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Bunga Tanjung "Skrub Muka Herba Tradisional " Review

Hello, Salam Ramadhan!

Hope you guys are fasting today. :) hehehe. Today I am gonna be reviewing one of my favorite traditional beauty products which is Bunga Tanjung "Skrub Muka Herba Tradisional " (Herbal Facial scrub traditional).

First of all, let me share a story on the company's background. Bunga Tanjung Herbal Powder has been in the market since year 1970's by a woman. In year 1980's, the powder formula has been improvised and commercialized by the son of the woman named Haji Mohd Che Man and now the company is managed by his daughter, Puan Ilyani. Basically this herbal powder is traditionally formulated using the family best kept secret formulation.  the main ingredients are based from natural ingredients such as rice powder , turmeric powder, skin of Rambai tree trunk (Rambai fruit tree) and other herbal ingredients. 
Basically I am so impressed with this family business because they keep the original traditional formula and using it until the third generation, commercialize it to the Malaysia beauty market.

The biggest trusted wholesaler for this product is Mydin Mohamed Holdings (MYDIN) . The powder is selling widely in Mydin stores nationwide as well as at herbal / jamu stores and kiosks all over Malaysia. So you can find the product at Mydin and at all herbal kiosks /counters in Malaysia. 

Initially, the main hot selling Bunga Tanjung product is the traditional herbal powder and it is the best selling product brand for the entire 40 years! Can you believe it? So that's mean, our grandmas using it to get natural pretty radiant look without using chemical products or going to facial treatment. Now,Bunga Tanjung has spreads it's brand into few new innovative products.

Bunga Tanjung industries has come out with a new product named "Skrub Muka Herba Traditional" (Facial Scrub) with the same ingredients however mainly focusing on the face scrub (can be also used a mask). The packaging has been developed into a "tube packaging" to make the job easier, no need to mix and straightly use from the tube aligned with modern lifestyle. Now, we can use traditional herbal scrub straightly from a tube, no need extra steps to get's so convenient!

"This sandy scrub is gentle to your skin. The blend of herbal ingredients washes away impurities without drying, irritating or causing redness. Virgin Coconut Oil, absorb easily into the skin and moisturizes. It is also rich in antioxidant, helps protect skin from free radical damage. 100% natural."

The reason why I enjoyed using this facial scrub is because of the formula. It has traditional natural ingredients that delicate and safe to use on face, therefore I never hesitate to use it more than once in a week just to exfoliate my face with this facial scrub. 

It has very fine bead particles that would not hurt skin.

1) Smooth-en the skin eliminate blemishes , pimples as well as light scars.
2) Wipes away other external skin disease such as panau, ringworm (kurap/ fungi)
3) The skin would look radiant after using it.

This is the original product,  traditional Bunga Tanjung powder. If you want to know my all the time favorite scrub and mask for my face and body, the answer would be this. This is my favorite body scrub and face mask since the day my mom introduced me to this BUNGA TANJUNG powder. She said: " I have been using Bunga Tanjung Rambai since before married and back then,  everyone was using it before the wedding day to get the bride's aura and glow".
Well, girls, I am telling you the truth.  No bluffing! I am using it on myself and I even willing to re-purchase the products I put my trust on traditional products.

This face and body scrub is mainly formulated using natural ingredients without any misture of chemical ingredients. For the continuing use, this Herbal powder could transform the skin into a softer skin and free from blemishes, blackheads, light scars as well as skin diseases. 
There is no exact proportion for this mixture however you can  roughly guess the amount of water drop needed until you get the right consistency and desire texture to scrub and leave it as mask. Make sure the consistency is not too watery so that it is able to stay on the skin without dripping. 

As you can see, the mixture doesn't drip and stays nicely on one place.

DIRECTION: Mix the powder with plain water. scrub on the face and body. Then rinse with luxe water.
It is also can be used as a mask. Apply on face, let it dry and leave it on the face for about 15 to 20 minutes . During the period, you can feel the mask tigthens your skin . If you can stand with the herbal scent, it works the best if you leave it on the face and rinse it on the next morning. It would gives you beautiful radiant and glow. I always do this to get glowing brighter face. For some reason, this method does works and it gives me amazing effect. Sometimes, back to traditional method is the best way to get a radiant glow without chemical ingredients. 

As you can see, this is the right consistency to scrub on your whole body and leave it overnight for getting radiant, glowing face and body. Sometimes, I would put extra water to get a mask texture and apply it on skin  as a mask (body and face) without scrubbing. Just leave it overnight.

Scent: It doesn't bother me even though it has herbal "bunga rambai" scent. It shows that there's no additional chemical fragrance into this product. It is definitely fragrance-free but the original scent of herbs are there.

Overall, I enjoyed using both of these products so do my mom. This herbal powder is so useful it can be used as mask  as well as scrub from head to toe. Meanwhile the Face Scrub ( Skrub Muka Herba) is so convenient and ten times easier than the traditional way without mixing the powder and water. Just use the scrub straightly from the tube. Easy to carry for travelling and keep it in the toilet whilst for the powder need to keep it in a small container for next uses. Both are great products,they work fairly the same.  I use the facial scrub for my weekly face scrub and the powder for my body scrub. Since I have the facial scrub (tube) it makes my day easier and I noticed that I have using it very frequent compared to the Bunga Rambai powder because I no need mix it of with water. The fine beads gently exfoliate dead cell very well and the natural ingredients in the products convincing me to use it frequently and confidently on my face and body.  The product doesn't irritates or drying my skin after using it. In fact, my skin feel twice better than before. Most importantly, we can get the products at very affordable price. It is not always about spending more money to be pretty, it is about YOU, how do you use the money wisely for your beauty. 

Where to get these products?

Bunga Tanjung POWDER :
Mydin stores , other herbal/jamu stores and kiosk nationwide or you also can get the product through online. Shopping is so easy nowadays just order online.

Bunga Tanjung SKRUB MUKA HERBA :  (selling exclusively through online only)

Hotline : +6019- 9622 100

Stay Tuned for the new upcoming products ! 
Herbal Soap Bar and Body Scrub


  1. owh..dh ada yg tube ye....tq2...gonna get one myself..

    1. aah kak Ogosh, senang sikit nak pakai. boleh beli online, so conevenient. sekarang semua menda senang

  2. Rasa dah lama produk ni.Dari saya kecik2 dulu dah ade kat pasar.x sangka dah ade dalam tiub sekarang.


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