Saturday 27 September 2014

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation

I just can't believe this..  seriously? I am keep asking myself, is this happened for real?
Wiida, betul ke ni? serious ke? kau makan foundation ke? wey wey wey! 

It is a 30 ml bottle foundation, which could last a normal person for a year and for a makeup hardcore up to 3 years cause normally we , makeup addicts love to try new things and would not finish an item, especially a foundation. 

Believe it or not, I just finished up a bottle of Bourjois foundation.To be exact, it's almost finish only left for couple of uses ( less than a cm). Phew~  Answer me, have you ever finished a foundation? I think this is the second bottle that I have finished in this year. First was Naked foundation (well, actually I just realized it few days ago. haha. Maybe I used to love it so much until it left +- 1 cm). Yet, I am still excited to tell you my addiction on this foundation, Bourjois healthy mix foundation.

By given opportunity to grab any high end foundation, my heart still chose this foundation and I still prefer to use it daily even after solat,  on client, on everyone! Well, depending on client's condition too. I really love it and absolutely will recommend it to you guys! Like seriously! even high end foundation can't beat this stuff! crazy mezy! hehe. 

Oh My God! Feel like letting go my high end foundations. haha. okay, without further due , lets gossip into this amazing foundation. 

Why am I loving this foundation so much?

My first answer would be " the finishes".
It gives very natural glow skin , smooth , HD effect, flawless, medium light texture, build-able, healthy skin and looks natural on everyone. Perfect to be used for daily makeup. 

Second is the quality of the foundation itself is great!
 It can lasts up to 8 hours depending on "face makeup regime" or on how did you applied it on skin. The foundation doesn't clog the pores. serious shoot!  . Although the texture is medium light weight, it is still comfortable to be applied on " the virgin makeup people". haha. I do not know what to call this kind of people- those who never / doesn't apply makeup on daily basis. 

Third is of course of $$$$$$ factor. Who doesn't like affordable makeup? 

Forth is , it moisturizes the dry skin and normal skin people. (Real fact: makeup makes skin de-hydrated) .Actually oily skin people can also use this foundation too, however, they are advised to not use it for outdoor activities or any activities that make you sweat! even for normal, combination skin people. 

Fifth, it contains fruit ingredients, safe to use and it's healthy mix, so healthy for the skin too. feed your skin with great high class ingredients makeup. Cheewah! Am I a beauty blogger or a chef? haha.
laparlah, don't ever mention food! :P

What are my concerns?

No dark shades. Why? Why? Why? hmmm. it is pretty sad because I need dark shades to makeup my clients.  I can't find any other reason. Maybe I am blank. or............ been poisoned by this foundation cause I am soooo addicted to it. like really! 

What is the difference between Healthy Mix Foundation and Healthy Mix foundation serum?

The serum is for VERY DRY SKIN . if you want to travel oversea, you might want to buy this foundation because travelling caused you de-hydration + weather shocked. haha. (does weather shocked exists? it's weather changes)

The healthy mix foundation is suitable for normal, combination skin. :) oily skin? Well, I love to use it on them too, but can't really cover the pimples. depending on how you use it. 

What is the difference between this foundation and Make Up For Ever (MUFE) HD foundation?

Consistency, texture. 
MUFE is more concentrate, less glow. 
Healthy mix foundation gives natural healthy glow effects 

In case, if you are wondering. my shade is no 52, second lightest. I am not that fair, really! haha my mom shade is no 51. she's fairer than me. I got tanned because of my dad, his gen in me is more than my mom. so I got the "tanned" skin from my dad. Ayah, kerna ayah, wiida tak dapat nak perasan mat saleh :P. hahaha. 

Wiida are you recommending this foundation to your readers?
Please try it, please do so. if you don't like it, don't blame me. if you loving it, come shout it to me. I wanna hear it from you. I love you, please love me back! ( Ya Allah, tak tau malunye wiida!) haha. 

okay, thanks for reading!

see you in the next post! muah! muah!

hug hug kiss kiss! I am in the lesbian mood. hahaha. don't get me wrong, I am straight. 

