Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Review and Swatches: Benefit Ultra Plush Lipgloss

Benefit cosmetic is one of the high-end products and they are available in Sephora Malaysia and some of their respective counters in selected shopping malls. Basically this is one of my favourite brand! because "they are awesome" , "they are amazing" and "the packaging are adorable".

Anyway, lets talk about their lipglosses. 
Normally I don't wear any lipgloss cause I just don't like the sticky texture /feeling on my lips and I don't like lipgloss cause some of them have funny smell. You get what I meant? Cause most of lipglosses just turned me down. But not Benefit ultra plush. 
I'd tried it from "Go Tropi Coral box" and in that box has sample size of: Coralista ultra plush lipgloss, high beam, cha cha tint and Coralista Blusher powder (Oh, not to forget together with a small brush)
From that on-wards,  I started fall in love with this gloss, I used it all the time and carry it along with me almost for few months. Actually until now. <3
Then. I decided to grab a full set of them since there is a limited holiday set gift that contains all of 6 shades in it. ( I was greedy and... I'll always be). hehe

Well, basically my lips are dry, so I need something to cover up my lips and at the same time gives some natural color. The gloss just did its job perfectly according to my preference. It gives glossy natural effect, not sticky, comfortable and smell yummy also taste good. Haha.
I accidentally taste it ok? Hmmmm ok, I admit that I purposely lick it. Taste good who can stand for it? 

Okay, Lets jump to the review! here are some points that I summed up for this product. Please bare in your mind that all these points are my opinions and more to my own self-satisfaction. 

1) They are not sticky, wearable and moisturising
2) Make our lips look glossy and cover up the cracked lips.
3) Taste Good. I don't know how to explain the taste. But they are delicious!
4) They are lipglosses ,not lipstains.  Only can last about 20-30 minutes. 
5) Most of the colours are in natural shade; nude to light pink. So, for those who have darker lips, this lipgloss might not appear on the lips. Sorry, that's the truth. It going to be sheer and look glossy on darker lips.
6) They are a bit pricey. what do you expect? They are high end products, of course they are expensive. 
But.. But.. But I like it..  
To my future husband, please accept me, I know my lips going to cost a lot of money, but its called "investment", "love", "sacrifice" , and "self-satisfaction" which would make us happy..  Believe me. ^_^

Now, Lets move to the swatches!

From Left: 

The colours are more less the same when you blend it on lips. The nicest colour for me is Bellabamba which is more to natural healthy lips colour and at the same time gives hint of red watermelon colour so that the lips doesn't look too pale. Coralista also pretty on lips, same goes sugarbomb! 

Where to get?
Sephora outlets, Benefit counter at One Utama, Sunway Pyramid. 

Full Sized lipgloss costs about RM 50 to RM 60.
My limited edition set: RM 100

Have you tried this lipgloss? What do you think? Would you buy and try it?

Thank you for reading and watching the silly video. <3
Have a beautiful day girls!

Mwah Mwah


  1. qilah nak beli sugarbomb lagi! andddddd I loveeee bella bamba too =D benefit lipgloss is my #1. hehe!

  2. RM100??? Affordable sgt! Kalau beli full size pn belum tentu abes pakai... tp kerana packaging dia yg cute sgt best nya kalau dpt beli ni! tp LE ea? mesti dah out of stock.. :(

  3. menarikla lipglosses ni :) nnt trun kl nk carila..

  4. love your happy pic with the misai showing off your lip glosses! nice set for rm100 :D

  5. saya pun tak suka lip gloss sebab rasa sticky dan buat bibir kering tapi masih juga nak beli. guna sekali lepas tu tak guna dah. haha.. membazir betul. hewhew..


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