Tuesday, 22 October 2013

What is Gegurl? Who is Gegurl?

What is that?

Is that a name? or just a species? or maybe a calling name?

The main question is,who is gegurl in my life?
Today you will find a different post from me. 

It is about my lil cat. Ops! The biggest and the fattest cat in my house or maybe obese cat... err. I don't know. I think she's normal. haha

Literally I have 5 cats but the fact is, I only have 4 cats and one adopt stray cat that came to my house and we adopt him due to few reasons;

First, His mom left him at our house in purposed.

Second, He always stand and sleep near by the windows and keep looking at us while we are gathering at the kitchen for dinner.

Third, he thinks this is his house, so he chases other cats out. 

Thus, he becomes one of our family and my mom feeds him everyday eventhough we never announced it. hehe
Well, today, we will talk about Gegurl(as pronounce as of Ge Girl)

Gegurl, is the only female feline cat in the family while the others are male.

I named her Gegurl because it's pretty obvious, she's the only female cat in the family . furthermore, her original name ; Espresso is too masculine to name after her.

She's so feminine, has almost similar personality like me, enjoy beautify ourselves, as in cat world called licking her body and nails in every single and details of them plus she also loves to kiss me especially every morning. Kiss here meaning nose to nose.

Every morning, she always bites me to wake me up and this is also a clue of her asking for food. Normally, she will bites my arm, but do not misunderstand, she bites me gently , just feel like soft pinch.

After that, she will kiss my nose and ya of course, I have to wake up , feed her every morning and open the door let her enjoy her day playing at the yard. 

Gegurl,  1.5 years old cat.

You may think she's a normal domestic short hair cat, nothing special bout her... But for me, she's a friend, a very good friend that always listen to my nag, my heart broken stories and cheer me up with her cute face and  behaviour..

This is how she acts when she shocked or did something wrong. She will do innocent face and run! Oh ya, that's what she normally do.

She just noticed that I'm taking a photo of her and she suddenly stunned, stopped and stared at me. Earlier, she was focusing on licking her body a.k.a in cats' world its known as taking a bath. 

She slowly close her legs and pose politely. Look at that! her awkward face expression.

And now, she's taking a nice and comfortable position to pose in front of camera.
She loves to seat on my study table and disturb me doing works. Sometimes, she wants to accompany me online and watching online videos.Oh! One more thing, her favorite spot is hiding behind of my laptop because the place is very strategic and she's actually hiding from my big bully brother. 

Next photos are my favourite! Let's see the comic I made based on her pose. Seriously I took these photos in sequence and it's coincidence with what her face expression.

Seriously, the pictures were arranged in sequence. I did not rearranged them. So, they're originally arranged like this even in camera.

The rest...just let the pictures speak

This picture was taken during my final exam..While accompany me study , she slept on the study table and that is a great news for me! I no need to study if she conquered my table. 
p/s: haha. I did study, but on the floor. hmmmm...  

When I am busy playing with my phone on my bed, she always waiting for me to pet her and this is her position while waiting. haha.

Don't blame me when she looks cute sleeping on her bed ,hugging her favorite teddy bear.

Sometimes, when I use her chair/ her bed, she will use my bed .... End of the story, that night, I need to sleep on the floor or sometimes I will push her away. Muahahahahhah! But still, she will sleep besides me. 

See how she pose whenever I hold my iphone and open my camera app. She will automatically pose in her sexy way. 
(Actually, she wanted to sneeze and I took photo) 

Again, picture of her sleeping..

Oh, this is her signature sleep pose.Sexy gegurl.

This picture was taken when she was sleeping besides me while accompany me watching late night movie at home. 

The latest pictures were....

Raya Aidiladha/ Eid Ul Adha Picture with mom and gegurl.

So now you know who is Gegurl in my life. A cat staying with me in one room, in one house and always been together where ever we go in the house and she is my love. :) 

Do you have pets at home? If yes, share some stories with me. 
Thank you for reading!



  1. Such a lovely story..keep it up..and you so lovely too n cute like your cat gegurl heee..

  2. Selamber cakap Angah bully Gegurl, Gegurl sayang Angah kot sampai kiss kiss ngan Angah. Haha.


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