Monday, 18 February 2013

Review: ROC Hydra+ Nourishing Cream

Assalamualaikum Semua,
Hi All,

Happy Monday! I know Monday supposed to be an official "Lazy day", but somehow I don't know why I've mood to update my blog ^_^.  wink wink double wink. 
Well, today I'm gonna write a simple review on ROC Hydra+ Nourishing Cream since I got this small sample for free from OnlyBeauty.
You want free samples? Just register on their website and apply for any products that you would like to try :) Yet, at least you need to leave a review on their website- please consider to do that.
 Give and take, win-win situation .They give you to try something with no charge and  for sure need to consider to leave a review on their website.

This is only applicable to Malaysian, sorry international readers.
Anyway, lets move to my perceptions on this product.

It comes with an envelope


  • Triple action: attract and lock water, rebuild reserves of nourishing ingredients to continuously moisturize skin during the day, while strengthening the skin barrier to avoid water loss
  • Intensely nourished, your skin will feel soft and supple, for 24 hours of comfort

  • Instruction to use:    Apply daily on face and neck

    My opinions 
    Most of the my thoughts are "positive" eventhough I don't have any device to measure my skin moisturising level ;before and after so I can't say much or over-said. I just follow my instinct and what I feel after trying it out for 3 to 4 days. 

     Bullet Graphics  I used it and found out my skin is really moisturising without feeling any oily and sticky face. It absorbs to my skin nicely.
    Bullet Graphics  Pleasant scent/ really nice smell, I enjoyed it. 
    Bullet Graphics The texture is quite thick and more suitable for dry and combination skin yet still easy in blending. 
    Bullet Graphics I might purchase this product in the future whenever my cream is out. 
    Rate: 4.5/5

    If you want to see other reviews from public, you may see it here.

    Thank you for reading.

    Have A Nice week peeps!

    Mwaahh Mwahh special kiss from;


    1. Lovely post dear! I may check this out soon! :))


    2. wow, i have never heard of OnlyBeauty before this, thanks for sharing Wiida ^_^ btw, how do we ask for samples after we register at their website ?

      1. Oh, at the home page there's a section on "this week freebies". So you may click on them to request. You can know whether your request is approved or not by checking on your account details. :) Try la. Normally they would offer 2 items at one time.

      2. thanks for the explanation Wiida :) i'm Amirah, nice knowing you ^_^


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