Thursday, 27 February 2014

Press Release: New Benefit LOLLITINT is coming to town

Benefit, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia -New Lollitint will be available store-wide starting on March 2014 which is only few days time.  It’s the newest shade addition to Benefit’s iconic tint family. They have Posietint, Cha Cha Tint as well as the legendary Benetint. 

Like all Benefit previous tints,  the size, the brush  and bottle are the same. You can apply it in seconds!

The Formula:
·         Buildable payoff
·         Long-wearing liquid-gel formula
·         Natural finish
·         Enhances all skin tones

The color is wild orchid lip and cheek color stain with long-wearing formula and leaves skin with a touch of natural finish. 

Purple color lips is so in lately. stay pretty gorgeous :) 

Thank you. 

Suggested Retailing Price : RM125

Friday, 21 February 2014

Beauty Haul from New York

Being a makeup addict, cosmetics shopping can't be separated Therefore, I did some cosmetics haul from drugstore as well as high end products such as Sephora and Mac (at least to Malaysian MAC is one of expensive makeup brands) . 

So, without further due, lets jump into the haul!

In Malaysia, there's no bath and body works and since it is popular with its signature product of pocket bacs ( sanitizer) so I planned to go there and grab some of their products. 
Original price: 1.75 USD | promotion price for Valentine's day : 1 USD. 

The price range for a pocket bac's casing is between 0.50 to 8 USD.

From left: shower gel (11USD, discounted to 4 dollar), body lotion (11USD discounted to 4 USD) and body mist (14 USD marked down to 6 dollar).

At first I didn't planned to buy any products from Victoria Secret, anyhow, they were having promotion of 7 items for 35 USD and therefore I was influenced to pick 7 items from the shelf. haha. 

"Desire" is my ultimate favorite scent from all of them. If you ask me "whats your favorite body mist scent from VS?" and my answer will be this! DESIRE! I believe this scent hasn't reach Malaysia yet.

VS Malaysia doesn't carry any Pink products therefore I grabbed one of their Pink body mist line and trust me, this smell the best (if you have same fragrance taste with me). Price: 6USD. 

Maybelline color tatoo is my favorite line from Maybelline. I wish Maybelline Malaysia carries more colors so that I could add more into my collection. from Left: Pomegranate and Barely branded

Eye pencils from Rimmel in color of Nude and Taupe (6USD each). Nude is a pretty color to be used on waterline however the color is almost similar to Sephora 12 H blonde except  Rimmel has "matte finish" and more into light skin tone concealor color ( for some reason, it reminds me of NYX wonder pencil). While Sephora 12H blonde has light champagne yellow under-toned with shimmer in it. 

NYC Taupe eyebrow / eyeliner pencil. The texture is great to be used on brows instead of liner.

Maybelline master smoky, I'm still playing with this product and trying to get new techniques and varies makeup looks from this pencil. 

It is not easy to get this baby skin in New York. Price range for this Baby Skin is 9 to 11 USD. I will do a full review on this product very soon. 
Malaysian and Singaporean readers, You can get this product at

I just wanted to try product from this brand, Jordana therefore I decided to take these two lip pencil colors: natural baby berry and Plush Plum. Both have great color pay off. 

Lip balms. Baby lips formulation from US is not same to Malaysia version of baby lips as well as the packaging. Due to that reason, I greedily took 3 baby lips for myself and one EOS lipbalm . Thank you! hahaha (evil laugh)

I just can't get enough with one lipstick. 

lipstick from left: wet and wild in think pink, dollpink, maybelline nude lust, NYC , Maybelline lip polish, maybelline color whisper and rimmel kate moss in 106. 

Maybelline mascaras.

Big Eye: Has two / dual brushes. one is for upper lashes and another is specially made for lower lashes as the brush design is smaller than another. 
Great lashes mascara: The evergreen mascara from Maybelline. I just feel that I need to try this mascara! (the real reason is I liked the pink packaging) .

Nothing much to say, I just picked up few items that doesn't hit into Malaysia except for the Dr Feel Good Balm which is RM 50 in Malaysia (mini size) but I got it around 8 -9USD .

Anatasia Dipbrow is my current obsession. It is a form of gel eyebrow cream and a new product released from Anatasia.  I will do full review on this product. 

Kat Van D Lock it tattoo foundation. I'm in shade Medium 52 . 
This foundation has high coverage and truly hides any blemishes, red spots and any single marks.One tiny pea size of this foundation could covers up everything on face. I will do a full review on this product too. 

I chose #16 because the color is so me. Coral orangy color suits me the best. Since this lipstick going to be my most expensive lipstick, therefore I picked the color that I would use daily. 

