Monday, 9 June 2014


Eh Eh Mega Bazaar (21st and 22nd June 2014)

It would be the first largest bazaar in Malaysia with 1200 booths  at one place and  60 local celebrities are also joining this bazaar. 

By learning from the past popular bazaars and experiences, this MEGA BAZAAR would make a different and special from others! There's a lot of improvements and facilities for the visitors and vendors. The MAIN problem we faced before in a bazaar is because of the alleys / pathways. Most of the bazaar has narrow and cramped pathways and visitors couldn't fully enjoyed shopping and stopping by to each booth all because of the cramped alleys. Nevertheless, this MEGA BAZAAR ALLEY/ pathway will be wider and broader! It is 10 feet wide which is equivalent to 3 meters width, triple from the normal bazaar alleys we normally seen. 

Would visitors feel comfortable to shop with heavy crowd? Another question would be asked is, HOW ABOUT PARKING? "Malas la nak cari parking, don't want to walk too far from the car park, jam lah,  panas la jalan from the car to the bazaar and many more! Don't let these excuses control your mind from visiting this cool largest bazaar because....

1) More than 3000 outdoor parking spaces are available and allocated for the visitors. 

2) There would be 10 routes/ trams,  to ensure that the parking lots are accessible and  prevent from traffic congested. 

3)  shutter bus services from KTM Serdang to the venue. 

4) The distance for the alleys or pathways space in the bazaar is 10 feet wide which is extremely wide to avoid packed crowd. 

5) LUCKY DRAWS with 100 attractive prizes to be won!

6) There will be a lot of shows and activities for the 2-day event such as performances, coloring contest for kids , teatime with celebrities, fashion show and many more!  

If you have any enquiries on booth, feel free to contact +6012 292 0131

21st & 22nd JUNE

COUNTDOWN: 13 DAYS to the event


  1. Besttt ye...will be there soon wiida


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