Monday, 30 June 2014

Bourjois Blusher Little round pot in Rose Frisson review

Bourjois is a UK makeup brand that have been around for 150 years. That's pretty crazy! Bourjois spread its wings , step into Malaysia market and finally setup the first store in Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia. This high street make up brand is pretty popular in United Kingdom for the high quality product at affordable price. I do not know whether this is a rumor or whatsoever but I heard that Bourjois brand is actually has some kind of relationship with Chanel brand. I am not pretty sure with this fact however, I could see the quality , packaging and product are almost similar with Chanel. If you know anything about Bourjois, you can tell me in the comment section below, I would like to know more about this brand because I am not too sure whether the rumors are right or in other way round because people keep saying Bourjois is the substitute / drugstore makeup for Chanel , they come from the same company and so on. Oh My God, IF  it's true, I am gonna scream like a psycho woman because I have already in love with Bourjois products mainly on their foundation and blusher. I am looking forward to try more products in the future. 

There's roughly 12 shades ; shimmer and semi-matte but mostly are shimmery because they're baked blushers. What makes baked blusher special is mainly because of "natural look" given when you swipe it on cheeks. It gives natural glow with 95% similar to skin natural blush. I got mine in Rose Frisson, this color is suitable for light medium to very fair complexion, it would not visible on medium or darker complexion. 

The shape of this powder blusher is in dome shape and when I take a sniff of this blush, I could smell a typical "old" powder product. Well, frankly speaking I would say "nanny" smell. haha. Yet, the smell doesn't bother me, still bearable.

It comes in half crescent shape brush and it has a curvy shape to fit  into the dome blush. Honestly, at first I don't really give attention into this brush because I thought I won't use this brush cause it is freaking small and defiantly in my mind thinking of throwing it away. However, I gave a try and my thought was wrong because this brush is absolutely my savior. The bristle is soft and it gives precise angle for my cheekbones. Not only that, I also use the brush to apply highlight on cheeks because it picks up product very well compare to other small complementary brushes.  So, it is a good product to carry around in your purse. 

 It has a magnetic button that able to close properly and tight. Besides that, it is made from plastic, compact, light, small and easy to bring for travelling as it includes brush and mirror in it.

The color for this blusher is kind of a mixture between coral and pink yet it looks more into pink tone. It has fine shimmer into it and blend naturally onto the skin. The color creates a healthy rosy cheeks look for fair complexion however for medium and darker skin tone, the color need to be build as it is quite sheer for the first two layers applied.The color is absolutely build-ale and pigmented. At first it gives very sheer color (depends on color of skin) yet it is build-able and control-able. (Meaning it is easy for me to control the color la. Sometimes I want merry plush pinky cheeks so I would apply 3 to 4 layers of it. Sometimes I want very mild blush cheeks and I would just swipe one layer , blend it well to give very natural rosy cheeks)

Overall, I would give this blusher 5/5 as it is one of my best blushers in my collection. In addition, it is selling at affordable price but works great same like my high end blushers. If you are a blusher person, this product is defiantly for you. ;)

Price: RM 39.90 ( I got mine during opening launch promotion @ RM 33.90)
Where to buy: Sunway Pyramid, LG Near to escalator- same level to FOS, Nichii 2nd floor.

Thank you for reading


Disclaimer: The item was purchased by my own money.
*Pictures were taken using Samsung NX Mini


  1. next target! jom teman shopping!

  2. rasanya Bourjois ni dr France kan ;)

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