Tuesday 29 October 2013

GIVEAWAY 5 Passes to EH! Anggun special night 2013! (Part 1)

Hello and assalamualaikum to all readers..

Alhamdullilah, this week I will giving away 5 passes to my 5 lucky readers for  Eh! Anggun Party 2013 and the most exciting part is, 20 LOCAL CELEBRITIES will be there at the party!

This is the "14th EH! 20 Yang Anggun & Disenangi " event which will be held at Vertigo Club, Gardens Mall on 13th November 2013. On that night, there will be performances, fashion shows by the sponsors; Dressing Paula and Casio. This event mainly special for EH! readers to mingle with the local celebrity. This is your time to snap photos  and know them just a foot away!   

To those who wanted to  join the party but did not get the free passes, do not be sad, do not give up,  you can get the ticket with a reasonable price of RM 15 only and there will a complementary drink. Bring along your friends so that we can have fun, party on that night and snap photos like a superstar. (feeling artist babes~)
The night will be so much fun if you bring your girlfriends or friends and not only that, you might have chance to have a friendly talk with your favourite celebrity!  Make sure you dress up prettily on that night (I will) :P


Just leave your email , contact number at the comment section below and I will do a random pick. 
The 5 lucky readers' names will be announced on 5th October, a week from today! 

Thank you for your support and see you there! 


You can get TICKETS starting on 1st October until 10th November 2013.

• Blu Inc Media (10pg – 5 ptg, Isnin – Jumaat)

• Selected MPH bookstore branches; - MPH Alpha Angle
- MPH Alamanda
- MPH Midvalley
- MPH One Utama
- MPH Subang Parade
- MPH Shah Alam City Centre (SACC Mall)
- MPH Giant Stadium Shah Alam
- MPH PKNS Bangi

Dressingpaula boutiques  (Lembah Klang):
- dressingpaula PAVILION
- dressingpaula SETIA CITY MALL
- dressingpaula SUNWAY PYRAMID

Friendly reminder:
Please bring along your ticket as entry pass to the party. Bring ticket and a piece of coupon to redeem a goodie bag. Registration starts at 7pm , Vertigo KL. First comes first basis.
(Limited to 200 first readers that bring ticket and the voucher only.)


Friday 25 October 2013

My Favorite Pencil Eye liners

Anyone here eyeliner junkie? 
What kind of eyeliner is your favourite?
Pencil? Ink? Gel? Pen or just eyeshadow?

Today I will share with you some of my favorite pencil eyeliners.
Basically, all these are my most reach pencil eyeliners of the year. <3
For affordable long lasting waterline and under lashes eye liner, Silkygirl Funky eye liner is the best choice.It is highly pigmented and creamy. I will recommend this if you love to apply light color on your waterline. It's affordable, worth to own and high quality. 
Price: Under RM 18

For long lasting upper eyeliner or want to create any wings eyeliner, Sephora 12H eyeliner is highly recommended who ever living in Malaysia. Due to our hot weather, this Sephora eyeliner could stays on lids without smudge unless you rub your eyes harshly.
Price: RM 26

Nars eyeliner in Barrow Street is my favorite to apply it on my lower lashes and waterline however this brand eyeliner in Via Vaneto (black) is not waterproof for oily lids like me and also not sweat proof if you are living in Malaysia. In air-conditioner room, it might stays nicely on your lids but if not, it would smudge and makes your eyes look like Panda eyes. The texture is very creamy.
Price: RM 80-RM 100

That's all my short and sweet post.
 Hope it helps you in finding new pencil eyeliner suits you the best.

Thank you for reading :)

Mwah Mwah; 

Wednesday 23 October 2013

October Beauty Favourites

Now it is almost end of October and only now I have time to write a beauty post to share with you all what have I'm using for these few months. These are my current favourites makeup products. 
Sorry for hiatus in these few weeks. I'm quite busy due to internship schedule and working in events are not easy as people says. Our schedule is tight and need to be flexible as we need to back up each and every events if there's not enough man power. So, due to that, I always run for on call events and it's always happen in last minute time. I will be finishing soon on November and after all it's a great experience handling multi-tasks of event.
Well, let's go straight to my favourites makeup products of the month! 
This favourites are sum of products that I have been loving using from last August until today.I know I have skipped few posts for my monthly favourites and here they are, I conclude them all in this post. 