Friendly reminder : please remove your makeup/ foundation correctly. please use cleanser milk, makeup remover , cleanser  and toner as well. Make sure, there's no leftover foundation to avoid breakouts. 

price: +- RM 50 
place to get: Watsons | Bourjois kiosk in Sunway Pyramid


this is not a sponsored post . thank you! 

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Friday 26 September 2014

WIN A CAR with DOMINO'S Pizza and Mountain Dew Blue Shock

Domino's Pizza collaborates with Mountain Dew by bringing in the newest flavor from Mountain Dew, Blue Shock. You can only able to find Mountain Dew Blue Shock at Domino's Pizza outlets at the moment and with that, it means Domino's Pizza is the only fast food carries Mountain Dew Blue Shock in Malaysia. 

12th September 2014- Bloggers were invited to the official launch at Domino's Pizza Subang Perdana. We were introduced to the drink and the contest running on;  8th September to 19th October 2014 (6 weeks) 
The collaboration contest named EAT, DRINK & WIN A CAR!

It is so easy, how to win? 
Basically you just need to EAT, DRINK and submit the form as many as you wish

How does it works?
Just buy any combo set / promotional set that includes Mountain Dew Blue Shock drink 1.5L. 
Then filling in the form with proof of purchase at the counter or via online

You may buy any Blue Shock Combos or you still can buy the regular combos and swap / upgrade the drinks to Mountain Dew Blue Shock 1.5L.

Basically the minimum purchase to join this contest  is RM 5.80 by buying a-la-carte 1.5L Mountain Dew Blue Shock.
A purchase of RM 30 and above = 2 entries | RM 70 and above = 3 entries

Who can participates in this contest?

What is the contest?
You need to take a guess on a  number of Mountain Dew Blue Shock 1.5L bottles that able to fit into the Honda Jazz car. Just number it! 
Fill in the form and complete the slogan. as easy as that.

Why do they need a slogan?
By doing this, for any draw numbers can be decided by looking at the creative slogan

You can order it online  or by calling their hotline 1-300-888- 333

Take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty of the new Honda Jazz 1.5L . :)

You may find the menu here.

All the food in this branch were baked / cook in the oven including the chickens. Sedap giler!

Since I seen so many bloggers took selfie photos with a slice of pizza, so I was thinking... why not?
haha. here you go!  
Guess what? It's groupie time!

Bloggers in the photo.

Thank you for reading!
Contest period: 8th August -19th October 2014


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Thursday 25 September 2014

Casual Checkered Simple OOTD

It's just 30 second video of my simple OOTD, did it spontaneous and ya, hope you enjoyed. Thank you! Don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel, follow my blog , instagram and facebook page. Love ya! Muah!
p/s: blame on America youtubers, I just influenced by them. haha. baru aku sedar, in real life, I am so gedik and childish. haha 

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Sephora Black Card Malaysia + Haul!

I know many of you are excited with this post because that is what I feel right now! speechless, the happiness can be only seen in my eyes.  I am excited, can't think rationally anymore and just think of one main thing. HAUL!haha revealing a haul to you guys! hahah. 
Sabrina Tajuddin, are you ready with this post? (well because I called her on Sunday after had my shopping treatment. oh! girls!) 
Get ready peeps!  

