Wednesday, 4 June 2014

MAC, Bobbi Brown, The Balm & Biore Haul

Hello! Today I would like share a haul post with you and hope this post could help you in decision-making for the limited edition collection MAC alluring Aquatic collection. This collection will be launch in few days time.

Unexpected purchase from Bobbi Brown. This is my first blusher from Bobbi Brown also the third product of Bobbi Brown in my collection. I picked up " Pink Sugar " num 1 shade as it gives natural pink healthy glow cheeks on my skin complexion. The color is highly recommended for you to try on. 

MAC Alluring Aquatic collection is the one that I've aiming for a month. At first I really wanted to get the Extra Dimension Bronzer however after swatch the color (Aphrodite’s Shell )  on back of my hand, it is quite dark and rosey which is works better as a blusher on medium skin tone instead of bronzing or highlight. So I decided to take this Bronzer powder shade Refined Golden because it is dark enough to be my daily bronzer with orange undertone to it. I believe this shade is also available in normal packaging in the permanent line yet I am glad that I got the bronzer since I have been wanting to try a bronzer product from MAC.  Plus, the packaging is a bonus. haha. 

You would not get any shimmer or glitter after applying it on skin though in the pan the glitters and shimmers are quite obvious and it does looks scary for a bronzer powder. Nevertheless after it sit on the skin, it looks gorgeous and turns matte, no shimmer no sparkle face. 

Next item is something that I never regret of getting it. If you want to get something from the collection, this color is highly recommended to you! This is a warm rosey brown nude that works great on medium complexion like us, Malaysians unless if you have holy-grail very pale fair skin.  The shade for this lipstik is Enchanted one (matte- described as mid-tone neutral pink)
I forgot to take photo for the swatch of this lipstick color, however I went through my phone album and found a photo of me wearing this lip color. Sorry for the low photo quality. ;( Just follow my instagram I will post more photo for this lip color because it will be my favorite lipstick for now. 

Next is The Balm Mary Lou Manizer highlighter powder. This has been in my list for years but I don't  know why I didn't get it until recently after watching "Jaclyn Hill" video , I decided to get it in hands! Plus, Sasa is having 10% off for all The Balm products. 

This highlighter is so the boom and if you are a beginner and want to get a highlighter, this is a good kit start for you :) The texture is so soft and buttery as well as blend-able. 

In Sasa store,  all Biore sunscreen products have 30% off and since my current favorite daily sunscreen has finished, I picked up this sunscreen for trying purpose. 

The reason why I picked this up because of these elements! 
1) ideal as makeup base
2) covers pores and skin dullness

So, I am going to experiment and give this sunscreen a try since I enjoyed using the Biore Aqua sunscreen so much and I hope this sunscreen works great just like Aqua does.

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Wiida Ribbon


  1. that MAC packaging memang ada water droplet ke Wiida? hehe! Btw the colours you chose are so marvelous ^_^

    1. Yup! ada 3D water droplet and I keep playing with the surface. memang addicted! weirdo~ hahaha

  2. Yay, MAC Alluring Aquatic dah masuk Malaysia! Tengah fikir nak rembat 1 atau 2 sebab packaging 'terrrrrr-sangat' cantik. Hehehe. :D

    1. Better rembat cepat2! jgn pikir! lawa sangat!! even one lipstick could make a huge difference tau! rasa HAPPY sangat sangat! packaging tip top tip top! HIGH CLASS you!

  3. Amazzzingg haul! I've been looking to get something from the MAC summer collection

    Just made various social media accounts too so if you'd like to follow me in any of them, I would really appreciate it! :) I just followed you on facebook and twitter.
    Raincouver Beauty

  4. Hi Dear,
    Berapa harga BB Blusher and theBalm Highlighter. Looks nice!

  5. wow aquatic collection launched finally! what are the prices of lipsticks and blushes?

  6. wiida suggest sikit kat akak which one is the best Biore UV sunscreen. confuse. banyak gila range dia! :)

  7. woowooot!! MAC Aquatic Collection tu tempting..


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