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Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream Review

Egyptian Magic is popular in United States as "All Purpose Skin Cream" because we can use this cream on almost every part of our body, to be precise; on whole body from head to toe. It is ALL NATURAL multi-purpose cream that could be used on human as well as pets too.  I got mine from Natta Cosmo (59ml) for RM 89.90. Sample packs also are available selling at RM 5 per sachet. 

This product claimed works as skin moisturizer, makeup remover, diaper rash, skin rash, clear up foot odor chicken pox, stretch marks,  sun and wind moisture protection (NOT A SUNSCREEN), essential oils, fungus, hemorrhoids, vaginal moisturizer, vaginal cream, cold sores, chapped lips, dry skin, itchy skin,cracked skin, ashy skin, massage lotion, massage oil, shaving cream for legs and face, after-shave cream for legs and face, relief from razor bumps, dry scalp, itchy scalp, "hair tamer", hot oil hair treatment, surgical incisions, skin irritations, eczema, scars, tattoo, pets/animals: dogs cats horses, help to prevent pregnancy stretch marks . 

Wiida normally use this product during the night as a lip mask , on my fingers acts as a hand cream, on my elbow, on my feet focusing on cracked heels ,  on my neck as well as for hair oil.   I have my own reason why I have not trying it on my face because my face tends to get oily during the night time (it happens recently) and I am afraid of breakouts especially if I put oils on my face, pimples would come out. Plus, I have combination skin and our country [Malaysia] is humid. Yet, I did apply (dab) it on dry patches before put foundation on (only in small amount) .Nevertheless, if I travel abroad, I will give this a full try since I always apply oil on my face whenever I travel to "cold" weather countries because oil is the best moisturizer for me. 

Egyptian Magic works the best on DRY SKIN especially for Malaysians because we are staying under humid weather so if you have dry skin, this cream works the best as your night mask cream . However, if you have oily or same type of skin as mine, you can apply the product same like I did. 

I read so many negative comments and reviews about this product but based on my opinions- it claims as  "all purpose" cream which is true but it is also depends on individual because this product is popular in United States and based on geographical factor, the "oiliness" level is perfect for their skin and dryness but for us Malaysian with high humidity level, we need to use it in "very" small tiny amount and dab it onto the skin. Even on dry skin, you need to apply the cream in very small portion and apply it lightly onto the skin. 

Besides that, you may use this balm on whole body to replace body butter because it is very moisturizing and on the next morning you would feel a very smooth moisturized body skin. I can not deny that we would feel greasy after applying it on skin due to the balm texture and oiliness, however it moisturizes the skin comfortably. 

Direction: Rub a moderate amount in your palms until it takes the form of oil (due to heat). Apply gently to your skin.  Don't use if it causes an irritation or abnormal reaction. 
Tips: scoop out some of the products using a spoon or spatula so that the whole product won't get messy & contaminated.

Ingredients: Olive oil. Bees Wax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly Extract and Bee Propolis

Texture: It has vaseline-balm kinda of texture but thicker. Originally, it is in cream-balm texture then when your rub the product together between your 2-finger, it would turns into oil.  

Scent: Based on the description, it stated this product is fragrance-free. For some reason, my nose could smell bee-wax sort of scent maybe because of the natural ingredients. 

Overall, I liked the product because it can be used in multi-varies way however, you need to see your skin condition too! Now I am trying it out on lashes and hoping for longer and voluminous lashes. hehe. I hope for positive news and if yes, I will share with you through instagram (most probably). hehe. So, follow my instagram for more exciting updated news. Sometimes I would do random surprise giveaway in my instagram as well as exciting mad sale news. If you haven't already, do follow my instagram @wiidaribbon and I will talk to you later. Thank you!

Wiida Ribbon


  1. i tried this before, receive a sample from Luxola. quite nice, love how its melts on the skin. pakai time kulit dry sgt, esok dah okay <3

    1. Aah! sometimes wiida letak kat dry patchy, okay gak, muka makeup trus takde flakes.

  2. love this so much! it helps my skin to combat dehydration and flaky skin problem ^_^

    1. ^_^ aah! me too. it is like a magicial cream for dry skin.

  3. Wow!! New things to me! I should try this.

    1. BEST! aah! you should try it! satu badan boleh pakai.

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