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

before I forget the most important thing, let me explain you on the new Sephora Black Card member, fun and exciting activities that is going on in Sephora outlets! 
what is Sephora Black Card
Basically , Sephora just relaunch the Sephora Loyalty Program with the introduction of the new Sephora Black Card. New look in smart black  Getting "Black listed" means receiving your personalized Black Card delivered at your doorstep. It is actually another step of beauty Sephora loyalty card.
You would only get the black card when you have earned 250 points in your previous white card member. This is basically an upgraded membership for Sephora members and Sephora is giving a better deal and surprises for Black card members. 
You can collect the points at all Sephora outlets in 3- country : Malaysia, Thailand and Sephora. So, guys, if you are going to Thailand or Sephora, bring along your card, you can earn points. 
Benefits for Black card members;
Pretty suprises on your Birthday
10% Savings for every RM 250 points
SGD = 1 point | RM 5 = 3 points | THB 25 = 1 point
I've calculated the 250 points is equivalent to RM 417. So girls, head up to Sephora and collect your points!
Activities in Sephora Sunway Pyramid from 18 September to 1 October 2014
❤ Put on 3D glasses and snap a photo. Upload it on Instagram with a #MYSEPHORABLACKROCKS. Stand to win 1 over 20 Beauty boxes (worth RM 300) weekly! Sponsored brands: Glamglow, Make Up For Ever, Issey Miyake.
❤   Find QR codes in the store and scan it, Show it to the staff. claim your prize! <3
❤   Enjoy Cake Pop on weekends ; 20-21 & 27-28 September (Saturday Sunday)
❤  There's tonne of samples giving out.
❤ Get a "LIPS EDITION TRAVEL KIT"/ pouch & luggage tag with RM 300 spent!
❤ Take a photo at FOTOBOX and bring home two strips of photos for FREE! 
❤ Receive a FORTUNE COOKIE with every purchase and let the cookie determined your faith. :P  
❤ Lastly, if you received a blacklisted email from Sephora, go claim it! you would get a pair of sunglasses :) you won't regret it because I love Sephora sunglasses. Last time received when I made a purchase from Sephora France and got it for free. Still using it til today and suprisingly, it is still good in condition and protects my eyes with UV 400. 

Enjoy yourself at Sephora Sunway on this weekend! muah muah!
oh ya, my haul...
okay, this is the parfait time to reveal my haul!
Get ready girls! Buckle up and recite doa. 

I was so excited when I know that Sephora has stock up Melted lipsticks. What a great news! I am a big fan of Melted lipstick due to its pigmentation, texture, longevity , colors and packaging! haha..packaging sucker!  I know its wrong but the product itself is amazing! haha
Melted lipsticks : Pink Peony and Coral

Another huge purchase was the Glamglow Youthmud mask. Oh my godness! Have you read my review on it? Got it in deluxe size but in different type ; Glamglow Supermud clearing treatment. The reason why I picked up Youthmud because I wanted to try this type as I heard so many good news about it. plus, I can share this mud with my mom :) hehe. ya, some of my things given to my mom or my sister. I got the Glamglow eye mask for free after purchasing the Glamglow mud. Ca't wait to try it! Or, maybe I will give it to my mom because I think she needs it more than I do. 
Last but not least is, Josie Maran Argan Iluminizer. Oh My God! This thing is a perfection! It is great to be mixed with foundation to achieve glow healthy skin or maybe just use by its own, dab onto cheekbone to get healthy high cheekbone effect.It is so pretty and makes the makeup looks natural. This liquid iluminizer is very versatile and my makeup appears much longer and natural. Love it so much. I have no idea why I never pick this up before! Glad that I did it in this trip. 
My purchase exceed RM 300 and I got a set of Lips travel kit ( makeup bag and luggage tag), oh that is fantastic because I just  need a new makeup pouch for travel and that lips bag is soooo cute, infinity cute! 
I've received an email (blacklisted email) and I grabbed my opportunity to redeem the sunglasses. What you all need to do is, show them the email, fill in a form (just to update your data) and DONE! that's it! Enjoy your sunglasses. 
Actually I got myself two pairs of sunglasses. One is because of the "blacklisted email" and other one is because of the fortune cookie. However, I gave the sunglasses to my friend, I don't think I need two same sunglasses, I hope I could make my friend happy, that is more important. 
Thank you for reading my gile haul post + a brief on black card membership . hope it explains everything. Love ya! 
mana boleh lupa post gambar selfie :P 


5 lucky winners will be selected randomly. 
this voucher ends on 1 October 2014. 

