Tuesday, 17 June 2014

MEGA BAZAAR 2014- left 4 more days!!

4 more days! 4 more days!

It's only left 4 more days to the MEGA BAZAAR!! Woot woot!

Now I feel like screaming! I am so excited until speechless, not much to say but my excitement explains everything. It's time to shopping! 4 more days. Are you ready for the first Malaysia largest bazaar ? Are you ready for the SHOPPING SPREE?! It would happening in this weekends, at MAEPS Serdang! Remember, it is on 21st and 22nd JUNE! THIS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY! walaoweyh! I am so excited lah! According to Iffah Zaimi ( the Organizer) said that "We are focusing on visitors' convenience.  Everyone would feel comfortable to do their Eid-Ul-Fitr Shopping in air-conditioning room". The most attractive part is almost all of the vendors agreed to do a great mega sale on the event days! WOW! that's is absolutely COOOOOL! 


1) 3000 parking spaces are prepared for the visitors. No need to park illegally like I always do :P hahaha! ops!

2) More than 10 trams / routes are prepared to make sure all of the visitors park their cars near by the entrance. No need to walk in long-distance path (well, Malaysia weather is hot, of course you want to park near by the entrance like I do. Alamak! now I sound like a typical Malaysian driver)

3) shutter bus services at KTM Serdang . If you doesn't know what is KTM Serdang, please ask google :P. hehe. No need to spend any money for paying taxi or bus services! 

4) The distance for the alleys or pathways space in the bazaar is 10 feet wide which is extremely wide to avoid packed crowd. 

5) 100 lucky draws for all the visitors! Prizes are include electronics, gadget devices, travel packages and many more! Don't ask me to list them all! 100 prizes could be anything! just wait and see the surprises! 

6) Special performances from local popular singers (celebrities) , fashion shows, coloring contest for the kids , high-tea with the celebrities and many more for the 2-day event!

So, there's no excuses for not going to the event!
See you there!

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