Well, I know We do have MAC in Malaysia but I prefer to shop there and enjoy the services given to me. They are very helpful, friendly and never look down towards the customers compared to Malaysia Mac staffs. I'm telling the truth because a day after I reached Malaysia, I went straightly to Mac counter to see more on Mac eyeshadow swatches and I found out that they are not warm and good in consulting people. Not only that,  by the end of our conversation she said: "oh, you just come to see? you don't want to take any of the eyeshadow? "    . Huh. Oh boy!  I was so speechless and just threw a bitter smile to her. 

Lipstick purchased is "please me", a warm rose pink color lipstick that suits all skin tone. 

From left: All that glitters, soft brown, expensive pink, sable & satin taupe.

Okay gorgeous, we are here at the end of the story. 
Hope you enjoyed seeing and reading my New York Beauty Haul. I'm sorry if my post is not interesting enough cause I don't really know what to say for this entry. haha. Shopped too much until brainless. LOL! p/s: I realised that I have short words and more pictures. I'm sorry. my brains just stopped functioning ;( 

Have you seen my New York photos? 
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Love ya! 

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Fashion Haul from New York

As mentioned in the title above, it is about Fashion Haul. Not totally trendy fashion but more into clothes, accessories and anything that related to the subject. 

First , of course I will start with the most exciting item that I got from New York trip.
I went to Woodbury Common premium outlet where they sell "off season" branded items and most of the items are selling at low price. To get there from New York isn't easy. We need to get to bus terminal and catch a coach to Woodbury which is located 2 hours from New York city. Yet, the journey is worth. 
It is kinda similar to our JPO (Johor Premium Outlet) . 

I got myself a coach handbag as well as for my mom. Both handbags are approximately cost 250+ bucks and I must say they are extremely cheap! The retail price in The States is around 400++ USD however in the  premium outlet it has 70% off! What a great bargain! 
So here is my advice based on my previous trips (Paris and New York). If you go to Europe and United States, better search for premium outlets since you going to get more items and satisfied shopping experience. 

I really loved the bag so much and glad that I got it for myself. Anyway, in this entry I won't include items that I bought for my family and friends cause I'd already pack the items individually. 

The color I chose is Magenta Pink. the bag is quite spacious and I can store many things in it . I love the compartments, the two zips allowed me to store my powerbank and any other stuff that need to be separated. 

A lanyard, I know some of you would think this is such a waste but I have been eyeing for this lanyard since year 2009. 

My dream watch! I have been wanting Fossil watch since last year and right before the New York trip, I read "Eh Magazine" (FEB issue) and found a Fossil advertisement showing this kind of design. I posted it up on "Wechat moment" and surprisingly, I found it and brought it home. Curious how much is this sweetie? Around 90 USD. There's tax and etc so I don't really remember the final price cause I also bought another watch  for my mom. 
p/s: there was promotion going on. I got 25% for my purchases. 

HNM . They had Valetine's day sale and my eyes were attracted to this black simple fish tail top. It has long back cover and the length of the top is pretty long , can be matched with skinny jeans. As you can see, the price is reasonable, 7 dollar for a beautiful simple top. 

This crochet hat is super cute. ( I don't know either hat or beanie, please advise me) I like the color and because of that I bought it. I forgot the exact price of this crochet beanie but I can roughly shoot the price, its around 5 dollar.

Attracted with the shiny gold lips design which is symbolized myself, a makeup addict. Lips and lipstick can't be separated. OF COURSE LA! That's the reason why I really like this keychain and bought one to pair  it with my car key. Well, I need something catchy so that I can easily find my car key in my handbag. 

Lacoste handbag is a gift from Maybelline New York for the Fashion Show trip. The Maybelline keychain was attached together with the handbag and I  personally feel it's so cute!!!! so girlish and it is soo me! 

Lastly is a designer handbag, Steve Madden. For some reasons, after the trips I fell in love with this brand and found out the handbag designs aren't bad at all. They have their own unique designs and personally I really liked it. The exclusivity is there, uniqueness and price after discounted is really affordable for a designer handbag. Guess how much is this bag after less? It is around 30+ dollar. 

So, that's all for my fashion haul from New York. Hope you enjoyed reading my simple entry. Please do not misunderstand this entry. I'm not trying to brag about it but just want to share my shopping experience and acknowledge you on smart shopping for branded items. Some items selling online are higher than price stated in my blog due to few reasons. You need to know, the seller need to pay the "transportation fees from their origin to the premium outlet which is quite expensive". My bus ticket was 42 bucks and luckily it is a returned ticket. Or else, I might stay there and won't get back to New York. haha. Next is the shipping cost from The States to Malaysia is EXTREMELY expensive! Seriously!  A small box package could costs you around 30 bucks (approximately )and the box only can fits small items , for example lipsticks. That's it! If bigger box, it would costs more than that. 

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more updates. p/s: I'm still in jetlag . hahaha

Have you seen my New York photos? 
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Love ya! 