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Monday 22 September 2014

Sunsilk Contest and Hair straightening problems


Hehe, I know what you feel when you wake up early in the morning and found out that you are already late for the job of the day. Yes, I am not a morning person and keep snoozing my alarm. haha. Gimme 5!. 
Every time I wake up in the morning I always skip my morning shower (just taking bath) and my tied hair always been curled. I need to blow or straighten on every single morning and sometimes I didn't have time to do my hair and ended up, walking off with my curly, wavy, crazy hair. what a miserable day! 

I know I look messy in this photo but in real life,  this is my morning hair and ya, I just pretending sleepy. 

What would you do if you have only 10 minutes to get ready?

1) just skip washing your hair on that morning, and just walk off with messy , wavy hair, and bun up!

2) Wash the hair, but going to work late? IMPOSSIBLE! this is impossible. you'll be fired! haha. no no. be punctual girls. Be smart, that is the true beauty. But how to be smart?

3) Wash the hair and skip makeup? (okay, this happened to everyone, even me! )

4) Wash the hair but skip the hair style. let it hair dry in the car/ on your way to office or class. Let it go, let it go~ ( singing) . 

5) You washed the hair a night before and blow it before going to bed. Great technique, but sometimes when you wake up, the hair would be curled back. haha. or maybe only my hair is stubborn. 

Interested to know my way in straightening hair?

I always use hair heat protector/ hair conditioning mist / hair moisturizer/ hair stylist mist. Just spray some of it before doing any hair styling. The reason why I'm doing this is to protect the hair from over-heat tools.  

I know many of you are familiar with this! Never deny it babe. Sometimes when I'm  rushing, I just blow my hair naturally without straightening it. Well, never put high expectation for salon result because I never know how to straighten my hair using a hairdryer! haha. okay okay, lets be honest. You need time to straighten your hair using hair dryer aren't you? But who has time to spend at least 30 minutes daily just for hair styling? If you are working in KL, you would be familiar with this situation.  Solat subuh at 6am, then you need to get ready and start the journey of the day.  If you take KTM, you need start the car at 6.30 am, and find a parking spot at KTM station. It takes about 15-30 minutes to get on to the train. Then, 30 minutes to one hour to your office. Sometimes, the train is fulled, and you missed the train (that happened to me so many times too! I tak tahu nak berebut). Tadaaaa~ 8am,you need to do retina scan (punch card/ scan card/ finger print scan). 
So, you need to be a morning person to straighten your hair using hair dryer. 

Next technique is hair ironing. 

Have you heard of ironing?

Well, if you know straightening, then you know "iron".

It is "straightening iron hair tool"

But kids, girls, let me warn you on something...It is not this type of iron (scroll down)

Haha, kids, never use this iron on your hair. This is dangerous!  I bet most of hostel/boarding school girls had experienced this before :P     BIG NO FOR THIS! NEVER USE THIS IRON! THIS IRON IS FOR YOUR CLOTHES! 

hahaha! (teringat memory in hostel + boarding school. I was so naive) 

okay babes, this is the straightening iron hair styling tool! not the earlier one!! This hair styling takes about 10 to 30 minutes to straighten your hair. I am thinking of other alternative way to get straight silky hair without ironing because we can't use heat tools to get perfect straight hair every day, It would damage our hair. Ada cara lain tak? 

Wiida still searching for a good alternative way to get straight hair and do hair treatment at the same time. Wiida stumbled into this photo last week on Facebook.. Guess what caught my eyes on? 

The Sunsilk Beautifully Straight Contest!! They are running a contest for silky straight hair! I am thinking of participating alreadyyyyy weeeeee!

For more information, lets visit:

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