Sunday, 17 February 2013

Mini Lovisa haul

Hello girls, Just want to share one of my favourite accessories shop which is Lovisa. I just knew about this brand right after Singapore trip and after all, I always keep looking for this brand in Malaysia. I found two Lovisa shops; one is located at Paradigm Mall (Beside Sephora), Another one is in Setia City Mall which is situated in between Uniqlo and Typo. This brand offers a lot of fantastic design, charming and exclusive designs. Most of the designs you can't find in other shops/ brand. Trust me. This Lovisa is absolutely awesome. 

They're from Australia brand and price after converted is way exorbitant/ kind of expensive for me though after discounted / in certain offer, they are much affordable! Depends on you luck too peeps :) 

The earings are made from Swarovski. Do you know what is Swarovski? 
Basically Swarovski  is a crystal and it isn't natural crystal, more to  man-made gems. 
 Swarovski uses only the finest materials to fashion cut designs and they are known for super-shine stones in accessories market; Superior production, materials and cutting.
From my research, Swarovski  should be treated the same as fine jewels. Avoid them from water, chemicals, or harsh treatment from work or sports. Take them off whenever you think you going to do something adventurous, swimming activity and not to forget when you apply lotion/ hand cream, you need to take them off. 
How to clean it up? Mild soap, water, and a soft cloth should be used for cleaning and polishing Swarovski jewelry. When possible, store Swarovski Crystal jewelry in its original packaging or keep it in  tissue paper or a soft cloth to guard against loosening the crystals or scratching any metal. Almost similar to diamond techniques.

Swarovski Earings in Champagne color : RM 18.90
Cocktail Ring Set: RM 13.90 (before was RM 35.90)

Lovisa goods
Quality: So far, no rusted accessories yet, everything is in good condition. Wrapped. 

Based on my experience, the only thing I loved this brand outlets so much because of their "services". 

1) They're friendly and helpful. They always try to help us, brief about the on going sale and give some opinions which is I like the most. Sometimes err.. not sometimes, most of the time I can't decide and make any decision to choose any item. So, in this case- swarovski earings as an example, the sales girl helped me by telling me which one is the best seller. She told me people would take champagne color instead of white. So, after she said so, I decided to talk the champagne one instead of white and I didn't regret at all. <3 
One more thing, I bought it because she's sweet and she said she got one pair too. So, I guess I need to have one too. Why not right? 
2) They would wrap up the accessories in a piece of brown paper to makesure they all in the best condition ever and avoid from scratching one another. Plus, even on Saturday they would give free paperbag which charging any cents. FYI, in Malaysia most of the shopping outlets would charge 20 cents for plastic bag on every Saturday. 
3) I just loving it. no other reason.

Okay, that is all my short mini haul on Lovisa. If there's any huge sale on Lovisa, I will go for it. haha. Please tell me ya Malaysian friends :)
Have you tried this brand before? Do you have any? If yes, do take picture and tag me in twitter or instagram, I would loooove to see it. Seriously I love to see accessories <3
Or you might write about it and I'll go visit to your blog. Yes, I will because of my obsession. Fuhhh..

Goodnight pretty ladies!

Thank you for reading!

Mwahh Mwahhh


  1. I love earrings! comel w/pun simple. :)

    1. Aah! studs are cute and comfortable to wear. Simple yet stand out. Yda suka blink blink stuffs. hahah

  2. The earrings are beautiful. I have never heard of this brand before, but it looks nice.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Fashion

    1. Thank you. Oh, I believe this brand is from Australia as it stated there their website address "" . :)


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