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Monday, 10 February 2014

SEPHORA Jumbo eye pencil review

Let's talk about Jumbo Eyeliner. I'm a big fan of this Jumbo eye pencil! yes! this fellow is from Sephora. I know it's not popular like NYX Jumbo eye pencil but still it's my favorite. If you are asking me either one, I will choose Sephora Jumbo eyeliner as my ultmate choice!  

Creamy and glides smoothly and buttery on the skin without giving heavy feeling to it.
Once applied it would sets very fast with in few seconds. So, we need to blend it straight away before the color fixed and set. 

I don't really like the packaging! I need to be honest with this. I have lost the caps for many times, it always separating off from the body and due to that, the pencil made a horror mess in my makeup bag! Horrible packaging, I wish they come out with a "lock" pencil packaging like Revlon pencil balm packaging. Seriously, I feel like throwing it out because I really sick of losing the caps for hundred times! before this I did bring this product into my makeup bag but now, no more! I won't ever ever include this pencil into my makeup bag anymore. These three pencils are now safely sitting in my vanity with other eyeliners.

I believe there is almost 10 colors on Sephora shelf in Malaysia. I chose these three colors because they are in natural shades which is high probably I will reach them the most compared to colorful pencils. Anyhow, I would love to collect most of their vibrant fun colors since they are highly pigmented and set on the lids very fast. The pigmentation is superb, can't ask for more, it is enough , a strong intense color for a jumbo eye pencil. 

Following is a video showing a smudge-proof test

Overall, I really loved this Jumbo eye pencil because of the "smudge and water proof" concept and since I have oily eyelids, this works heavenly  good on me especially when I faced hot heat weather in Malaysia. Of course everything on the face going to melt. haha

I had gone through an experience with this lil girl when I used it from morning , 9 am until 12 am (almost 15 hours) , the color was remain there even after 15 hours! Surprisingly, for the whole day I was sweating heavily (due to events trainee work as well as wall climbing activity after the events ends). The color was there but after 10 hours it started creasing. Nevertheless, it still looks pretty on eyes even after 15 hours wearing it on. Cool product even I didn't put any eyeshadow powder on top of it, it's still be a hero.

Since then, I'm amazed with this Jumbo pencil formula and started collecting it slowly from copper to beige and finally brown. Will I purchase more colors from this line? Definitely YES

It works as;
eyeshadow primer
inner corner highlighting
lower lashes/ waterline liner
highlighter on cheekbones, brow bone, nose bone and etc

Honest from my heart, I would recommend this Jumbo eye pencil to all including YOU! Go try it yourself, I know it's going to be your favorite too!

Available at SEPHORA MALAYSIA (Paradigm Mall Selangor, KLCC, StarHill KL, Sunway Pyramid Selangor, Paragon Penang)

Price: RM 36/ RM 39

All opinions are mine, not a sponsored post! sorry for the grammars, half way sentences, spellings &etc, I blogged this post within 15-25 minutes (2 hours before going to KLIA), therefore no double read and double check  for this post. I know this is not a good thing to do, but I will improve myself and throw this bad habit away! . I just feel like I NEED TO SHARE THIS AMAZING PRODUCT with you guys! Again, I'm truly sorry. what a bad attitude. ;( 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils Review (Yogurt, Pure Gold, Strawberry Milk & Milk)

"A radiant eye liner that also doubles as an eye shadow. Made with a blend of mineral oil and powder, our creamy Jumbo Eye Pencils glide on effortlessly—no pulling, tugging or fading—and come in a rainbow of vivid hues. Some call her chubby. We say voluptuous."

NYX Jumbo eye pencil has been popular since the line was introducing to the market. It works as  cream eye shadow in a stick as well as base eye shadow also known as eye primer. Not only that, the pencil also functioning like normal size eye pencil- draw eyeliner on eye or on lower lashes eyeliner.

Eventually I have 5 colors in my collection but other one; Iced Mocha is almost similar with yogurt. therefore I gave it to my sister.

I only picked up "light color family" instead of darker colors because I want to use them as natural daily eye makeup "cream shadow" and primer. Not only that, they are great as inner corner and waterline highlighting.
The reason why I picked up "milk" because it is the best seller color and personally I feel it works great as a base-eye shadow color as it boosts up any light less-pigmented eye-shadow color.

USES of Jumbo Eye Pencil:
  1. Eyeliner ( use brush to get precise line)
  2. Eyeshadow
  3. Base eyeshadow/primer
  4. Inner corner highlighter (tear duct area)
  5. Waterline highlighter
  6. Cheekbones/ nose bone/ brow bone highlighter
  7. Brighten up under eye are

This line has varies of colors from solid  matte white until metallic colors, 32 colors in total.   
They have intensely pretty colors and creamy. On top of that, you can blend the eye shadow to soften the color which is very easy to work with. 

