Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Makeup Clearance SALE!!

WOW! I'm so excited. scream for this poster! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


This Friday until Sunday ACG International will having a Warehouse Clearance SALE.

There will be up to 70% off on  cosmetics, fragrances, toiletries, skincare, hair color, body care and more.

Apa lagi, lets attack that place! Shah alam. ala just drive through federal highway, and then you reach la (sound like damn easy) hehe. if you are free  do come and support this event.

I will go there on Friday with my girlfriends, InsyaAllah. hehe. I'm so excited to grab few items.(already list up everything in my mind..). Will do a review on the event & shopping haul . :P Jangan jealous la.

Brands Offered

STAGE and more!

Address of the place/ venue : 
ACG International
35 Jalan Pelukis U1/46,
Temasya Industrial Park,
40150 Shah Alam. 

Thanks Nina for the information. :)

See you there girls. Spread the love~ 

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Hey guys,

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Love to see pretty pictures in instagram. Kinda addicted with it.

Vent clipps

Hey guys!

I found a new product from the little tree trading Malaysia.

I don't know whether you guys have try this product or not, but my friends and I really love this product very much because of the "nice" smell but the main problem we had was, the perfume tree can not last for more than 2 weeks. It just can stand for 1 to 2 weeks. So sad..

Remember this?

Pic taken from google image

then.... they had replace to a 
NEW PACKAGING and new product

See the new product...  This rubber clip can last longer compared to the old product little tree formula. However, the smell of the perfume, more the less are the same (not sure whether they are 100% same or not) .
 They are not made from gel or liquid perfume.This one is so special. they are made from Rubber and I was amaze with their new design. Cool la and creative! For small car like mine,Kelisa,  I really don't like to clip big liquid perfume because it kinda block my aircond. panas la aircond kena block. and i also don't really like to put gel perfume in my car because when the gel exposed to the heat, it sorta shrink and dry.

Where can we get this? hmm. I went to few shops and still cant find this. Maybe they are still new and have not available in stores. I found out this new product through my friend, he managed to buy it at introduction price, from a salesman.

Thank you for reading.

Mwah, mwah mwah


Sunday, 28 October 2012

Silkygirl Sweet Temptation Event- Doll Perfume

Hi dollies~ :) 

Let me tell you girls, Silkygirl brings up new CUTE collectible perfumes of five fragrances with their own styles and characteristics. Believe it or not, all of them have special smell and sweetness.

Okay, Lets have a look on their packaging..

Between all these flavors or  desserts which one is your favorite? Or you just love them all and can't decide?


Pink: Cotton candy, Yellow: Lollipop, Blue: cupcake, orange: ice-cream, chocolate: chocolate la.
Each of them have their own name :)

Well, all these perfumes are not in store yet/ haven't come out. exclusive you all. all these are still new and will available in stores starting on 15th November onward. 

Last Saturday, I was invited to the Silkygirl  Sweet Temptation event at Hello Deer, Uptown Damansara. 

I was so excited on that day and the color theme for the event was candy. And ya all the guests, bloggers and crews were wearing according to the color theme. It was super cute! I feel like living in a doll house, (ala-ala Paris Hilton gitu) full of colorful decoration, candies and girls.Yes all girls attended dress up so pretty and cute~

Dolls in the house. hehe. cute right? imagine all these on your vanity table. 
I will buy them all one day. (Next target is the pink and blue.err, chocolate, lollipop and err.. all la. why not, right?) 

Each of the bottle contains 15 ml and it is super cute and easy to carry with , everywhere and anywhere you want to. Grab and keep it in your handbag. Ala, girls kan power got handbag, just keep it in the  handbag la. Smell nice all the time~ waaaalaaweyyh! 

These perfumes from Silkygirl are EDT and they can last for more than 6 hours. Hey, later when the perfume available in stores, why not you try to sniff them all. They have sweet, fresh and floral fragrance. I got Ice-cream doll a.k.a Charming Charley and yes she smells damn nice, vanilla and sweet. Suit with my personality and my taste.   

Retail price for this perfume is RM 19.90 each (introduction price). 
Where can we buy this perfume? Where? well you can find them at all major retail outlets and pharmacies. 

Okay, let me introduce the girls and their characteristics  :) 

Innocent Isabelle is 
ever so sweet and welcoming. She loves everything pink especially her favorite 
treat, cotton candy!  
Innocent Isabelle sweeps you off your feet  with whiffs of floral  sweetness of jasmine  
and muguet blended with fresh citrus notes.
* I like the packaging and cotton candy is my favourite. Of course I'm gonna buy this :) 

Sunshine Sue brings joy and cheer wherever she goes. Lollipops make her happy and 
bright colors just excite her! 
Sunshine Sue claps and sings with a sunny tropical fruity joy 
enhanced with hints of roses and gardenias.
* I love the smell of this fragrance. adui tamak tamak. 

Lovely Lucy matches her blue dresses to her favorite desserts, 
blueberry cupcakes.
Creative and whimsical,she just loves fashion and art!

