Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Body Shop Born Lippy Lipbalm review

It has been awhile I didn't do any review on lip balm and this time I would to do one because it is special and I think I need to shout about it!  I've been using this every day, every seconds since I got it and I am loving it so much! Deniable that , The Body shop lip balm has been raving years ago by everyone but I guess I am the only one who never tried it  before. Hehe.. Damn, now I feel like a loser , but never mind back to the main topic, reviewing on this small tiny cute lip balm pot.
I believe the ones that very popular are in strawberry and chocolate flavors however I personally found out that Watermelon smells the best among them all (well, it is my opinion, my taste :P don't take it so serious.) I have sniff all of the flavors at the counter and this is the only ultimate flavour that I adore the most because I am not strawberry girl, yes I am a chocolate girl but for some reason I don't know why I don't really prefer to put chocolate lipbalm onto my lips. Maybe because... I am a weirdo?  Ahaks! I don't know, I have no excuse for it. It's just me!

This lip balm comes in a pot of 8.5g product without any brush attached with it and we need to use our own finger to apply it onto the lips. (for hygienic purpose, don't share with others, one pot is for one person. Unless if you use any specific tool for the application) . It gives a glossy finish and moisturized the cracked lips very well. The lip balm has light peach tint to it which is I prefer tinted lip balm better than a normal plain white lip balm. The product itself is not tacky or sticky and stays nice in-placed. Even my hair doesn't stick onto my lips, which is a good news for a lip balm hunter. 

Scent: Lippy Born lip balm comes in varies of flavors and the one that I am reviewing is in Watermelon flavor so it has sweet and watermelon-y scent. (Actually I don't know how to describe the flavor but it smells pleasant to me & I enjoyed it) 

Texture: It glides smoothly and silky onto the lips plus the lipbalm is creamy and a little bit oily. Not to say it is so oily but the oiliness is not annoying. It is perfect to moisturize the lips. You get what I mean? Argh!  Try lah sendiri. :P 

Peach tinted lipbalm

I really loved the product and it is highly recommended to you guys (only if you like the scent because the scent do play a role to influence your mood whether to use it or not). If I need to rate this lip balm, I would give 5 over 5 because the product is absolutely great and worth to invest for getting a sexy "smoochie" lips. I am very satisfied with this lip balm and absolutely will re-purchase once it finished. Thank you for reading and see you in the next post!!! If you haven't follow me on google+, GFC, Instagram , Twitter and like my facebook page, please do so . I really appreciated you guys for reading my silly blog site. Thank you guys! 

Where to buy :

RM 19.90



  1. my first body shop item was the strawberry born lippie lip balm, memang best ^_^

  2. I bought one ages ago (>10years) and chose the watermelon too! Mine is very light pink coloured and it is not tinted. Glad that the price has not changed much since.


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