Friday, 26 September 2014

WIN A CAR with DOMINO'S Pizza and Mountain Dew Blue Shock

Domino's Pizza collaborates with Mountain Dew by bringing in the newest flavor from Mountain Dew, Blue Shock. You can only able to find Mountain Dew Blue Shock at Domino's Pizza outlets at the moment and with that, it means Domino's Pizza is the only fast food carries Mountain Dew Blue Shock in Malaysia. 

12th September 2014- Bloggers were invited to the official launch at Domino's Pizza Subang Perdana. We were introduced to the drink and the contest running on;  8th September to 19th October 2014 (6 weeks) 
The collaboration contest named EAT, DRINK & WIN A CAR!

It is so easy, how to win? 
Basically you just need to EAT, DRINK and submit the form as many as you wish

How does it works?
Just buy any combo set / promotional set that includes Mountain Dew Blue Shock drink 1.5L. 
Then filling in the form with proof of purchase at the counter or via online

You may buy any Blue Shock Combos or you still can buy the regular combos and swap / upgrade the drinks to Mountain Dew Blue Shock 1.5L.

Basically the minimum purchase to join this contest  is RM 5.80 by buying a-la-carte 1.5L Mountain Dew Blue Shock.
A purchase of RM 30 and above = 2 entries | RM 70 and above = 3 entries

Who can participates in this contest?

What is the contest?
You need to take a guess on a  number of Mountain Dew Blue Shock 1.5L bottles that able to fit into the Honda Jazz car. Just number it! 
Fill in the form and complete the slogan. as easy as that.

Why do they need a slogan?
By doing this, for any draw numbers can be decided by looking at the creative slogan

You can order it online  or by calling their hotline 1-300-888- 333

Take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty of the new Honda Jazz 1.5L . :)

You may find the menu here.

All the food in this branch were baked / cook in the oven including the chickens. Sedap giler!

Since I seen so many bloggers took selfie photos with a slice of pizza, so I was thinking... why not?
haha. here you go!  
Guess what? It's groupie time!

Bloggers in the photo.

Thank you for reading!
Contest period: 8th August -19th October 2014


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