you to get this because it lasts pretty long on my oily eyes.
© Rich and very pigmented! Love it for lower lashes liner. No smudge
© Rating: 4/5, love it ! it is better than high end eyeliner / gel liner I'd in my collection. the best retractable gel liner I have ever used! Highly recommended! Try the mint green, it might looks gorgeous on you. wanted to try mint green, pink, orange and black lah.

© It is a bit expensive, but no worries, I have a discount code for you guys to enjoy!
© After cleansed with water and mild makeup remover, there's sparkles left out. Need to use eye makeup remover to remove the glitters.

Top liner - Bronze 
Lower liner- Apply Purple geller liner first then apply bronze on top of it. The color turns pink. 

I really enjoyed using this eyeliner as I can create Kpop look by using this colorful pencils and it looks so elegant and neat. I don't know how to explain it in details, once you have it, the you know how I felt. This is not a sponsored post, so I have no good reason in promoting this gel liner. 
p/s: I love the bronze so much and keep using it in my daily makeup look. 

Price: RM 40.50


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