Lovely Lucy utterly delights you with a fruity mix of melons and berries with irresistibly 
sweet floral tinges.
(Oh my God, baby blue is super cute and I will say this gonna be in my wishing list) 

Charming Charley is an outgoing party princess who loves 
making new friends as much as she loves vanilla ice cream! 

Charming Charley dances to the music with a cheerful burst of 
fruity freshness with delectable nips of 
vanilla and freesia.

(I got this and I really enjoy the smell. The smell is more to vanilla and seriously it will be my favorite perfume.) 

Bold Becky is a glamour girl that exudes confidence and she just 
loves to indulge in chocolates. Get ready for her to take over the world! 

Bold Becky steals the spotlight with elegant traces of floral notes 
with a dash of vanilla, peach and raspberries

So, what do you think? which one is your personality? If you ask me, Im gonna take them all and put them nicely on my vanity table. OH DAMN CUTE. jangan jealous if you see them all on my table. of course macam in doll house. 

Starting on 1st NOVEMBER, Silkygirl will be having a contest of
"Which SILKYGIRL Sweet Temptation Are You?”
 in their Facebook fan page  with a lot of attractive prizes to be won!
 What you waiting for? Rajin rajin la, always check out their page and do LIKE the page.  Be a supportive person, Like their fan page and join the contest. Who know your luck, and you never know you might be one of the winner. :)) 

okay, others are only the pictures of the event.

Fondant dolls. Adorable. 
Hello Deer, Uptown Damansara (beside Wondermilk) 

From left my new friends: Coco, illy, Farah,me,  Fyna and Sabrina

The activity was decorating the cupcakes. and see mine.. it was my first time touch the fondant thingy and play with it. (haha. sound wrong ya? i have no idea how to describe it. you just take the fondant and start decorate. you get what I mean?)  

Thank you and do not forget to join their contest. 

Mwah mwah;

Weekend short updates

Hello, Salam, Hey, Hi, You! YES YOU!

Thank you for drop by and read my blog. I will start update on few things in this week. If you are interested, do follow me.Already list up few topics to write on. Thank you for your kind support. Sorry for not update for these few weeks. I was quite busy with few things; assignments, works, jobs, events and so on.
Oh ya, last week I went to SILKYGIRL event and it was so much fun. I will tell more details on next post. seriously, it was super awesome, cool, cute and I feel like I was in Barbie world. wink wink wink (super excited). hehe. Stay tuned~ xoxo.


Doll house in barbie world maybe? hehe. Where is this place? Want to know where is it?
 Follow me and do buzz me so that I can notice you and visit yours too :) I love to read other's blog and make new friends. Im not sombong okay? Im super-friendly person! hehe. (alamak perasannye). :P

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Camhoc pictures of the week :)

Girls and photos can not be separated. that is why in french language, photo is known as feminin. La photo, not Le photo. Did you get it? Its ok if you dont understand. Need to learn from basic french. Its quite complicated for beginner but actually it is easy and fun to learn. :) girls are very special even in french language, girls are treated "nicely". Haha. Special campaign for ladies! :) talking about girls, i dont know whether you girls have been notice this special ladies parking in Midvalley. The parking is specially just for girls! For instance if you are single lady driver or a group of "girls" coming to Midvalley, there is a special place for girls to park and monitor by security guards there. Its good and I do feel a lil "safe" when i get there. You know nowadays got a lot of negative stories on parking in shopping mall and Midvalley did comeout with good alternative , great brilliant idea and a way to make ladies feel secure when they go to shopping mall. I give 5stars to midvalley. ( now i can find parking easily and feel safe).

Done with my short story and now time to ....

Upload photos!!!!!

Jeng jeng jeng...

Ok photos is coming up. Yehaaa.. Happy weekend girls.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Bazaar in my university

Okay, bazaar! When people open booth and sell their online items directly without posting or just look on the product virtually. So when there's a bazaar, you can touch and try on the items before purchase them. Its tangible okay?!

Because of that! Because of this bazaar thingy! Because of you!!! Yes because of you selling nice items in my uni, i was forced to spend on certain interesting items that was pulled my interest on.

For the first time, i just know there is design screen protector existed. Sorry , im a bit "jakun". ( jakun=the feeling of never know of something before; left behind/ non updated) . Thus i decided to change my screen protector from clear to cute design screen protector as showing in picture below. Since my clear screen protector got some bubbles on it, automatically i decided to change it. Really cant see bubble on my phone as it annoyed me.

Next item is, feather hairclip. I was searching for it since beginning of this year and today i found it. It is RM 15 per piece and if 2 pcs it is RM 25. I just need one. :)

Last item of the day is blackberry casing for curve 3g. This one is a gift for my sister. Hope she will like it. This is the only one that acceptable. Others are errrrrrrrr. I cant say ugly but just not my taste. Too normal and the quality doesnt match with my demand. Why should we pay rm 10 casing that cannot protect our phone. Rm 10 is not easy to find. We need to work for money so spend it wisely. Buy one that can last long. Wah wah wah. Talk so much but wasting money on accessories. Haha. Just my piece of thoughts! Thank you for reading!

Mwah mwah; wiida
Quick Update from my iphone.
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