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Nanowhite Snow Wash skincare set Review

Okay,  in this entry I will keep it real, straight to the point without telling you any lies. I got this set of skin care few days back and very excited with it until can't wait to share with you guys.  This is my first time trying skin care from Nanowhite and the name of "white" makes me jumped overly excited.  haha. Oh ya, I am a typical Asian who loves whitening skin care set. Whose with me?  I know most of you girls also want to get fair, flawless skin like a doll but you have naturally tanned skin, do not be upset, smile, face the world with your unique true skin because it is the most precious skin tone you ever owned. Anyway, you can also try this set as enlighten purpose, just to boost up your face radiant and glowy (in bahasa, we call it "berseri"). Well, keep it real babe! it won't change your skin to Paris Hilton skin tone. You just be you. Me just be me. Unless your skin got exposed to the sun and  sun-burnt. This would helps you to get your normal skin back.   Read my review to know about it! 

I know many of you are afraid you sunburned. haha. (laughing, cause I AM AFRAID OF SUNBURNED). hahaha. okay, this is not a joke, this is a fact that I know everyone is facing it including me.

Sometimes, we afraid to go to beach vacation just because of the sunlight.
 I know Malaysia weather is extremely hot and if possible everyone wants to park their car next to the entrance. haha. Walking under the exposed sunray could burn our skin even for few minutes. I have faced it before! I can feel you babes!  Therefore, we need to protect our skin and feed it with vitamins.

"Awakening Snow Wash is a unique , snowy cool cleanser that moisturizers as it cleanses, and does not strip your skin off its natural protective film. Happy Dermology and nano technology give your skin a happy healthy  glow , leaving a fairer, refreshed and renewed."

It said cool snowy cleanser but never expect for minty cleanser cause this cleanser is absolutely not a mint kind of cleanser. It does feel a bit of "cool" while using it and leaves you "fresh" clean skin without feeling greasy or over flaky. So, in other word, it is safe to use and doesn't make your skin feel overly dries and keep protecting your natural protective skin layer without removing it. HOWEVER, after using this cleanser, you are highly recommended to use the rest of the set items because each of the items have their own function and after using all of them , your skin would feel much softer and pampered. 

After using this cleanser, I felt my skin is very cleaned and fresh. I really love to use this cleanser at night time, after whole day sweating, this cleanser cleanse  perfectly and remove any excess dirt or oil from my face. 

Nanowhite refining toner - this treatment toner tightens and refines pores. It is power-packed with Happy Dermalogy , nano technology , Omega White C Allantoin, orange extract, lemon extract and Bilberry extract to balance and works as an astringent, minimizing pores and removing excess oil without drying the skin.
My feedbacks on this toner is very simple. It is cooling toner, refreshing and at the same time it doesn't has mint-y effect that might hurt the skin. So that is the reason why I like this toner. It is so refreshing! After applying this toner, I will straightly take the moisturizer and apply it on the skin.. 

Nanowhite Cell moist whitenor is a moisturiser, enhanced with Omega White C, Happy Dermalogy, nano technology and Nano peptide is an incredibly light essence that replenishes depleted moisture deep onto the cells.

This moisturizer is one of my favorite products. I can say that this moisturizer is the star for today.
 It is so refreshing without feeling sticky or oily. I feel so comfortable after applying this on. This moisturiser  absorbs completely onto the skin without feeling greasy and turned my skin into a baby skin! WOW! That is amazing, love it, adore it and yes, I will defiantly recommend this moisturiser to those who never use moisturizer in their skincare routine  and to those who doesn't like the heavy moisturizer texture. This is perfect for you guys! 

One more thing, if you love makeup, then you need to love your skin too. Apply moisturiser before makeup! this is an advise! Try this moisturiser. It absorbs very fast into the skin, less than 5  minutes. Then, do your makeup. Your skin epidermis also need protector and eat vitamin C to keep healthy. 

Great packaging with safety lid/ inner lid to secure the product from spilled. Besides that, the jar itself is light in weight. I love the white simple packaging that make it looks exclusive and modern. Plus, the price is a bonus. 

Soft and light texture with very subtle refreshing scent. 

Overall, I feel very pleased using this set of skin care due to mild cooling effect and fresh cleaned result. I'd using the moisturiser for whole 2 weeks, never skipped. hmmm. Does it really works? I am also questioning myself because by referring to the picture, I can see the glows and my skin tone is even now.. Have you tried Nanowhite? If yes, drop your feedbacks below! I would love to hear from your side too!  I didn't realized it until I scrolled back my recent Instagram photos.  Nanowhite products does work in term of brighten up dull  and uneven skin tone. 

Where to buy? : Watsons | Guardian

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  1. u r already pretty babe..hee
    i am a loyal user of nano white especially the day-cream moisturizer..sangat best dan sangat happy! :p

  2. Yes, I'm currently used this product as well Wiida :P
    The moisturiser is really best. Thumb up for this review maadu! Hehehee..

  3. teringin nak try jugak, macam best je tengok wiida makin berseri ^_^

  4. Halah adik kakak ni memang dah comel sokmo :)

  5. lepas ni lepas ni kita try..hehe

  6. Its not sticky and it is what i loved most of this product. Nice one!!


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