Just look at the picture... The products are so lovely right? oh my babies!
I know some are high end products and too expensive to own. But, sometimes, we should reward ourselves by buying something special and meaningful. I own all these because I love them, I feel happy once I buy one piece of makeup and at the same time my stomach feels full too. Normally I will reduce my allowance on food and with that, I will have extra money to buy makeup. A pencil of cosmetic also could makes me happy. 

Tarte Amazion in Blissful.
Tarte blusher is always in my wish list and finally I own it! haha. I ordered two Tarte blushers from Personal Beauty Shopper and it reached me for about one to two months depends on delivery. I Don't mind for that since I have paid the delivery fee in very low charge and the items are also in promotional prices. Believe it or not, I purchased this blusher cheaper than MAC blusher.  So far, I'm satisfied with the blush and will collecting more blush colors from this brand. 
MAC Fluid line Brow Gel Creme in Red Head

The color is quite blonde-y and very light on black eyebrow-it's like yellow light nude brow gel. Luckily my brows are not too thick and not too black so, this color match me perfectly. If you have
The reason why I loved this brow gel color because it last very long on my brows. It will stays for a day from morning until night on my brows even if I wash my face. Oh ya, it's waterproof too. Only will be removed if I use makeup remover or facial wash.

Make Up For Ever  (MUFE) Mat Velvet Foundation

If you're wondering what shade I am, my shade is in 30.The texture is really matte and set on face very fast. The texture is quite thick and saturated but to apply it on combination skin face like me, I always spray some water or Avene Spring Water all over the face to give some moisture and this two combination glide easily and blend well on face. After after the foundation, I will spray again the Avene Spring Water or face mist to set the foundation.

The second last product in my top beauty favorites of the months. If you asking me which one I prefer between Naked original and Naked 2, my answer will be both! Both have their own specialties and pretty colors. Both have their own mood. Naked 2 is more into cool and light color instead of the original first Naked palette. Naked 2 may looks into more shimmers and glitters. But they are gorgeous and elegant. What can I say is, they are worth to own both. I love the colors,pigmentation and also the packaging.

Colors that I loved to use the most are:
Tease - matte taupe color (all over the lids) 
 Bootycall- satin champagne color (On brow bone)
Verve- shimmer champagne color (Normally on inner corner)
 Pistol- Shimmer dark grey taupe color. (On crease)

NYX Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealor in Jar

Of course I save the best for the last.
What can I say is, I really love this amazing concealor. I amazed with the performance and texture.  I successfully cover up my scars , brow hair and so do bruise that I recently got it. The texture is thick enough to conceal some problem parts on face and even body. I really enjoyed using this concealor since the price is also affordable, consistency is great and longevity is up to 6 hours if you set it up with powder.  

Color I own: Beige

 (in the pot it looks quite dark maybe if we compared it with other light shades. However, if you are fair with asian warm yellow under-toned, this color suits you well.)

Price: RM 26-RM 29
Where to get: Sephora or any online stores.

Tuesday 22 October 2013

What is Gegurl? Who is Gegurl?

What is that?

Is that a name? or just a species? or maybe a calling name?

The main question is,who is gegurl in my life?
Today you will find a different post from me. 

It is about my lil cat. Ops! The biggest and the fattest cat in my house or maybe obese cat... err. I don't know. I think she's normal. haha

Literally I have 5 cats but the fact is, I only have 4 cats and one adopt stray cat that came to my house and we adopt him due to few reasons;

First, His mom left him at our house in purposed.

Second, He always stand and sleep near by the windows and keep looking at us while we are gathering at the kitchen for dinner.

Third, he thinks this is his house, so he chases other cats out. 

Thus, he becomes one of our family and my mom feeds him everyday eventhough we never announced it. hehe
Well, today, we will talk about Gegurl(as pronounce as of Ge Girl)

Gegurl, is the only female feline cat in the family while the others are male.

I named her Gegurl because it's pretty obvious, she's the only female cat in the family . furthermore, her original name ; Espresso is too masculine to name after her.

