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Sephora Black Card Malaysia + Haul!

I know many of you are excited with this post because that is what I feel right now! speechless, the happiness can be only seen in my eyes.  I am excited, can't think rationally anymore and just think of one main thing. HAUL!haha revealing a haul to you guys! hahah. 
Sabrina Tajuddin, are you ready with this post? (well because I called her on Sunday after had my shopping treatment. oh! girls!) 
Get ready peeps!  

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

before I forget the most important thing, let me explain you on the new Sephora Black Card member, fun and exciting activities that is going on in Sephora outlets! 
what is Sephora Black Card
Basically , Sephora just relaunch the Sephora Loyalty Program with the introduction of the new Sephora Black Card. New look in smart black  Getting "Black listed" means receiving your personalized Black Card delivered at your doorstep. It is actually another step of beauty Sephora loyalty card.
You would only get the black card when you have earned 250 points in your previous white card member. This is basically an upgraded membership for Sephora members and Sephora is giving a better deal and surprises for Black card members. 
You can collect the points at all Sephora outlets in 3- country : Malaysia, Thailand and Sephora. So, guys, if you are going to Thailand or Sephora, bring along your card, you can earn points. 
Benefits for Black card members;
Pretty suprises on your Birthday
10% Savings for every RM 250 points
SGD = 1 point | RM 5 = 3 points | THB 25 = 1 point
I've calculated the 250 points is equivalent to RM 417. So girls, head up to Sephora and collect your points!
Activities in Sephora Sunway Pyramid from 18 September to 1 October 2014
❤ Put on 3D glasses and snap a photo. Upload it on Instagram with a #MYSEPHORABLACKROCKS. Stand to win 1 over 20 Beauty boxes (worth RM 300) weekly! Sponsored brands: Glamglow, Make Up For Ever, Issey Miyake.
❤   Find QR codes in the store and scan it, Show it to the staff. claim your prize! <3
❤   Enjoy Cake Pop on weekends ; 20-21 & 27-28 September (Saturday Sunday)
❤  There's tonne of samples giving out.
❤ Get a "LIPS EDITION TRAVEL KIT"/ pouch & luggage tag with RM 300 spent!
❤ Take a photo at FOTOBOX and bring home two strips of photos for FREE! 
❤ Receive a FORTUNE COOKIE with every purchase and let the cookie determined your faith. :P  
❤ Lastly, if you received a blacklisted email from Sephora, go claim it! you would get a pair of sunglasses :) you won't regret it because I love Sephora sunglasses. Last time received when I made a purchase from Sephora France and got it for free. Still using it til today and suprisingly, it is still good in condition and protects my eyes with UV 400. 

Enjoy yourself at Sephora Sunway on this weekend! muah muah!
oh ya, my haul...
okay, this is the parfait time to reveal my haul!
Get ready girls! Buckle up and recite doa. 

I was so excited when I know that Sephora has stock up Melted lipsticks. What a great news! I am a big fan of Melted lipstick due to its pigmentation, texture, longevity , colors and packaging! haha..packaging sucker!  I know its wrong but the product itself is amazing! haha
Melted lipsticks : Pink Peony and Coral

Another huge purchase was the Glamglow Youthmud mask. Oh my godness! Have you read my review on it? Got it in deluxe size but in different type ; Glamglow Supermud clearing treatment. The reason why I picked up Youthmud because I wanted to try this type as I heard so many good news about it. plus, I can share this mud with my mom :) hehe. ya, some of my things given to my mom or my sister. I got the Glamglow eye mask for free after purchasing the Glamglow mud. Ca't wait to try it! Or, maybe I will give it to my mom because I think she needs it more than I do. 
Last but not least is, Josie Maran Argan Iluminizer. Oh My God! This thing is a perfection! It is great to be mixed with foundation to achieve glow healthy skin or maybe just use by its own, dab onto cheekbone to get healthy high cheekbone effect.It is so pretty and makes the makeup looks natural. This liquid iluminizer is very versatile and my makeup appears much longer and natural. Love it so much. I have no idea why I never pick this up before! Glad that I did it in this trip. 
My purchase exceed RM 300 and I got a set of Lips travel kit ( makeup bag and luggage tag), oh that is fantastic because I just  need a new makeup pouch for travel and that lips bag is soooo cute, infinity cute! 
I've received an email (blacklisted email) and I grabbed my opportunity to redeem the sunglasses. What you all need to do is, show them the email, fill in a form (just to update your data) and DONE! that's it! Enjoy your sunglasses. 
Actually I got myself two pairs of sunglasses. One is because of the "blacklisted email" and other one is because of the fortune cookie. However, I gave the sunglasses to my friend, I don't think I need two same sunglasses, I hope I could make my friend happy, that is more important. 
Thank you for reading my gile haul post + a brief on black card membership . hope it explains everything. Love ya! 
mana boleh lupa post gambar selfie :P 


5 lucky winners will be selected randomly. 
this voucher ends on 1 October 2014. 

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  1. wahhh... cantiknyaa diaaaaa.,, (konpem flip hair pasni)

  2. Yup the glamglow youthmud is awesome ! :D

  3. i really cant wait to buy Glamglow and Melted lipsticks, they're on my wishlist!

  4. loving the new header babe!!! sunnies sephora best kan??!!

    1. thank you. aah! best! suka sangat!!!!! <3 favorite sunnies~

  5. Hello, I am Chanel from Malaysia too! wondering how will i know if im a sephora black card member becos i always couldnt check my points on the website. Either cant find my ID or shown 0 points. But i do receive email and sms regardsing black card promo or sales. so am i considered a black card member?


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