Monday 20 April 2015


Passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure. These words symbolize RED. Some people see red as Fire, Blood and energy. It's really depends on you. 

What kind of red suits you?
Blue undertoned red? Orange-y red? or just a vampy red?
How about me? I prefer red with blue undertoned as it would makes my teeth look white as well as brighten up my complexion. Everyone has their own definition and reason to wear outstanding red. I still remembered my first time wearing bright neon purple pink lipstick to WORK a.k.a internship. haha. Everyone was looking at me and giving me "weird" expression plus some of them were asking me, "nape bibir purple?" daaaa. hahaha it's lipstick and it's my way of rocking a purple color lipstick. 
Red is a color of extreme, it is complicated and at the same time it gives you a sexy, outstanding look. It could be sexy and it is also could be funny if you pair it with unsuitable eye look. Yet, makeup has no rules, trial and error is the main key in makeup. 
Let me share my top 5 red lipsticks. Please share yours too, would love to know more. 

I have three MAC lipsticks and other two are from Maybelline and Bourjois. 

Three of them are matte and the two are in liquid.

Maybelline Lip Polish is a high pigmented liquid lip color that could stand it's alone without lip pencil/ lipstick application underneath. 
Same goes to the Bourjois Pepper red, high pigmented orange-y red color that suits on tanned skin tone as well as fairly- Asian. Yet the yellow undertone could give teeth looks yellow at some point. 

Opposite to the rest are three matte lipstick shades.

A perfect red color for all skin complexion. It is a deep red color that could change the look completely with over-doing the eye part. 
In fact, this red has been nominated as the best red among beauty youtubers, bloggers as well as makeup artists. 
Love the fact that this red is one of those shades that could makes you feel/ done "complete makeup" eventhough just by applying this lipstick. It's not too warm and the formula is in RETRO MATTE ( extremely dry) 

Benefit on MATTE texture: The color of red won't smudge and walk confidently without feel worries. 

The most recent purchased, the darker version of Ruby woo with blue-undertoned color. It is also can be called as vintage red. Great for all skin one too!

Red with subtle pink undertoned. Great color for daily without over empower the complete look. Balance with the eye makeup , this color is great on all type- of -makeup & skin tone. 

Red lipstick is a NEED to have and I bet RUBY WOO is one of the lipsticks that you should keep in your purse.  :)

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Sunday 5 April 2015

The Hollywood Siren - Drugstore products (Red Lipstick )

After long hiatus, here I am comeout with a new video, collaboration video with FAYRE NETWORK. Hope you enjoyed watching this video and stay tuned, will post more stories soon. MUAH! 

This is a collaboration video with FAYRE NETWORK. 
Don't forget to watch other theme videos. 
Sorry, I lost some of the parts; eyelashes and lipsticks part. Anyway, hope u enjoyed watching this video and others. :) 
Fayre Network:
The Executive (Farisha Nadia)
The Party Life (Maya Hanum)
The Alluring Spring (Tamanna Islam)
The Tech Nerd (Puteri Zatil Aqmar)
The Sweetheart (Mira Cikcit)
The Glitter Glam (IzzatiXO)
The Innocent ( Mas Alyia)
Products used:
Catrice Mousse Foundation
Catrice Concealor palette
Maybelline eyebrow pencil
Maybelline White superfresh
Maybelline color tattoo -bad in bronze
MUA Fashionista blush- Butterscotch
Maybelline Blush 'em - I'm Fashionista
Miss Hana eyeliner- black
Makeup Revolution - Makeup Geek Palette
Revlon Matte Balm- Standout 
Fake lashes: Elise 5194
Instagram: @wiidaribbon
twitter: @wiidaribbon
Facebook: wiidaribbon
Camera: Sony NEX 3N 
Venue: Wiida and gegurl's room. 
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