She's so feminine, has almost similar personality like me, enjoy beautify ourselves, as in cat world called licking her body and nails in every single and details of them plus she also loves to kiss me especially every morning. Kiss here meaning nose to nose.

Every morning, she always bites me to wake me up and this is also a clue of her asking for food. Normally, she will bites my arm, but do not misunderstand, she bites me gently , just feel like soft pinch.

After that, she will kiss my nose and ya of course, I have to wake up , feed her every morning and open the door let her enjoy her day playing at the yard. 

Monday 21 October 2013

NYX Soft Matte Lipcream Review Part 2

NYX Soft Matte Lipcream    is defined as 

Neither lipstick nor lip gloss, this matte lip cream is a new kind of lip color that goes on silky smooth and sets to a matte finish. Soft Matte Lip Cream is surprisingly durable and, unlike some matte lipstick formulas, also moisturizing."

That is what they said on their official website. 

Previously, I have posted a review and swatches on NYX soft matte lipcream but the color is only Istanbul. Since I'm loving it so much and always wearing it, so I decided to collect the rest of the colors one by one. If you've missed the post, you can read the review here. 

Okay, lets jump into the review and swatches!

The colors that I have bought in recent purchase were:

from left
Monte Carlo |  Addis Ababa  |  Amsterdam |  San Paolo  | Antwerp.

Monte Carlo
Deep red with blue undertoned, in tube the shade looks like vampire red, but when apply on lips, it turns beautifully classy red.-deep cranberry red

Beautiful red cherry that will makes your lips as red and pretty like Snow White.-pure red

Addis Ababa
Bright fuchsia

San Paolo
Warm plummy pink

Mid Tone yellow-toned pink

Light natural pink/clean pink

Short Review

Bullet GraphicsIt has creamy texture formula ,very light and silky. I feel like it's almost same to velvet texture, very soft. Easily glides on lips and the colour spreads evenly on lips.
Bullet Graphics This lipcream doesn't dries up my lips badly. 

Bullet Graphics The colour is really matte, opaque, bold and pretty!!

Bullet Graphics Highly pigmented.

Bullet Graphics Smell like vanilla and very pleasant to me.

Bullet Graphics Reasonable price

Bullet Graphics Non-irritant

Bullet Graphics I had no problem with the applicator and packaging. Small, sleek and travel-friendly.

Bullet Graphics Longevity: up to 5 hours 

Ain is wearing San Paolo on lips.

Antwerp on lips.

Sephora outlets :  RM 26
Colourcosmetics  : RM 25
Instagram Pre-order from Ohyesyamila : RM 24

Mwah Mwah!

Friday 18 October 2013

NYX Matte Lipsticks in Angel & Shocking Pink Review

"NYX Matte Lipsticks are highly pigmented, richly formulated and long-wearing. The formula glides on smoothly and stays put in a matte finish. From Pure Red to Nude, Matte Lipsticks are available in a variety of rich shades."

As mentioned on their website, the lipstick is really pigmented, long wearing and not disappointing.
I have two of the colors from this collection and its began when I accompanied my friend shopping at Sephora. 

In Hye, my korean classmate, because of her, I'm addicted to lips stuff. She is absolutely a lipstick queen and loves to collect all lipsticks in pink shades from baby pink to vibrant pink as pink as candy yum yum.
From her, I got valor to go out from comfort zone and trying out vibrant pink color. In past, I don't dare to wear any vibrant colors but nowadays, the colors are my close friends.

I slowly started wearing bold and vibrant lips color from red into neon orange and now hot pink is my new color. 

Started with Shocking Pink.
 I looked at In Hye wearing this pink at Sephora and my mind was telling me that "Oh I must get this! I must get this! I MUST HAVE THIS!" and ya.. I bought it.
The color is really gorgeous, bright blue-toned pink and somehow it looks like purple on my lips. For now, I really like wearing this color for the whole month of September and it is always in my mind. Even, when I'm in my room alone, I will keep playing around with this color because it is alive color, bright and not dead

Therefore, I started collecting this range from Shocking Pink to Angel and there's few in my wishlist.

