Thursday, 19 June 2014

XES Premium Boutique Launching Event

XES has opened a new boutique, spreading its wings at Glenmarie Shah Alam and offers variety of new designs and collection. I was invited to go to their opening launching ceremony and had an opportunity to experience he "comfort-ness" of the shoes brand by myself. To those who doesn't know what is XES, here is a short brief on the company.

XES was established on 23rd March 2002, a brand under Shellys Marketing Sdn Bhd. The core of the business concentrates on retail store management as well as local and export original equipment manufacturer (OEM) while its operations are led by an experienced top management and systematic departments. 
In 2014, the brand has been revamped and introduced a new tagline "Superior Comfort for Happy Feet". The new tagline is more committed to create happy feet and comfortable feature shoes. Currently XES has 80  outlets branched out across major shopping and retail complexes. 

I did bring home one pair of shoes, if you want to know which pair did I take home, just keep reading! 

When I see this design, my mind was immediately think of  "comfort" or in informal way I would say, a pair that I can wear daily! 

Trendy heels design. 

Selfie! taking selfie is a must for me so please expecting for more spamming selfie photos in this post :P 

power rangers team up! power up! we are ready to shop! 

A selfie photo with the adorable cute blogger Mochi Tan. She's so cute & soft spoken person. Feel comfortable when I hang around with her cause she's so humble and polite. ^_^

Continue to the XES collection shoes. These are some of the pairs that are designed based on zodiac. I forgot the full name of the collection, it should be named of "zodiac collection", hopefully I got it right.

Oh, this is the most interesting pair. I love this is idea of shoes however I am looking for thinner design nevertheless better than zero. This pair can be folded and bring it along with you in the handbag. It is also can be you emergency pair in case you need to remove your heels, these flats are ready in your handbag. 

 Oh My God! This bow flats are calling me to bring them home . Ala, sabar ye sayang? 

The flats can be folded into this! 

See the details and quality of the shoes. It is not bad kan?  Pretty design at affordable price. 

Selfie photo attack! ops! sorry, as I said this post would have a lot , lotsa selfie photos. 

Selfie with the Leng lui  #1 (pretty girl) 

 Selfie photo with lenglui #2 (pretty girl)

There's also Scholl collection in this Xes boutique too so it gives you wider selection. 

Planning to save some money and get this pair for my mom's birthday. I still remember, she has mentioned that she wants a 1.5 straight platform comfortable wedges 

 XES also has their own handbag collection line. We will see the latest design at the end of the post. just keep reading!

Shoes for kids with variety of adorable designs. Luckily I don't have any "niece or nephew" YET! hahaha. *Selamat duit pocket / pocket money secured!

There's also men collection for  le husband to shop while the wife busy looking for her new Raya shoes. ops! haha . 

Okay, now it is time to reveal the new summer collection!

*drum roll!

The summer collection bags are gorgeous! 

The colors are so summery! 

Pretty vibrant colored shoes

Selfie Attack with Blogger Aidazura

Selfie with the famous lifestyle blogger Innanie

This is the beautiful beauty blogger Piqa :) red lips show the bold and braveness of a beauty addict. cantik kan?! <3

Okay, I must have a photo of me holding the new handbag from the Summer collection cause it just me. Camwhore girl! 

Selfie Selfie with a twitter queen! Pavlova or known as Liyana Lunia in blogging world 

This is the pair I brought home yesterday.
Wanna know why I chose this pair?

1) It is white, I have 50 pairs of shoes but non of them is white
2) It is wedges, wide base and comfortable for long distance walk. To those who know me well, I can walk up to 10km with wedges! seriously, I used to wear wedges and walked around KL for the whole day. Walking here meaning, walk like a tourist using trains; from Central Market to Petaling Street to Museum Telekom and many more. It was a 6 hours tour for our class assignment. We were required to do religion and gastronomy tour so, we head to churches around KL, Mosques, temples and many more.
3) It is only RM 69.90. :) attractive enough to catch your attention? wink wink! jom shopping! hehe

Wrap up with a photo of OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)

White Blouse: H&M ( borrowed my sister's top) hehe
Black Pants: Skinny Jeans Uniqlo
Boots: Timberland (The one I used in New York trip)
Handbag: Coach (bought in New York, bau New York sikit :P hehe )



  1. wow!!! Cantik cantik kasuk kat sini! Rambang mata ena menengoknya. Cantik kasut yang wiida grab dari XES. Boleh lah beli kasut raya kat sini nanti

    1. aah! cantik -cantik kasut dia ena. wiida pun rambang mata masa nk pilih2 tu. aishey man. hahaa

  2. brand ni mcm napak biasa . ok x shoes dia? comfy x?

  3. rambang mata rambang mata! kita paling suka trendy heels design and zodiac collectionn tuu. sabar lah yinying sabar lah!. HAHAHAHA

    ey comelnyeeee bergambar dengan chocolate chip ^_^

  4. Bestnye entry die on XES, very detailed...Like alwaysss Wiida cantik pakai ap2 pun....but that shoes you wear..rase mcm tenpengaruh nk x konfiden nk pkai nnti...


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