Have you ever faced this kind of problem? Less-pigmented eyeshadow, very dissapointed yet feel wasted to throw it away? If yes, this Jumbo eye pencil is the savior! 
It picks up the eye shadow and turns it into a beautiful vibrant color!

It is easy to blend, glides smoothly onto the skin as well as creamy.  
However, this product is not smudge-free cream shadow and water-proof either.  It would smudge and fading off if we rub the area harshly. They may creased a little bit if you apply it heavily. Hence, after applied it on the lids, you need to blend it well to get a pretty eye shadow color.

Staying Power
I would say around 4 to 7 hours depending on the way you used it. If you applied powder eyeshadow on top of it, it will lasts until 6 to 7 hours. If only the cream shadow, I would say around 4 hours and later on it would creasing. 
However, last time in a photo-shoot, a vibrant green color of Jumbo eye pencil was applied on my lower lashes by a makeup artist and I found that it lasts more than 8 hours. I guess the colors did influence the longevity. 

Jumbo size makes it's hassle to do precise eyeliner line, nevertheless it works well in coloring the lids and also for inner corner highlight. It has clear cap which is a good thing so that I can see the color easily, anyhow the cap is made from thin  plastic that easily broken. Need to store carefully and once it's broken the product will get messed up. *refer to the photo.

Personal Rating: 2.5 / 5
This is because I only used them several times only when I need something to boost up my less-pigmented eye shadow and to get vibrant colors for photo-shoot. I don't really use them for daily basis because they are tend to crease especially when I am sweating (I have oily eyelids because I am an outdoor girl, especially with Malaysia weather, you going to sweat a lot).  After all, it is a great basic jumbo eye pencil. 

Available at Sephora Malaysia
Price: RM 19 +

Wiida Ribbon

All opinions are truly mine. 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

January 2014 favorites!

I know I'm late to post this out and it should be posted up on beginning of February or by ends of January, however, I really wanted to share my top picks in this month which is only 4 beauty favorites and one single non beauty favorite; it's a food.

MAC coral bliss is my first purchased product from MAC and after I tried it out, I'm kind of obsessed with the texture, smell and the packaging itself. I know I'm weirdo but smell is kind of important for me because when I put something any part on my face, I could smell it, so if it smells horrible I might not use the product and put it away. 

I'm not good in describing color but what I can say, it is corally pink which is a combination of coral with sweet pink. It just brighten the lips but at the same time, it keeps the lips look natural. 

If you ask me to choose either this color with other pink shades or maybe nudes, I would say, this color matches me perfectly! If I wear nudes, I'm gonna look like a zombie. If I applied light pink lipstick shades, I would look look weird. It doesn't looks natural on me. :P hahaha. My own conclusion: I'm a coral girl. 

Revlon Matte balm, everyone keeps talking about this. It just hits Malaysia in a month time and almost everyone keeps saying it is good , gives matte finish but at the same time it moisturised the lips. It is also highly raved amongst youtube gurus and I must admit it, this is a good product.It gives full coverage, intense color and great finish on the lips without drying the lips. However, I know when I say "however" it must be something negative. I don't like the smell. It has minty smell like normal Revlon Balm do and still I don't like the smell. Every time I applied this balm, I will keep my breath for awhile so that I won't smell it. haha. I know I sound funny. But the pigmentation is tip top.

Look at the color, very intense and you can get full color with only one swipe. 

L'oreal Infaillible has entered to Malaysia in awhile ago for the "limited edition colors all away from UK". It's UK edition not US, therefore the colors choices are not broad enough. I am not good in describing color but as you can see, it looks like taupe-y brown with micro gold shimmer in it. The color and pigmentation is so pretty and when I use it, there no fall-out, everything stay in placed. 

I got mine in complementary piece from ONLY BEAUTY sale, Thank you so much! Go check the website and facebook page, they always do awesome clearance sale and attractive samples and gifts for the members! Go join the membership, it's FREE!

Crabtree & Evelyn is my favorite hand cream even some peolpe doesn't like it but it will be my forever favorite. It may costs expensive in Malaysia Ringgits anyow it is totally a worth splurge! One tube of 100 ml lasts forever. Even the pocket size 10ml tube I need 3 to 4 months to finish it. We just need a tiny pea size of it because the texture is very thick and it absorbs very fast into the skin as well as moisturising the hands without giving greasy feeling.
Lily is my favorite scent among the all but still , there are few scents that I liked.

Finally, a single non-beauty favorite! I'm kinda obsessed with this chocolate piece! Tim Tam, I know it tastes very sweet  and not everyone likes it. But I always eat it piece by piece in interval time, not at one time. It's my addiction, I will look for it in every hour and each hour I will eat it per piece.Need to drink a lot of water after eating this.  

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