Sunday 22 March 2015

NARS Sheerglow Foundation Review

NARS Sheerglow is been recognised as one of the top & highly raved foundation in the world among beauty gurus as well as youtubers. Undoubtedly saying, it is also one of my favorite foundation .IN FACT, my most used foundation in high end category. 
As it stated on the packaging; 
Sheer glow's silky fluid delivers immedite hydration, even skin tone and leaves the skin brighter and more radiant. Used dailt, your skin's texture imporves over time, becoming softer, smoother and more luminous. Sheer glowfoundation provides wightless and buildable coverage, with a natural radiant finish, for normal to dry skin types. Dermatologist tested, fragrance-free. 
  1. Hydration effect / glowing effect attracts the user especially it is the current trend makeup look
  2. The texture is comfortable and feel light on the skin. 
  3. Build-able coverage from medium to high coverage 
  4. It lasts pretty long on the skin up to 6 hours. 
  5. Glow, smooth and no patches
  6. Suit / DAILY friendly user foundation
  7. Gives natural skin finish

Wide selection of shades with yellow and pink tones yet always out of stock

Heavy glass packaging exclusive but not travel friendly plus the cap can get dirty easily due to rubbery material. 

Typical Foundation scent. 

Medium coverage
Eventhough NARS claims it as SHEERGLOW foundation but the fact is , It is not sheer at all. Giving me the right perfect coverage with medium light coverage. It makes the skin looks healthy, and flawless. 

Mixture friendly
Can be mixed with other liquid foundation too

Flawless, healthy, glow with natural finish

No SPF, need to apply sunscreen before applying this foundation. 

Skin type
Suit to dry skin , normal as well as combination skin-typed. 
It is also suits to some of oily skin-type as it would gives natural and most beautiful healthy skin. 

Where to get NARS in Malaysia? 
NARS Counter / boutique : NARS PAVILLION Kuala Lumpur & NARS Parkson Gurney Plaza Penang
Price: RM 166/168 ( not too sure) 
Separate pump: need to add RM 21 for the pump. 

one size, 30 ml. 


Rate: 5/5
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Sunday 8 March 2015


Chanel, a luxurious brand in the industry whether in fashion nor beauty industry. CHANEL is an established brand for high end products. The logo and packaging itself made people feel like collecting and own it.  Of course the power of having it empowered and influence all the women all around the world to own CHANEL product at least one in life time. 

Chanel signature clutch/ handbag is the one that has been aiming by every lady in the world. 

I know it is impossible for me to get the signature cluthc at this very young age and that absolutely would be listed in my "life" dream wishlist . Medium size please!

haha due to my "long term" dream, I decided to get a Chanel lipstick, just want to add in my collection. 

Lipstick is women bestfriend, So dear CHANEL lipstick, I have invested lots of money to own you,  you better be my good bestfriend k? tak nak patah2 and make sure sedap pakai especially when I apply it onto the lips, I want to feel the luxurious and smooth glide from you. 

Packaging is the main statement of CHANEL LIPSTICK.
Black and gold just complement perfectly and brings the exclusivity to the wearer. 
It would be a lie if I say I bought it ,not because of packaging and brand. Honestly, I do look at the brand exclusivity and packaging. It's very nice and I feel like I own the whole world when I see pretty makeup packaging. 

This part attracts me the most. The specialty of Chanel lipstick is by pushing or injecting the lipstick out from the container. It's totally changed my life and makes it so easy by opening a lipstick without using two hands, just one hand is more than enough. Tekan and it pop out, swipe onto the lips and ready to go. 

Love the gold detail with simple logo.

The color that I chose is No 43, La favorite. Ya, its my favorite :)

Description of the color: Coral-ly peach with warm undertoned.

Texture: seems the name of the lipstick is Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick therefore I can feel the velvet-y texture, very soft and comfortable on the lips. Doesn't feel drying and at the same time feel luxurious.

It glides smoothly onto the lips but need to apply few times for high pigmented lips and also not really suitable to dry chapped lips. I am fine with the texture eventhough my lips are freaking chapped but some people would find it annoying.

Description of the ROUGE ALLURE VELVET.
 It is matte, no shimmer and  there's also velvet-y soft texture.  It is not a moisturising lipstick.

Longetivity: UP TO 4 hours without eating in between. seriously, I am not even kidding. AWESOME! worth it.

Great investment for makeup addict. Totally worth it :) Try lah :)

Price: RM 100
Where to buy?: all Chanel counters, Parkson, iSetan and etc. 

See you in the next post. Thinking of doing Top 5 red lipsticks :) hehehehe. 

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