Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Beauty Alert! : Makeup Workshop

Assalamualaikum , hi people!
Well, this time I just want to share a makeup class that organised by my online friend from Kota Kinabalu Sabah. I knew him through youtube/ vlog and found out he is really good in makeup (and also down-to-earth friendly). 
What I meant is, he is incredibly good in all makeup techniques from basic until change people's face. He can do anything with his secret weapons.Seriously, I adore his vlog. :)
You can check out his vlog and Do subscribe his channel in order to support his target.

Don't forget to follow his fb page too for more updates as he loves to update beauty stuffs which I feel worth to follow with.

So, this is a poster for the upcoming workshop and if you are Sabahan/ stay in KK, you might consider this. <3
Original post click here.

P/s: Early bird price is only RM 350, make sure you register before 28th February. :)

Okay, Have a nice day!
Doo doo~
Good night.

Mwahh Mwahh;


  1. wow.... suruh dia buat class dekat semenanjung boleh x?? hehe

  2. Yay for being down-to-earth!
    He seems to be a talented man
    by checking out this poster c:



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