Saturday, 9 February 2013

Rainbow Paddle-pop Eyes

How are you?!!Mood "gedik" is ON.  Lets do something fun today! and me, spending my time in my room ; blogging and playing around with my makeup stuffs. huhu. That's basically my "Hobby" . hahah

Few days back I just received my MUA order and only today I get the chance to play with and do some makeup look by using those makeups. hahaha.
I've purchased quite a lot during 50% off deal with my crime partner, Shaza and ordered a lot things,  but only required to pay 50% of the total! Fuhhh! Jimat banyak/ save a lot of money!
So, with my mega excitement, I decided to play with the most interesting colorful palette which is POPTASTIC. 

 Bright beautiful colours palette~~~

Please enjoy my makeup camhoc pictures. haha. <3 <3 <3
If you've done any makeup look, please tag me in twitter / instagram/ facebook/ leave a comment below.
Bullet Graphics Bullet Graphics I really really really want to see it!  Bullet GraphicsBullet Graphics

This is the first picture I took which was half-done makeup.
In this stage, I haven't apply fake lashes and lippies color. :)


After applied fake lashes! 

I've been loving MUA blushes and the red drama lip liner recently and not to forget their eyeshadow palette in undressed is absolutely amazing! Yes, I really like the brand so much and planning to collect all of their products. ahaks <3 

Have a nice Saturday!
Thank you for reading!

Bullet GraphicsBullet Graphics Mwahhhh with my sexy red lips;Bullet GraphicsBullet Graphics


  1. Hi, I love your blog and this post! Love those eyeshadows and lipstick.
    hope we can follow each other, I'm your newest follower!

  2. very pretty yda! omg so cute! cam ade feel nak picnic kat tepi tasik pulak tgk makeup look tu hikhik. btw check out my latest post, lots of products review and stuffs like that. muah muah

  3. sooo cute! your remind me so much of michelle phan!
    Steph // fun size beauty


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