Monday, 22 September 2014

Sunsilk Contest and Hair straightening problems


Hehe, I know what you feel when you wake up early in the morning and found out that you are already late for the job of the day. Yes, I am not a morning person and keep snoozing my alarm. haha. Gimme 5!. 
Every time I wake up in the morning I always skip my morning shower (just taking bath) and my tied hair always been curled. I need to blow or straighten on every single morning and sometimes I didn't have time to do my hair and ended up, walking off with my curly, wavy, crazy hair. what a miserable day! 

I know I look messy in this photo but in real life,  this is my morning hair and ya, I just pretending sleepy. 

What would you do if you have only 10 minutes to get ready?

1) just skip washing your hair on that morning, and just walk off with messy , wavy hair, and bun up!

2) Wash the hair, but going to work late? IMPOSSIBLE! this is impossible. you'll be fired! haha. no no. be punctual girls. Be smart, that is the true beauty. But how to be smart?

3) Wash the hair and skip makeup? (okay, this happened to everyone, even me! )

4) Wash the hair but skip the hair style. let it hair dry in the car/ on your way to office or class. Let it go, let it go~ ( singing) . 

5) You washed the hair a night before and blow it before going to bed. Great technique, but sometimes when you wake up, the hair would be curled back. haha. or maybe only my hair is stubborn. 

Interested to know my way in straightening hair?

I always use hair heat protector/ hair conditioning mist / hair moisturizer/ hair stylist mist. Just spray some of it before doing any hair styling. The reason why I'm doing this is to protect the hair from over-heat tools.  

I know many of you are familiar with this! Never deny it babe. Sometimes when I'm  rushing, I just blow my hair naturally without straightening it. Well, never put high expectation for salon result because I never know how to straighten my hair using a hairdryer! haha. okay okay, lets be honest. You need time to straighten your hair using hair dryer aren't you? But who has time to spend at least 30 minutes daily just for hair styling? If you are working in KL, you would be familiar with this situation.  Solat subuh at 6am, then you need to get ready and start the journey of the day.  If you take KTM, you need start the car at 6.30 am, and find a parking spot at KTM station. It takes about 15-30 minutes to get on to the train. Then, 30 minutes to one hour to your office. Sometimes, the train is fulled, and you missed the train (that happened to me so many times too! I tak tahu nak berebut). Tadaaaa~ 8am,you need to do retina scan (punch card/ scan card/ finger print scan). 
So, you need to be a morning person to straighten your hair using hair dryer. 

Next technique is hair ironing. 

Have you heard of ironing?

Well, if you know straightening, then you know "iron".

It is "straightening iron hair tool"

But kids, girls, let me warn you on something...It is not this type of iron (scroll down)

Haha, kids, never use this iron on your hair. This is dangerous!  I bet most of hostel/boarding school girls had experienced this before :P     BIG NO FOR THIS! NEVER USE THIS IRON! THIS IRON IS FOR YOUR CLOTHES! 

hahaha! (teringat memory in hostel + boarding school. I was so naive) 

okay babes, this is the straightening iron hair styling tool! not the earlier one!! This hair styling takes about 10 to 30 minutes to straighten your hair. I am thinking of other alternative way to get straight silky hair without ironing because we can't use heat tools to get perfect straight hair every day, It would damage our hair. Ada cara lain tak? 

Wiida still searching for a good alternative way to get straight hair and do hair treatment at the same time. Wiida stumbled into this photo last week on Facebook.. Guess what caught my eyes on? 

The Sunsilk Beautifully Straight Contest!! They are running a contest for silky straight hair! I am thinking of participating alreadyyyyy weeeeee!

For more information, lets visit:

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