Wednesday, 20 February 2013

MUA Huge Haul and Makeup Swatches

Assalamualaikum and Hi readers!

This is a really exciting topic to share with you girls , ya you know when we're happy with something, girls always talk loud about it. haha.
What a happy feeling when you could shop on 50% off all away from UK and of course I bought a bunch of them since this is the only chance I could try most of their products!
 But eventually, most of the hot items were out of stock and only able to purchase some of them
 Okay, this is my overall haul picture (Only my part not including my friend's stuffs).

It only takes about less than 2 weeks to arrived to my doorstep! Big hands to MUA team! Well Done!

This is Pro-Base Complexion Kit with cream foundation, concealer and highlighter. I found out this kit gives a light coverage on face which is not my preference cause for me; either not wearing any cream or really thick foundation with medium to full coverage. hahah. That's me. If I really want light cream, I prefer to apply BB cream or any day cream that could benefits my skin better than foundation. 

Among all palettes, this is the most usable and wearable palette :) 
The color pay off is amazing and almost same quality to Urban Decay Naked Palette. My sister bought one too since she said she won't spend hundreds on makeup eventhough she likes Naked palette so much . She told me that, undressed palette does gives beautiful colour pay off with reasonable value and she using this palette every  single day without missing out any day. (Really went insane with this cheap palette)
This palette is very cheap for us, Malaysian because we couldn't get 12 beautiful shade for RM 20 in Malaysia. Makeup in Malaysia is really expensive and even the cheapest foundation in drugstore is from Essence, RM 19.90. 

Remember my previous post ? Rainbow paddlepop eyelook that  I've been created in past few weeks and I'm totally in love with this palette. 

Two from the left are blushes -Pink Sparkle and Primrose. I love to use Primrose since the color is more to natural pink color. :)

From Left: Powder Blush Shade 1, 3 , 4 and a cream blush in Dolly.
(Excuse for the Matte primer primer in this picture, she just wants to be exclusive) 

MUA blushers are my favourite though they are cheap but they can last for 5-6 hours on face. ^_^
Love Shade 3 and 4 so much, they look lovely and natural on cheeks. 
Highly Recommended! I feel like want to collect all the 6 shades but unfortunately most of them were out of stock. 

It's a kit with full set of brow grooming and only cost £3.50.
Top two colors are my favourite eyebrow colors combination since my eyebrows colours are in between black and brown. If I apply only dark brown, my brows gonna look too dark and weird. haha. People would only focus on my brows while talking to me. hahah

Have you tried any products from MUA? What do you think?
Personally, I love most of their products! I want to collect their powder blushers and try their lipsticks since I heard many people talk about it and give positive feedbacks.
Have you tried their lipstick? If yes, what is your favourite colour? :) 

Thank you for reading !
Hope all these pictures and swatches could help you. 

 Mwah Mwah


  1. boleh ajar macam mane you order on international website? do we need paypal account? visa? mastercard? :)

    1. Oh, aah. We need paypal or visa mastercard. hehe. I guna my friend's paypal :) haha. bayar balik... heheh

  2. love

    - S xx

  3. Awesome items! those palettes are stunning! I love your blog! I'm following! I would love if you stopped by mine sometime :D

    1. I already followed you. Nice blog you have <3

  4. wow! bestnya wiida ada banyak MUA palette. gorgeous kan warna2nya? produk MUA la yg saya bgtau b'harga murah tapi kualitinya setanding dgn brand yg mahal. hehe.. setakat ni saya cuma ada 10 koleksi dari MUA. my fav lipstick is MUA Shade 11 & MUA Professional Lip Boom Doin Good.

    1. Thank you. Ya, I akan try shade 11 , thank you! hehe. I mmg plan nk beli lipstick but i tak tau what color to choose. hahaha

    2. MUA lipstick banyak warna cantik. rasanya wiida sesuai dengan semua warna tu. :)

  5. Love the post! Great blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  6. boleh tau website nya apa? mau beli juga nih hahaha <3 thanks for sharing dear <3

    1. Hi, website dia , <3

  7. accidentally found out your post and i am liking it so much :DD
    may i know £1 = how much in RM ?
    thank you ^_^

  8. nak tanya awak beli kat mana ye?dekat malaysia ada jual tak?


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