I'm impressed with the formula and  they are highly pigmented. Both are my most reachable lipsticks for now. They glide smoothly on lips, with silky touch. The matte finish does not makes lips look chap and dry.  They are really long lasting. On me, it can last up to 4 to 6 hours.

The color is described as Cardinal Red.
It's like strawberry red and has slightly pink undertoned.

Shocking Pink
It is described as Blue-toned hot pink. 
It's like magenta pink with purple undertoned. 
The color is a great dupe for candy yum yum however its more into purple undertoned compared to candy yum yum. I know this when my friend, In Hye sent me a swatches picture between these two colors side by side.

Ain is wearing Shocking pink in the picture. 

Ain is wearing Angel lipstick.

Where to get ?
Sephora outlets

Price: around RM 26


Disclaimer: All opinions are honest from myself. This is not a sponsored post, the products were purchased by using my own money.Thank you. 

Monday 14 October 2013

Nestle Drumstick Most Adventurous Challenge

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

Anyone loves adventure here? Anyone? 
Well, if yes, Last Sunday at infront of Sunway Lagoon Entrance, Nestle Drumstick had an adventure game and it's opened to public. However, in morning session, there were a lot cool and adventurous bloggers joined this game and what I can say is, they are super cool and sporting too!

There was a mini tent full of challenges inside and to those who participated this game, they would get a full entrance pass to Sunway Lagoon (blogger only get one pass, public will get 2 passes) AND if anyone managed to get out from the tent within 5 seconds, they will get RM 50 CASH! Yes! CASH!  

In this tent there's full of mysterious challenges inside. Once you enter the tent, you need to walk until the end of the tent where they store bunch of ice cream in a room. Then, after you got the ice cream, you need to hold the ice cream very tightly, and this is where you need to face climax part. You need to go out from the tent within 5 seconds. The path that we went through were full of obstacles. Suddenly there were punches, jellies, water spilled around and also flour! Imagine what has happened to me on that day. I was like a strawberry jelly cake? 

The weather was sunny like usual and everyone was motivated to face the challenge even though it was damn hot. Who doesn't want free ticket to Sunway Lagoon and also RM 50 cash?    

MiraCikCit, happily be an incecream. hehe

Haha, Wish there's giant ice cream for us to enjoy. haha. For sure ice cream fanatic fans will love it.
But we got free ice cream all the time there whenever we show LINE application on phone. <3 Happy kids!

Okay, Wiida also wants to pose with the Nestle Drumstick cone. 

We had so much fun on that day and unintentionally went hyper. haha.

Hello ladies, we are looking for exciting extreme games! hehe.

This is a picture taken before the game, I looked pleasant so far. I was so excited to go into the tent and face all the obstacles! Oh Yes, I do. I thought I was a superwoman but...

Then.... after the game...

All the elbow pads and knee pads were not in placed and all over the place. haha. And as you can see, I was like..  just came back from shower, totally wet from head to toe and smell like food too! This game was so challenging! Trust Me, I had faced other crazy games but not with this one, the floor was so slippery and every steps need to be careful. 

MiraCikCit's look , after the challenge she faced. Not that easy ok? She also got wet like I do. 

Sabby Prue also joined the challenge and she happily smile when got a cone of icecream.

*picture taken from Sabby Prue's blog

So, bloggers that joined the challenge were, from left
Sabby Prue, Anis Athia, ME, SabrinaTajudin, Cik Lily Putih, Mira Cik Cit and Hanis


So those who missed the game , do not give up, you still can join the challenge and get exciting prizes in every week! 

Where to get Adventure Code? 

What is the QR code? Scan it here.

or if you don't have a smart phone, don't worry, you can send the entries by texting & you can join this game. ^_^


The prizes offered are totally super duper awesome!

WAIT Mini Tablet 32GB EVERY WEEK?!
I want too!

Let's join! I want to try my luck too! 

For more information go visit their Facebook page and official website;

Cheer with Nestle Drumstick game~ yehoooo! 


Camera Used: Sony NEX 3N and Iphone 4s

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, thank you to Nuffnang for the invitation.

