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Unboxing: February VanityTrove Beauty Surprise!

Assalamualaikum and Hi to all~

I just got a parcel from Vanity Trove to be reviewed and I will tell the truth from my heart; whats special in this box and what should they improve in order to compete with other competitors in the market. All these are my honest opinions and I'm not judging anyone. I'm so lucky to be selected to do a review on products although I'm not a popular blogger but it is an honor. Okay, we will see the first impressions when I get it and overall view of it. Besides that, I did my first video for this product since the box seems so special and attractive, so I decided to do a video by asking help from my friend a.k.a my official photographer, FadhliAnas. He's also good in 3D and all of design works ; (I'm totally opposite of him) haha. Check him out! 

Anyway, lets move to the VanityTrove box, a box full of beauty surprise!! :)

The minute I hold the box, I feel satisfied enough because the box is sealed and confirmed everything inside are in position. You know sometimes people would open it and steal during the delivery process. We can't trust anyone, meaning 100% trust. haha.
Okay, what I know, the box is really pretty, sturdy, tough, durable and elegant. It must be cost a lot. The packaging almost similar to ipad mini packaging. :) hahaha. Seriously, I really in love with this box, gonna store all of my accessories/makeup stuffs in it.
The reason why the box is special is , it is not open like a normal box with cover on top and so on. There's a ribbon on the side of the box and to open it, you need to pull the ribbon. Kinda practical cause we can reuse the box and put stuffs in it (the function is almost similar to drawer-interesting ya?).. So, the box is not a waste. If you want to DIY, you can collect 3 of this box and stick then together (eg: 3 stack of drawers), and wrap out the external box. It will be a nice makeup drawer for you :)

First Impression Rate: 5/5
I really like the box so I give it 5/5 too ^_^

When I unboxing it, the first thing I saw was, 4 pieces of blue paper cover it and has absoultely nice smell/ sweet/ soft scent. Reminds me of "hotel/high-class restaurant" smell. hahaha. Whatever it is, I conclude a pleasant smell ok? haha.

This is how the box looks like , the minute I opened it you can see all these are facing us. There are 8 items in it. Lets see them in details. Jom!

 B. LIV by Cellnique
I'm so excited with this stuff!
 Remove white heads and blackheads gently and effectively with "Off With Those Heads and Blackheads Sebum Gel" 
I never know this product before and I guess I need to try it now! hahaha

Price: RM 139 (30 ml), RM 179.90 (45ml)

System Professional 
In travel size, 30 ml
The SMOOTHEN SHAMPOO cleanses and treats the hair structure to boost suppleness. Follow your cleansing routine with the SMOOTHEN MASK to detangle the hair. 

Price: Shampoo -RM 65 (250 ml)
 Hair mask -RM 100 (200ml)

The Tuscan Rose Moisturisng Body Wash from Di Palomo
in trial size/travel size
Nice soft rose smell. I like this rose smell, not too strong cause some rosey stuffs could make me dizzy but not this. <3
Very luxury and I think I need to use it carefully and save some for "stress time". hehe

The Tuscan Rose Moisturising Body Wash is a rich, luxuriant body wash formulated using the finest ingredients. Added moisturizer like Pro-vitamin B5 keeps skin smooth and supple.

Price: RM 69 (250ml)

Sweet valentines gift from VanityTrove, Valerie.
Thank you :)
heart you <3
Merci beaucoup! 
Price: Only some love <3

the Porefessional from Benefit.
in sample size.
They also give this popular pore primer/ face primer for me to try. But then, I owned one and decided to giveaway this for u to try it. haha. Of course I want all of you to be pretty :)
The function of this Porefessional is to  Mininmize the appearance of pores and fine lines with this smooth operator. Silky and lighweight, wear the Porefesional balm on its own or under or on top of makeup.
Its transculent, oil-free formula complements different skin tones and helps makeup stay put. it contains a Vitamin E derivative, known to protect the skin from free radicals. 

Price: RM 115 for 22 ml

ORIKS Wild Ginseng Stemcell Twister ESSENCE and BB CREAM
Left is the essence and right is the BB cream.
Both are in sample/trial size. 

Price: Essence- RM 218 (35ml)
BB cream- RM 108 (35ml)

Products rate: 3/5
I rate this because I like the new items introduced to me and overall they are high end products that we never think to try with and know. Who are willing to spend their money to buy an expensive product without trying it out first? Malaysian love to hear review first or recommendation from someone they closed with before purchasing something. So, this box is really helps us to try out new things but there is something lack from this box. This is because , the box costs RM 60 per month but most of the items they get are in sample sizes. Just take example from this box, all are in sample/ travel size. :( Really hope VanityTrove can improve their products in it. The packaging is absolutely AWESOME, but the products is quite disppointing and not meet with people's expectation. At least give one full size product cause RM 60 is quite a lot of money. Eventhough I didn't pay for this box, but still, if I pay RM 60, I will feel a bit frustrated. Yet, still, the packaging and products choice are good. I can't wait to try Oriks BB cream, essence and B.LIV sebum gel. wiii~~~
Another one I like from them is their Public Relationship , the person that I contacted. She's really friendly, nice and cool. 
Even when they send out the boxes, they would inform you through email.  :) Good, we can keep track on it/ assume when would we get it.

The theme of this month is LOVE.
Its written " It's All about Love, indulge in our specially hand-picked beauty products to pamper yourself and your loved one!"
From left: A template from Oriks, Oriks voucher, SP template and VanityTrove Catalog/template. :)
In the middle there is a small gift card from sweet Valerie. <3
My happy face when I get it! excited excited face! wiiiiiiiii~~~~

I guess that's all my thoughts for this post.
 All opinions are honest from me in order to get everyone in win-win situation. wink wink.
Wanna subscribe? GO visit to their website: VANITYTROVE
Thank you for reading!
Have a wonderful day !

This is my first video, please enjoy it~

p/s: If you can't watch it here, you may click on youtube. thank you. 

Mwah Mwah;


  1. bestnya dapat Vanity Trove box! the pore fessional tu ok tak? nanti buat review yea... :)

    1. So far it is okay and most of my friends said the primer is best primer ever. tapikan, yda pakai biasa je. haha. maybe pakai sikt2 kot. (jimat2)

    2. kalau gitu, kena try nampaknya. haha.. a-way, thumbs up for your 1st video. more video please.. :)

  2. lovely post and photos! you're so adorable :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win the UD naked basics palette, real techniques brushes and essie polishes! click here.

    1. Thank you <3 I wanna join your giveaway!!! the prizes look so tempting! Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you <3

  3. Replies
    1. The box is really interesting, lagi2 kalau kita tgh stress then tibe2 dpt this box. Seronoknye hidup.

  4. wiida - backgorund music this video ape ye? i lupa.. btw interesting =)


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