Friday 11 October 2013

It is All About SHOES Obsession

Let me tell you a secret, the real me, my addiction, my obsession.  I AM SHOES ADDICT. Besides makeup and food, I love to buy shoes and handbags too.
Dear world, please know that I love shoes, I love shoes I loooove shoesssss!!~~ Please excuse my weirdo sickness and I know it's kind of wasting money, but I just loving them all and wear every pair of them. I have quite huge of shoes collection, to show how big is my collection, my  shoes cabinet in my house, one row is MINE!  Full of my shoes,until my brother doesn't have any other space to store his office shoes & sport shoes. haha. Sorry Bro.

Bro (Angah) : Aish! Mana aci cabinet ni penuh dengan kasut Wiida. Dah la banyak terompah jamban pulak tu! (That is not fair , the cabinet is full of Wiida's shoes. Some more there is a lot of toilet clogs!)

Me: err.. angah, tu nama nye kasut tinggi la. ( errr.. bro, they're called,  HIGH HEELS! )

Bro (Angah) : Ala, sama la tu! bile jalan bunyi macam terompah jamban jugak ~ hahaha *evil laugh
(Ala, they're the same, when you walk with them, the sound produced will be exactly the same~hahaha *evil laugh)

Me: =,="

I call my brother , Angah and we are like cat and dog.. You know what I meant. End of conversation, I still conquered the whole row of cabinet with my shoes collection until today. hahaha. Ada Aku Kisah? hehehe.

Even though the shoes in the cabinet is full of my treasures, I still did not have enough space to store the others, still have tonne of shoes to be kept nicely in room and at the same time, I hide them from my parents. hahaha. p/s: some in my room and some in my car. haha.

Where I keep my shoes?
Most of my pretty high heels and pump shoes are in cabinet.
Some part of my shoes are in my room and some are in car. (I don't want to keep all in car because if they're combined together, the amount of shoes will look very huge and of course my parents will notice it) hehe. It is all about techniques ok? hehe. 

I wonder if there are women like me out there, collecting shoes and keep the shoes inside the car and room. If yes, how did you managed your shoes collection? Did you throw the box or keep them together with the shoes?
Just wondering.... I just had not enough space to keep them, but I still want to keep them all!

Shoes in the photo above were from Cala Man

Thank you for reading!

Mwah Mwaah!

Thursday 10 October 2013

Benefit Rockateur review and swatches


Lets ROCK with this AWESOME Blusher! 

"It is new in Malaysia, just arrived at end of September 2013 "

One of pretty powder blushers from Benefit. At first I don't feel like buying this powder box since people says that the color is "rose gold" and as I saw in the pan, there's a lot of shimmer which is not my preference of blusher. I don't like shimmery blusher. However, after I read all the reviews and swatches from other youtubers and bloggers, I have made up my mind to give a try on this blusher.

By the time the blusher reached Malaysia, I straightly grabbed this without any second thoughts. I never own any Benefit powder box before except the GoTropicoral kit that contains Coralista. The Coralista blush gave me a great impression and I believe this one will not let me down.  
After own it, it never fails to amaze me. The texture or pattern on this pan is absolutely an A! The rock texture is a gorgeous design and suit with the name. The packaging itself is truly pretty and sophisticated with lace design at the sides. The color of the product is totally into earth color, warm pinky peachy brown with shimmery effects that gives natural pretty glow when wearing it. 

There is a brush included in the Benefit powder box. 

The real color on pan. This is what people dying for, The color is absoultely gorgeous and  buildable.
What you see in pan is what you get in person. The color is quite sheer and buildable, really pretty and not too glittery. The shimmer is enough to create pretty glow on cheeks. 

Here are the swatches.

From Left: color with shimmer, the color alone without shimmer/matte and last is the combination of both.
Well, actually we can't see obvious difference there. But roughly, you know the color, it's kinda of warm rosy pink

Short & Sweet

  • The color is described  as "rose gold".
  • Rose gold: Mix with rosy pink, beige, brown and slightly into warm undertones. This blusher gives satin shimmer finish and natural blush color for all complexion. 
  • When I wear this blusher, it gives natural glow, peachy pink warm undertone color and it gives very subtle finish. 
  • Longevity : In air-conditional room, the blusher can lasts up to 6 to 7 hours. In humid Malaysia weather can lasts up to 4 hours on face. (Vary to skin types).

Mwah Muaah!!

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